[UPDATE 12:33 p.m.] Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle in Eureka

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA vehicle struck a pedestrian near the McDonalds on 4th Street in Eureka about 11:18 a.m. The driver appears to have fled the scene. We’ve requested more information from the Eureka Police Dept.

UPDATE 12:33 p.m.: According to the Eureka Police Department, the California Highway Patrol are in charge of the incident and the CHP says they can’t release information at this time.

Meanwhile, the Lost Coast Outpost has excellent information and photos here.


  • Laytonville Rock


  • Mac attack

  • I wonder if the person injured was one of the very aggressive panhandlers/ street persons that hang out at Mickey D’s, and the gas station across 4th street?

    I don’t stop at those 2 places anymore due to be accosted many times by those very sketchy folks.

    • It looks like it was at the corner of 4th and S which has a crosswalk the pedestrian was in when hit. The driver may have been intoxicated. Whats this, the 3rd vehicular manslaughter in the last few months? Mckville, samoa bridge,and this? Mckville killing of teen on sidewalk was a drunk guy and this may be too. And people seem to think pots worse than alcohol. Wake up

      Honestly i dont care if the person was wealthy or a person whos houseless on drugs, someone was just killed while trying to cross the street. By a guy who hit 2 vehicles as well. There are people who knew and loved this person, show some respect.
      Citizens should not be afraid to walk around towns. Eureka ought to follow mckvilles plan, light up signs on crosswalks and neon green paint on bike lane. Especially on 4th and 5th.

    • No okay that was my aunt She was walking to get her morning coffee and on the way back some stupid fn idiot was to impatiemt. And fn killed her

  • What is going on here! These people are crossing right in front of you, not a clue where they are and just to add to it, what’s the deal with all the hit and runs? Drunk, stoned or what?

    • People even glancing at their phones causes accidents. Eating while driving. Women applying makeup while driving is an issue too, i say that cuz i was almost hit by 2 different women applying makeup and not watching where theyre going on 4th the other day.

      At 25 miles per hour, a car travels: 36.67 feet per second.

  • it’s like frogger, especially at night. hit and run drivers should spend time in jail and pay restitution to the victim and cover all legal and medical expenses…

  • I would like to see the statistics on vehicle vs pedestrians in eureka compared to similar city’s seems like almost one a day, light up crosswalks would likely help some, but with the freeway running right through the middle I wouldn’t cross unless I knew no one was coming even if I had to wait an hour

  • The Mac attack comment, you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that. It was someone’s sister or mother. Think about it , it could of been one of your family members. How would you feel if someone said that about your loved one that got hit. This is whats wrong with the world today,no respect . Shame on you..

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