Fortuna Business Victim of Armed Robbery

Yesterday, about 4:23 p.m., a man and a woman robbed a payday loan business, Advance America, located near the Safeway in Fortuna.

Operation Safe Streets, a local crime page, reported that male had the firearm. They forced the employee to the floor and fled with cash.

“A gun was brandished…an undisclosed amount of money was taken,” confirmed Sgt. Scott Hillman of the Fortuna Police who declined to release much information saying merely that the two suspects are known to have “fled on foot northbound past Safeway.”

Sgt. Hillman said that the Fortuna police were following up on leads.



  • Theiving scum everywhere

  • That’s messed up, those are the nicest ladies that work there, time to put up bullet proof glass like Pg&E did recently

  • Veterans friend

    Payday loan companies are pretty close to bandits….

  • Employees of any business should not be threatened with harm.
    But I cannot avoid the irony of thieving money from that thieving company.

  • Geeez people, back off the victims here. I used their services and knew what i was signing up for. I paid their fees and never felt ripped off. It helped me out when I needed it. Have some freaking compassion for the victims here, who cares what they do anyways. They had a armed gun pointed at them today! How bout you? What did you have in front of you today? Your computer or cell phone?

    • I have no complaints about the employees just the company policies in general are a “shade on the predatory side” to say the least!!!!

    • You are right. Both of these ladies are human too. People are so mean sometimes. Being mad at these ladies for what they do is like being mad at your doctor for giving you a shot you paid for. You knew what you were getting into when you did it. I think they are mad at their own stupidity and don’t want to take blame for their own choices.

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