[UPDATED With Map and More Info] Wilder Ridge and Landergen Road Reopens

slide destroying country road

Wilder Ridge and Landergen Roads near Honeydew earlier this year.[Photo provided by a reader]

After a slide chewed through both Landergen Road above and Wilder Ridge Road below on February 3, residents faced a long commute to reach their homes.

Wren Belcher, a local, explained that for the last five days a local company, William J. Etter Construction, rebuilt the roadway built a detour. Yesterday, the workers allowed locals to intermittently drive through the area which has been closed for over a month.

Saying the work was being done with “amazing speed,” Belcher urged travelers to drive carefully. “The Smith Etter Road has one-way traffic in some areas,” he said.

Yesterday, the roadway began to reappear. [Photo by Wren Belcher]

Yesterday, Billy Etter’s crew began allowing locals to travel through the area.[Photos by Wren Belcher]

UPDATE: We spoke to Tony Seghetti, the Deputy Public Works Director for engineering. He explained that the road was opened by the end of the work day yesterday but there are some restrictions.

The road coming from Ettersburg has one-lane stop control so drive carefully. But, more importantly, the road coming from the north end has length restrictions for the vehicles headed through. A sign will be placed reading, “Length Restrictions of 32′ from Kingpin to rear axle.”

Below is a very rough map of the detour.

Map of detour

This is a very rough map of the detour around the slide. The line in blue indicates the new road pushed through. The red rectangle indicates the slide area. [Note: this is not meant to be to scale. It is just to give a rough idea.]

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