HSU Students Plan Walkout Today to Protest Tuition Hikes


Humboldt State University [Photo by Oliver Cory]

Students from Humboldt State University plan a walkout today at noon on the Quad to protest higher tuition rates. Multiple organizations including HSU’s M.E.Ch.A. chapter, HSU Green, I.N.R.S.E.P., DDY, Humboldt Unity Coalition Front, and Associated Students of HSU are coordinating the rally.

According to a letter sent out by Haley McQuown of Power Up!,

In present day, California spends 41% less per CSU student than it did in 1985. Concurrently, the CSU student demographic has switched from a dominantly white institution to an institution composed of mostly students of color (CFA, 2017). This suggests that as the students in the CSU system are becoming more ethnically diverse, funding is becoming increasingly sparse.

McQuown urges students to “to take a stand for your education, for the education of your community, and for the education of generations to come.”

We’ll have a reporter covering the protest today.



  • Fight the power!

  • Tuition is up because of outrageous wages & benefits the officials receive.
    Tuition is up because of the EXTRA staff hired for the extra curriculars consisting of hidden UN mandates accepted through grants.
    Tuition is up because of the political environment.

    Remember the pay increase given, due to the lack of students enrolled?
    That is tuition linked.
    Somebody has to pay it. Welcome to the real world.

  • You think they’re upset now, wait till they learn what Governor Brown has done to them regarding cal grants, it’s a lose – lose for them.

  • Administrators are vastly overpaid!!

  • thinking allowed

    With the exception of heads of schools, top administrators are paid at the same rate or less that professors, with far less time off and fewer benefits. If you think administrators are overpaid, then what about unproductive faculty?

    If only capable students who efficiently worked at getting an education were enrolled, rather than just about anyone for any reason for any length of time, there’d be plenty on resources available for education rather than spending on facilities to enhance competition between schools for enrollment numbers.

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