One Stabbing; One Officer Involved Shooting at Pelican Bay This Morning

Pelican Bay State Prison

Pelican Bay State Prison [Photo from their website]

Two separate but possibly coordinated attacks of inmates on other inmates occurred this morning at Pelican Bay State Prison in Del Norte County. Bill Sessa, Spokesman for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in Sacramento, confirmed that there had been both a stabbing and an officer involved shooting this morning.

Both attacks occurred in the “general population yard,” Sessa said. “The first involved three inmates attacking a 4th.” This began at approximately 9:12 a.m. The 4th inmate was the victim of a stabbing. He has since been transported to a hospital.

Just after the first attack, Sessa said, at 9:15 a.m., a second attack occurred. “Two inmates attack[ed] a third one,” Sessa explained. “Officers had to use force to break it up so one of the assailants was shot in the arm…The inmate is being transported to a hospital for care.”

Sessa said the two attacks are under investigation so details cannot be released at this point. Meanwhile, inmates’ movements are being restricted “until we can at least finish the cursory initial investigation.”





  • Can’t stand the place!! My husband was one of the builders of that shit hole. Spent a whole summer living a the Koa camp. The Shue is awful!! Bad,bad place!!😲

    • It’s not a vacation resort !!!

      • Not a resort, but should keep prisoners alive. Otherwise might as well sentence them to death and eliminate the middleman.

        • Yea…. Huge priority. Make the prisoners safe again!

        • That’s what police are for.

        • BillytheFreakinkid

          There’s only so much officers can do to protect inmates from each other. You have to remember that inmates are not angels. They’re there for a reason. Violence is a part of their lifestyle and it always will be for the majority of them, because that’s just the gang culture.

        • They do this to themselves. Custody staff does everything they possibly can to keep them alive. But they are determined to live and protect their gangs and the gang lifestyle and mentality.

    • That’s kind of the point, make you never want to go back,

    • Remember this prison building project in mid 80″s,sold it to Delnorte county as opportunity for failing timber industry employee for jobs.What a farce typical government BS, no matter what political affluence one has.The worst offenders in the state are bused up to that smith river correction falicity. Those guards must have one hell of job just surviving in that environment.

    • @ g-mas -The “SHU” is a bad, bad place?? So is what these heartless men did to get there. Read a case or two on anyone of those guys sent to SHU and tell me you want better accommodations for them!

  • G MA is your hubbie a retired ironworker

    • We own a construction co.we pour concrete,build houses,remodel etc:we can build anything! My hubby was in the carpenter’s union.And were still working everyday.

  • when the last chance grade tumbles into the ocean transportation for the prisoners will be tricky

  • Make the parents pay............

    How about this? Charge the parents of the criminals for the costs of incarceration. They are ones who failed the criminals through poor parenting or in many cases no parenting at all. No one is born a murderer, or a thief, or a molester. They learned it from a very early age to upper teen ages. Most of the blame can be placed right on the shoulders of the parents. So a new law. You have to sign a liability form accepting financial responsibility for what you bring into the world. Oh, you were adopted. Your new parents sign a statement that they are financially liable for adopted children’s misdeeds. It cost the California tax payer $88K to keep one prisoner at Pelican Bay for one year. Why should I have to foot that bill? My children are both law abiding good citizens because that is the way their mother and me raised them. Every year the Penal budget goes up and up and up! Now there are four new prisons ready to be built. On my tax dollar. In the next 20 years incarceration will be the biggest piece of the State taxpayer’s budget pie. Your tax rate will go up so high you will wonder if you are just working to pay for prisons. Prop 13 rescinded. Property tax goes up 50%. Cost of fuel goes up to $10 per gallon. Sales tax goes up to 20 cents on the dollar. Personal State tax go to 20% of your adjusted gross. Fewer deductions allowed. Sound crazy. Get back to me in 20 years.

    • The proposals to change Prop 13 (that I’ve seen) all relate to commercial structures, upon which it was never intended to apply. Congressperson Huffman can/will keep you current on this.

    • Veterans friend

      Have you had a recent mental health evaluation? If not, get one, pronto

    • Check yer Constitution and the definition of free will. Or just watch footloose…. Its 310 do you know where YOUR kids are? And what if you were a perfectly appropriate parent before your 18yo went to HSU?

    • My brother and i were raised in the same household. He did a lot of not so great stuff (meth,lots of being drunk in public). He had potential to do worse or get incarcirated. So i dont see how parenting has everyrhung to do with it. Yes in some situations the parents are to blame. I never once got into a fight, did drugs, etc.

    • You are insane. Our tax dollars are for making our country more safe and a better place hope nobody close to you makes a poor decision and ends up being incarcerated usually the families that are incarcerated are poor people in this country you get as much justice as your family can afford I know from experiences your comment should be directed at the trillion dollars spent on war to make middle east unstable instead of fixing our house first our government is fixing the neighborhood before getting the utilities turned on in our own house maybe you should run for office.

    • until you walk in a parnets shoes shut up. We did everything we could to get him help thearpy group homes etc He doesn’t blame us he told us he liked the lifestyle.

  • Probably over something real important, like a cup of pruno.

  • G_MA I’m a disabled union ironworker 377 San Francisco friends of mine worked there .i. gonna need some concrete work done I need a 2 car garage slash man cave .built. my wife email is

    • You once spoke about how much money you made from your marijuana now you’re saying you collecting disability income [edit]

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Lived on Pebble Beach Road, had some grower neighbors down the block the guards would sweat part of their crop every three months.

    One guard neighbor was firing a rifle out over the ocean and drinking whiskey one full moon.

    In a place like that everyone is screwed up.

    People will be happy to know that even on Pebble Beach Road, junk Pierson flat roof houses can be seen.

    Reopening Orick Beach to camping would help the region.

    • You’re a flat out liar. You don’t even know what road YOU lived on? Number one, you cannot afford to live on pebble beach drive. NOT road. Nice try. By the way CARSON, why did you leave crescent city?

    • Your comment has nothing to do with anything related to this incident, unless you’re just trying to say that all correctional officers are terrible people and that’s why an inmate got shot yesterday, and why another one was stabbed to death. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Yes, there will always be bad apples in every group, but prison guards are not all the cruel and heartless people that Hollywood portrays them to be. Do you go to work every day in a place as dangerous as a maximum security prison? I doubt it. So how about you cut the Correctional Officers some slack.

  • My first comment wasn’t accepted but I can’t say it was censored but some convicts make mistakes and learn and because of overcrowding even a minor offender can be in the worst places in my home state so not all convicts in max security are psychopaths and rehabilitation is possible I was in maximum security for 5 years 24 years ago even though i was convicted of misdemeanor crimes ten years later which I wasn’t guilty of and appellate court did overturn my second prison stay after serving 41 months people do change I agree people should be taught better values at home tax dollars should be spent on younger kids with poor parenting as soon as possible not that it’s government’s job to parent it is their job to make country more safe tax dollars spent on younger offenders would be better spent than money spent on people illegally in our country but our countries priorities are as inverted as any unhealthy person in society. Peace to all thanks! !!!

  • Jeanette Mobbley

    This does happen in prisons all around the country a lot.

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