[UPDATE Friday] Hwy 101 Closed North of Leggett

road closedA slide closed Hwy 101 roughly north of Leggett about 6:39 p.m.  The entire roadway is blocked. The contractor and Caltrans are responding to the scene but they estimate it will be 7:30 p.m. before they get to the scene.

UPDATE 7:02 p.m.: We’re getting information that 101 will be closed possibly until Monday. Traffic is being rerouted through Hwy 271, according to a California Highway Patrol spokesperson.

UPDATE 8:23 p.m.: Caltrans reports,

U.S. Highway 101 is closed approximately 6 miles north of Leggett in Mendocino County.

A slide has covered both lanes; there is currently no estimated time to reopening and there are no alternate routes available….

Due to continued rockfall, and for worker safety, the closure will remain in place through the night. Crews will evaluate the slide at daylight and we should have a better estimate for reopening at that time.

UPDATE 9 p.m.: Images from the Bridges slide area from earlier this afternoon. (Note: We are getting information that it is either the area just south of Standish Hickey or it is Bridges Creek–They are within about three miles of each other. As of now, we aren’t sure which and have not been able to reach Caltrans for confirmation.)

UPDATE 9:15 p.m.: A local rancher sent the following photos of Bell Springs Road which some locals use as an alternative. She asked that people not use it. She wrote, “[Bell Springs Road] is not viable now…[P]eople will get stuck…[T]here are slip outs everywhere…[T]he roads are a mess just like the rest of the county.”

UPDATE 9:44 p.m.: Caltrans Quickmap says that Hwy 101 is closed from Hwy 1 north to Hwy 271.

UPDATE 10:37 p.m.: Click here for Video of Slide Blocking Hwy 101 North of Leggett

UPDATE 7:51 a.m. Friday: Here’s what we know at this point: 101 Closed North of Piercy; What Are the Options?

UPDATE Friday 12:41 p.m.: Good News! Traffic is Traveling Through the Hwy 101 Closure



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