29-Year-Old Arrested for Unlawful Sex With a 14-Year-Old

Alvaro Jesus EscarenoOn the afternoon of Friday, February 17, two California State Park rangers entered the Stone Lagoon parking area and discovered a male and a female engaged in a sexual act inside their vehicle a public area.

During the course of checking identification, the rangers discovered the female was a 14-year-old child and the man, Alvaro Jesus Escareno, was 29-years-old. “They knew each other,” explained Public Safety Superintendent John Valett. “He gave her rides in the past.”

The child was taken to the hospital for a sexual assault forensic exam.

Later, Escareno was charged with unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, forcible lewd act upon a child, inducing intercourse, aggravated sexual assault, and sexual penetration with a foreign object.

Escareno made bail on Monday, February 20. Valett said he is worried because Escareno has “dual citizenship in the US and Mexico so there is concern he could flee.”

Valett wants people to know, “Parks are basically a safe place for people to go and recreate but, with society the way it is these days, there can be issues and this is one of those issues.”



  • This is why it is so important to demand for foreigners from other “cultures” to acclimate to the Constitution.
    Get on the horn with your Congressman & DEMAND s/he funds expediency in vetting & acclimating procedures.

    • WTF are you talking about? We should have proper vetting of priests, too…

    • Any time I hear the word “assimilation” it conjures up two things, 1. The person making the statement is an Anglo-Saxon 2. Natives that were asked to do the same “for the greater good” or “kill the savage save the man”… arrogance.

      • That’s your perogative, to choose to be stuck in a ping pong thought process.
        It doesn’t mean there aren’t other reasons & thoughts.
        I covered my thoughts on this in a different thread, recently, & didn’t think to carry them over to here.
        So, I will now.
        Without knowledge & understanding of our Constitution, too many people are voting ignorantly. This includes natural born college graduates! The people take their politicians words & bills as legal tender, instead of stepping back & holding them accountable. They were elected to defend the Constitution, our unalienable rights of liberty, but instead they are doing the opposite! Not knowing our Constitution, is voters are allowing non-criminals to be imprisoned or fined or both, and why they are voting to let genuine criminals back onto the streets. They do not realize they have the duty to hold their reps accountable, their unconstitutional bills shredded. When the people understand the no victim-no crime means just that, then they don’t fall for the political lies & promises on ballot or in court.
        Case in point? A prop on the last ballot, should never have made it to ballot. The bill promised that the only way to release potheads from prison, is by voting yes on this prop that will release robbers, rapers, & other REAL criminals. The only real criminal under our Constitution, is a person who took the life, liberty or property from another. All others are free to seek their happiness. All who were born here must know this. All who come here from elsewhere must know this. We must all acclimate. We must all hold our reps accountable.
        The catch & release system we have now, is the fault of the voters.
        Yes, it can be fixed, & must be fixed.

      • Genocide….as a preventitive measure is frowned upon since the “assimilate or assinate” approach taken with those trespassing on the land stolen from them. The wall thing… around all houses AND borders..slow em down…if we can’t shoot em till they make it over.. time to load, at least. Raising folks right , personal responsibility, harder work than wall building, it seems.

    • This is a disgusting thing to happen from anyone. But let’s be real, plenty of “Americans” with our culture do the same thing. People are people. this “foreigner” has been here his whole life. I went to elementary school with him and his whole family. So maybe stop and think about the types of people eureka is raising.

      • I agree with this , or what about the 14 year old sooo many of them are already having sex at much younger ages . I’m not saying anything bad about her I’m just saying

    • i know this guy alvaro. he has been to court 3 times in 2016 alone for women including me, putting a restraining order out on him.
      he also ripped me off for a whole seasons rent money on his hoop house! and has perjured himself in court under oath many many times.
      bad hombre lol needs to get deported to a mexican jail!

      • I believe you. You don’t shield your identity which says a lot. If he has been brought to court/trial and found guilty then he should be facing strict punishment. There is absolutely no way for him to deny what the park ranger witnessed.

    • When I was 14 I had a grown white man try to get at me. Pedophilia is not based on ethnicity. By focusing on his race you miss the point entirely

    • I know him personally he’s my nephews dad he would have done that if he truly knew she was 14. Girls these days will say an do anything. It has nothing to do with him being Mexican he’ll it could have a been a white man y’all wouldn’t be saying this shit

  • This guy had sex with a child because he’s disgusting, not because he’s a dual citizen. Plenty of statutory rape happens right here in our own culture.

    • Finally some one who’s thinking straight

    • i know this guy and he has been on the wrong side of the law all his life. he should have been deported ages ago.
      i feel very bad for his family, his mother and his kids…he just can’t keep himself out of trouble and now at 29 his life is basically over. he’ll be branded a pedifile for life and possibly deported being separated from his kids.
      tragic consequences for the innocent victim.
      starting with the 14 year old girl…and on down

      • I agree!
        He is a sick individual him and his brothers. Living across from them and seeing how many girls they brought to their house daily was crazy! I being young and dumb was one of them!

    • this guy had sex with a minor because he thinks he can get away with doing whatever he wants and up until this instance he has.
      he lies in court and has a good lawyer so has never had to ‘face the music’ so to speak on any of the terrible things he’s done over the years.
      he perjured himself in court saying he paid me rent for his hoop house when he did not and his lawyer knew the truth but defends him anyway?!
      i partially blame the court system for letting him get away with so much so long!

  • Why was he even given bail?!?!?!?!? He was caught in the act!!!!!

    • yah, and if he gets deported , will he be a free man in mexico?! seems he ought to go to a mexican jail.
      what’s the law on that?
      just getting thrown out of a country doesn’t seem punishment enough thou this guy has family and even kinds here in hum. co.

  • They actually let this a$$hole out on Bail? Sure he will show up. Well, hopefully by the time he tries to cross back over the Boarder we will have our wall up and make sure he stays on the “Other Side”

  • Rape of a child is about as bad as it gets. However, the way most of you talk you would be much better off in a place like North Korea.

    • Dan, I take it you have never had your child raped or molested, and I hope you never have to deal with it. No punishment is too harsh for that P.O.S.

    • Dan, [edit]
      Btw I’ve lived this, my baby girl was taken advantage of at the same age of this girl and had a baby…with no accountability for the father.
      Why don’t YOU ship off to N. Korea…your bleeding heart isn’t needed here.

      • Why was my two previous comments deleted, and this one edited..?

        • I don’t show any deleted comments recently by someone of your name so I can only guess that you entered them incorrectly. I don’t remember specifically why this one was edited. My guess is that the comment directly insulted another commenter.

          • I checked back several times for any responses, in doing so my two comments I could see, however in the evening they disappeared.
            As for the last one that got edited…is it even possible that another reader can edit someone else’s post..? That shouldn’t be!
            Thank you for your response…btw, you do a great job here, kudos to you.

            • I don’t know how I missed them but, yes, I did delete them. Both of them advocated violence and one of the rules here is no advocating violence.

              No other reader can edit the comments.

          • Please understand that the subject matter hit too close to home for me.
            Sexual predators get no empathy or sympathy from me.

            • I can understand that. But no matter how good the reason, I don’t allow advocating violence.

              • Thank you for your time.

              • So…surgical castration for sexual predators is advocating violence..?
                Or if I said, in my opinion, I think sexual predators deserve to be executed by way of firing squad…does that too advocate violence…?
                How about those that make comments to the effect of…throwing them in prison and letting ‘bubba’ have his way with these types…is that not advocating violence..?
                I see a double standard here…and it still confuses me..?
                Seems to me it’s more of an effort to be ‘politically correct’ and protect the criminal.
                Political correctness is ruining our country!
                And what about the abortion issue…you don’t think it’s violent to tear apart an unborn baby with forceps, as will happen with many of these young girls that get pregnant by sexual predators..?

                • Yes, all of the above particularly the “bubba” one would be deleted. I don’t allow comments advocating vigilante violence. I do allow comments advocating for the legally sanctioned death penalty.

                • Fair enough…death to all sexual predators by way of legally sanctioned death penalty, especially those that prey on minors.

                • Sorry, I blame me being sick this week for the long time it took to get to a mutual understanding.

                • Sorry, you and I don’t have much of a mutual understanding.
                  You seem to like political correctness…but I can’t stand it.
                  This is your domane, run it as you please, however…it seems to pinch my first amendment nerve.

                • I didn’t mean we agreed on whether my rules are okay. Simply that we agree on what the rules are.

                  The first amendment forbids Congress from passing laws abridging free speech. It doesn’t say that everyone has to let you say whatever you want on their website. My most important concern with people normalizing violence is that I would feel terrible if someone decided that it was okay to harm someone suspected of a crime because of comments that occurred on my website. I’m exercising my right to protect my site by asking people to refrain from using certain terms. You can advocate legalized violence–the death penalty (which by the way I don’t agree with) but you can’t advocate illegal violence.

    • I love this statement

  • Thanks Prop 57…….

  • California will him Sanctuary

  • Where are this girls parents ?

  • That. Was funny. Super funny.

  • This has nothing to do with immigration rights or what country he is from (coming from someone who supports Trump’s immigration policies). I grew up with Alvaro and he was actually a friend of mind, I would have never expected to see this. I am in no way sticking up for his actions, but to try to make this about immigration simply because he is Mexican is not only wrong, but it makes the rest of us who are in support of stricter immigration laws look bad as well.

  • Just my perspective

    This stuff happens all the time, i never even knew it was a crime for older dudes to get with me as a teen.
    It happened to every single girl i knew and none of us felt ok telling anyone as we thought it was just what happens. And we saw what happened to girls who tried to go after rapists, it all got put on the girl, what were you wearing, did you have a drink, did you really say no, etc. My friends sister went thru a whole trial and the guy got let go as she didnt have underwear on under her jeans when the guy cut them off with a knife, for real. I figured my parents would blame me.
    I willingly slept with guys way older than me, its deep in our society, as a teen if someone liked me sexually it boosted my confidence and made me feel desired. I was just doing what i saw on tv and in magazines.
    Just sayin, you can put these guys in jail all day long, but until we shift our values as a society it will just continue. It doesnt happen to just kids from “bad” homes. Talk to your daughters. You can tell them theyre beautiful and thin and all that but what they often see in the mirror is societys reflection, the comparison to what they see portrayed as attractive in the world.
    My best friend got hit on constantly, more than any other time in her life, during the 2 weeks before she was hospitalized for anorexia at age 21.
    Theres no big answer and perhaps just having some more discussions about it could help.

    • As a child you might not have known or realized it was wrong, but him, as an ADULT, he did know it was wrong. A child half his age !!! He is disgusting

    • I cannot believe for a minute that a 14 year old girl thinks it is ok for an adult male to have entercourse with her. Unless you lived your life locked in a closet. Even if your parents were lousy and didn’t teach you anything, schools teach you about stranger danger, your friends on the school yard. Come on!. Not in this day and age.

      • Humboldt Granny

        If that 14 year old girl has been having intercourse with her 30+ year old FATHER for the previous 7 – 8 years, is it any wonder that by the age of 14, she thinks that sex with an older man is OK? No, I’m not using some of our TV shows as examples, but am using real happenings to people I know here is Humboldt County as examples.

      • Ok… this is where I have to speak up. I was sexually molested by my cousin from the age of three. By the time I was 14, I thought if a man did not want to have sex with me it meant he didn’t like me. In my broken mind it did not matter whether I particularly liked the person or not I desperately wanted to be liked and accepted by them. It was not the kind of attention I wanted but it was always the kind of attention I got. So my first real sexual experience was with a 36 yr old man who said he loved me, of course things just went downhill from there. Don’t blame the girl… you don’t know what her life has been like, and he should have known better!!!

    • Good observations. Thank you for sharing that.

    • Thanks for helping us understand probably the biggest factor setting up a young girl or young woman for sexual exploitation: our own cultural values, as you so well describe. And now a new US president, who has bragged about being a sexual predator, calls himself a “winner”, an inspiration for exploitive people like Mr. Escareno, and a greater climate of risk for those who are vulnerable.

    • Just My Perspective-
      Thankyou for your well put words.
      You have made clear what is true and so very few are willing to say so.
      I know.
      More girls and women need to speak up BEFORE it happens.
      One word that stands out above all:
      All girls want to feel desirable, yet when a girl becomes the target of predators she learns a darker side to this once flattering feeling that boosted her self esteem.

      It is a double sided coin.

      When a girl gets dressed and dolled up, of course she wants to be noticed.
      Be an interested and active father for your daughter.
      Be a helpful and protective brother for your sister.
      Paying good attention to the females who surround you and speaking with them in respectful manner, honoring them and showing them courtesy, this is how a girl grows up with self esteem that is pure and good.
      NOT by the number of boys who want to fuck her.
      It is going to be the men, brother’s, fathers, uncle’s, etc, in her life that will be the major influence in where she gets her self esteem.
      If you look around yourself, as a man, and see nothing but bitches and hoes, all you are doing is raising bitches and hoes.
      It is up to every one of you boys with sisters to show her kindness and respect.
      One compliment from a brother is worth 10 times more than any other boy out there.
      And if dad had more time to spend with his daughter it would help too.
      Men !
      These words are true. So you decide where will your daughter get her self esteem?

      • A verry observant individual

        You all need to realize that most these little ass girls think there grown and try to act 21 and say they 21 but always acuse the man think about this they could have been doing this long before getting caught look at that little girl from mckinleyville she snuck in a bar somehow then met a man who the baught her drink then they hooked up the day after he finds out she is 16 she told him shes 21 now she wants to make accusation towards him acting all innocent to the police plays victim and he tried to press charges on her for her sending personal stuff of him because he knows the truth and dont want anything to do with her… But the police pretty much laughed in his face… U ppl wanna bring up i was raped i was molested so u take her side well guess what i was raped too… But in this artical it states she has gotten rides from him in the past correct? Did it once say she was afraid noo did they once say she was screaming for help again nooo did the park ranger say she looked hurt? Again nooo u eed to analyze this situation reread it she started playn victim after she got caught and mommy and daddy found out!!! Wow some ppl are so arrogant… Bs is what i think

  • Mexican creep pedophile is on his way to Mexico how much was his bail .this is a prime example of why we need the wall.

    • The Mexican creep was actually born here, he has dual citizenship because his parents are Mexican citizens. In no way am I saying what he said is ok. But these types of arguements are invalid the moment you bring up a wall or talk about their nationality. How many white men are on Megan’s law in Humboldt county???? Are you asking to send them back to Germany or England or wherever their parentsite are from? Doubt it. “It aint right if it ain’t white” do you think that’s is true with crime too??

  • thinking allowed

    You are wrong if you think being in a foreign country doesn’t make a difference in behavior. First there are those unwelcome in their own country who try their luck in another. It works in both directions with unsavory Americans going south and unsavory Mexicans going north, both running away from the law and running to illegal activity.

    Then there is simply being away from friends and family who keep bad behavior in check because they know who you are and what you do. And will do something about it if they disapprove. I have seen Americans behave like idiots overseas just because they both misinterpreted the culture and didn’t care what the locals thought.

    Yes, citizenship matters.

  • Another worthless (babies daddy) after she gets pregnant. He looks like he will be one hell of a father.
    wc666 good point. [edit]

  • Blanket statements are false, but hold some truths. Mexican men having sex with, hitting on young girls is part of the culture. It’s known in prison, lots of the Mexicans are in for child sex/rape. I watched an old Mexican dude at dinner wink at a young girl. He would stare at her and smile. It was making me so uncomfortable, I was almost about to warn the parents and tell him to quit. Finally the family with the girl left. After they left, I almost called him out in front of the whole restaurant. He wasn’t even trying to hide it. Yes, every other race has men that like little girls, but it is very common amongst Mexican men.

  • Native of California

    Everyone on this comment panel is a descendent of immigrants, I’m not for children being molested at all , what I want to know is why are Mexican’s the only immigrants every republican is concerned about when immigration reform issues come up? What about Catholic Priest who came over the seven seas and rape millions of Native American children and women no one thinks about how native Americans feel about that the genocide that was done on the first people of this country all the immigrants that took what wasn’t theirs, your four fathers were rapists, thieves, liars and child molesters , this is what everyone needs to think about before they talk about immigration .

    • thinking allowed

      Thinking about First Nations and the European mass immigation reinforces alarm as an example of people not being in control of their borders. But the focus is on Mexicans because there are simply fewer rampaging Canadians to worry about.

      And few people ever had four fathers. Maybe 4 stepfathers.

    • Actually, the wall is not just for Mexicans. Many others travel from the south from other countries. It is easy access, not through airports, where they are checked for passports.

    • There are so many idiots posting here. I won’t name the ones I am talking about. Hopefully, all but idiots will know who I am referring to.

    • Better than you

      AMEN!! White people need to go back to their own country too!!

  • In mexico it is legal to have sex with a consenting girl who is over 13 yrs old. In mexicos culture that is acceptable. It is our higher standards that us americans have that is culturaly out of sync with mexican values.

    • Age of consent 12 and 13.before cristal,mexican girls,usually stayed vergin till marriage,at 15 to 18.otherwise a girl ,likely wouldn’t marry a landowner.maybe marry a firewood cutter.

    • Higher standards? Hardly. President James Madison had sex with one of his slaves when she was 14 and fathered a child. Other Founding Fathers routinely did the same. Actor /Musician Don Johnson got with Melanie Griffith when she was 14. Ted Nugent narrowly avoided statutory rape charges by getting a guardianship of a 17 year old girl he was seeing, and had even younger ones on tour. David Bowie got with a 13 year old girl that later got with Jimmy Page at 14…All these can be looked up….Kings, Leaders, Political men, Musicians and actors, Church officials, have done this for thousands of years..This has been in many cultures. Is it right? No. Not at all. Is it “Never in America” ??…sorry, it’s here and always has been..

  • Another is JW’s. The Elders are molesting young girls and boys. It is all over the news. When so none from the congregation reports sexual assault the ed lders do not report it to the police. They keep it to themselves and not report it to the police.

  • been in her shoes

    being the fact that if parents don’t talk to their children about these kinds of things, this shit will happen and at the time the girl could not know it was okay. I was molested by people in my family from a very young age and by age 14 I was already a parent. People don’t always listen and family don’t always believe you. I told so many people and took me being pregnant and a best friend to actually get the cops to open an investigation. Try having your family blame you and hate you for years because of it. At age 3 I was molested by my own father, it took him going to another state and kidnapping a little girl before any one opened their eyes and thought maybe I was telling the truth. The fact is pay attention to your child because its not always going to be someone from another culture. It could be happening in your own back yard. Talk to your kids and make them feel safe so they know they can talk to you about anything. And when they do talk, truly listen to them.!

  • Clearly nobody is thinking about the fact that 14 year old girls, no matter
    Maturity, are fully capable of engaging in sexual acts on their own, without guidance or knowledge from anyone. I did that. Lots. So give her a break, give him a break, and fucking realize that people have sex. No matter the age difference. If they’re attracted to each other, then so be it. Once a kid is past a certain age, ain’t a damn thing you can do to stop their sexual endeavors.

  • This fool WAS born in mexico….i cant believe hes out on bail….wtf

  • Your mom-

    This is exactly the kind of mother that raises boys who are rude to their sisters,
    gives birth to a girl then views her as competition,
    and brings boyfriends around that are NOT good for the home.

    You’re comment is appalling.

  • From_Hoopa_w/_

    Kym, is there any updates?

  • This guy is currently in mack town and his girlfriend is allowing him around her small children i believe she has two daughters.

  • If you have children and you are in a relationship with a child molester/rapist then you are just as much of a monster as the one who was caught in the act. This man has girlfriend with two small daughters that she brings him around. I just pray that they dont get hurt.

  • .I hope he spends lifetime in jail (edit)

  • Yes…he has a girlfriend with small children, I’ve witnessed them together. He has a child who is only two years younger than the child he had sex with. He’s still free, walking around in public. He thinks he can do anything because his herion slinging ass has a good lawyer. This is appalling that he hasn’t been prosecuted yet.

    Any update on this case Kym?

  • Took long enough

    After a year charges have finally been filed.

    • This piece of shit is still walking around …why??? Do your job law enforcement..deport this trash he is not a us citizen!!!

  • This pos is being sentenced next week, out still walking around

    • U*n*ignorantBitch

      Hey Rene… can you let us all know what the outcome of his sentencing was?? it was today. just incase you didn’t know.

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