[Owner Located] Found Tired, Wet Dog West of Miranda

Black dog with tongue

Today this handsome Bernese mountain type dog was found west of Miranda on Thomas Road. It’s a non-neutered male with white on his chest and two front feet.
If you have any information call Rick at 943-3450.
UPDATE: The owner has been located.


  • Glad he is safe. Let’s hope he was not out chasing cattle.

  • Rick, you’re awesome! Maybe he’s your new Rainman….? I help out lost dogs too (WAY TOO MANY lost dogs in Humboldt) and I thank GOD for people like you (and me) who really DO CARE. I love you, man.

  • You rock! God bless your loving heart. I hope he finds his humans

  • Wouldnt it be great if some of the new pot tax went to upgrading and expanding the county shelter with more kennels, staff & a behavioral specialist as well as a facility somewhere in south county below the 36 cutoff??
    Our county is so big, having the only shelter at a spot so north is really challenging and uses a lot of gas!

    Even just some kennels in so hum, theres nowhere to kennel your dog in so hum anymore, imagine a county facility that could have a doggie daycare/private kenneling to fund the shelter. I guess that makes too much sense for govt.
    It would be a smart biz to start right now (hey doggie daycare in fortuna please think about it!!!)

  • Kym Kemp is a saint for doing this for the k9 s

  • More people more animals. Wish our pound would expand.

  • Rick, Superman couldn’t hold a candle next to you.. Your’e awesome .
    P.S. I love dogs, four of my own.
    MOGTX Yes She is.

  • YES YES YES!! I love a happy ending. We need more of that😆

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Glad this guy found his human! Great job to everyone who made that happen.

  • Yay I’m so happy thanks to kym he found his human ,and it’s because of kym she is gonna get loads of.great karma .

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