Computer Tracking System Leads to Multiple Items Burglarized While Victims Were Sleeping

Today, Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies raided the Lone Pine Motel. Two men were arrested. Below are photos of the bust, suspects, and possible stolen items as well as a press release. Above is an interview with Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant, Jesse Taylor.

Deputy goes to motel. [All photos by Bobby Kroeker unless otherwise identified.]

Two were arrested during the raid.

Here is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Sunday, February 26th, 2017 at about 9:15 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a residential burglary in the 500 block of Melville Road, Garberville.

Upon arrival, it was reported that two apartments had been burglarized sometime during the night. Both residents were home at the time of the burglaries and both victims reported their front doors were locked prior to going to bed. There was no evidence of forced entry.

At about 3:25 p.m., Sheriff’s Deputies were contacted by one of the victims who reported that his stolen laptop computer had just alerted him to an activation. The computer’s tracking system indicated it was currently at an unknown location in the 900 block of Redwood Drive, Garberville.

Scott Antonio Arreguin

Scott Antonio Arreguin [Photo provided by the Humboldt CO. Sheriff’s Office]

Deputies responded to the vicinity and contacted Scott Antonio Arreguin (age 28) who was walking in the area. Arreguin is well-known to the Deputies but he was not currently in possession of the stolen computer. Arreguin was however wearing shoes that matched the description of shoes that were stolen during one of the burglaries on Melville Road.It was determined that Arreguin was associated with a room at the Lone Pine Motel (912 Redwood Drive, Garberville). Deputies searched this room and located numerous items of stolen property. The stolen property was associated with several different Southern Humboldt burglaries that have been reported over the last two weeks.In addition to the stolen property,
David Andrew Jones

David Andrew Jones [Photo provided by the Humboldt CO. Sheriff’s Office]

Deputies located David Andrew Jones (age 27) in the motel room. Jones was placed under arrest for an outstanding warrant.Arreguin and Jones were subsequently transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for booking. Arreguin was booked for burglary, possession of stolen property, and an outstanding felony warrant. Jones was booked on his outstanding misdemeanor warrant.Additional victims have since been contacted and their stolen property has been returned. Attached is a photograph of suspected stolen property where victims have not been identified. If you recognize any of these items please contact Sergeant Jesse Taylor at the Garberville Station.
Items believed to be stolen.

Items believed to be stolen. [Photo provided by the Humboldt CO. Sheriff’s Office]

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-923-2761 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Earlier Chapter: ‘Alarming Increase’ in Garberville Home Burglaries This Last Week, Says Sheriff’s Office

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  • Here is a real test to see if our DA and judges truly care about our communities. They both had warrants and (maybe) committed several burglaries. If there is any bail that is affordable, neither one will show up for court, there will be two more warrants issued, and they will commit more crimes until caught again. KEEP THEM IN JAIL !!!!!!! Then some time in Pelican Bay. Start cleaning up Humboldt.

    • Pelican bay is where you end up when you mess up in the other prisons, or are hi ranking gang affiliated, but San Quentin or any other would be just fine till then

  • Way to go Sheriffs Department. A JOB well done with the investigation, follow up and arrest of these two varmints. Everyone should have some type of alarm in their house these days. I have 4 of them. Four very alert and mean 4legged critters who would take a leg off if they didn’t recognize you. Gives me time to drag out the .40 cal full load.

    • Yes…do that. You must have relocated from a State with Castle Law to CA. Shoot someone dead in your home in Cali trying to protect property and you’ll lose the property and your liberty.

  • Ha! Stolen computer was they’re down fall. Love it. In my opinion after say a 2ND offense these criminals should have to wear a tracking device and have to register as a convicted thief. So tired of the amount of thievery taking place daily up here in good ol humboldt. It’s sickening.

  • Scotty is such a pice of crap! he has been on here so many times for stealing guns and everything else, he needs to be gone for alooooong time this catch and release is bullshit! he won’t change ZERO chance f you Scotty, awesome job hcsd thank you

  • David Jones was arrested on a bench warrant. Not burglary or thieving?

    • No, he was just arrested on a misdemeanor drug warrant. He will be booked and released.

      • So, he won’t even be charged with possession of stolen property ??? Voluntarily and knowingly in a motel room (alone when arrested) with several stolen items, a warrant for probably failing to appear on drug charges, and back on the streets. There is no hope for this county if this is how the laws protects citizens. So wrong !!!

        • It is possible to be in the presence of stolen items without knowing they are stolen.

          • If anyone believes that in this case, I have an oceanfront house in Arizona for sale !! Cash up front.

          • Being at the scene of a crime is not a crime. It is possible to be in the presence of stolen items knowing they are stolen, without committing a crime. But its tricky because if you do anything that prevents the crime from being discovered, you are an aider and abetter. Best move – hang out with a different class of person.

      • What if he will come back in my apartment and this time do something to me? Oh God! Well at least I got most of my things back

        • I don’t think the burglar would be getting out?

        • I hope he doesn’t come back either. Chances are he won’t. What’s the point of arresting him if they let them go. This is ridiculous. I’m glad you got your stuff back and your ok.

  • Catch and release works pretty well for fishing, but not for these crooks! Scott Arreguin was arrested in January and February of 2016. Use his name in the search box at the top of this page and check it out.

    I think Scott was the ” Poster Boy” for the “Meth Times”, last year! When will we again get some funding to locate and shut down the meth labs? Maybe Trump will have some funds for us soon.

    • Don’t hold your breath while you wait for that funding from DJ Donnie, he’s far too busy spinning things out of control!!! Besides you’d be VERY short on Oxygen long before!!!

      • All the conservatives I talk with say that Donnie can fix everything but a broken heart!
        You have to hold your breath if you live where I do. I’m getting so good at it that I’m thinking of a new career joining the pearl divers of Japan!

        We have had the “gold rush”, the “green rush”, the “drug rush”, and finally we’ll have the “clean rush”.
        The “clean rush” will involve trying to find air, water, food, and land that isn’t contaminated.

  • One way to clean up the town is to clean up the owners of a couple motels in town. Not sure why they get to do what they do?

    • Amen……. clean those hotels up. Better yet plow them down drug-infested, bug-infested. Disgusting places for people to live anyway. I remember in the days when my family would come to visit . They would actually stay at the Lone Pine. It was a beautiful little place with a nice swimming pool and affordable. There’s never been anything good about the Johnston. Heroin Den

  • Maybe since David Jones is not involved in the burglaries you could remove his pic?Just a thought.

  • These deputies seem to be OK – we had a home invasion scare outside of town, and I reported it prematurely. It was just a rumor as it turned out, and I had to explain my error to them late at night, but they were very gracious, and it’s good to know that they respond as quickly as they do. Thank you guys – sorry for the false alarm.
    We recently had a laptop taken, but were able to recover it without involving law enforcement (thank you D!)…wireless tracking software is awesome, and you can get tracking tags for other possessions as well….
    e.g. tile mate, etc.
    See, for example–track-your-stolen-laptop-for-free-with-prey.html

  • Scotty your family is so proud of you!!! Hang in there little guy things will get better remember it’s not your fault your a low life heroin addict!!! P.S. It’s good to see you and David looking so healthy!!!

    • Sarcasm right? Hard to tell in text some times

    • Wow! Since your posting under “Guest” I don’t know who you are, but if I were to guess I would say you are a female who David wants nothing to do with and you want to get even. Better try next time because those of us who know and see David often know he looks just fine.

      • No l I don’t know David, I don’t like Scotty he once was a decent kid but he is a lost cause now, if David really is a good guy I hope he finds new friends

  • I think David looks ok? Maybe a little Sun deprived cus its rained for 40 days and 40nights. Maybe a little bumbed but he’s healthy.

  • Scott did the same shit to my house 2 yrs ago he is fuckkkeddd thank God prick!!

  • I believe the captions are switched on the photos?

  • What’s the odds of all of the houses these two broke into not having a dog? All of your houses were cased. And again what’s the odds of junkie of the year knowing how to pick a lock? Dude #2 was in on it.
    How can we best protect ourselves, our belongings, and our home? Dogs are a great deturaunt. And they’re a good early warning system. Did any of the homes broken into have motion sensor perimeter lights? How about obstacles to prevent a fast getaway? Here’s another idea. Place an empty glass bottle upside down just behind your doors before going to bed. When the door gets opened the bottle tips over making an unmistakable noise. Even if you don’t hear it the intruder does, and they’ve lost the element of stealth and or surprise. At that point they would assume they’re busted and get out of dodge. Put a 1″x2″ piece of wood into the slide of your windows that will prevent them from being opened.
    There’s alot of ways to deter these types of break ins from happening. Thankfully these were only robberies and nothing worse. If you don’t want a firearm in your home, maybe get an air horn. They’re plenty loud enough to get a niebors attention.
    The main thing is be pro active!

    • Victim on Melville

      The property manager doesn’t allow us to have pets in the property. If they would only allow us. But thank you for the preventive ideas. I for sure will do it!

  • Well said! Agreed on all!

  • Havnt you heard? DT is going to legalize meth, to help get the show on the road. To make America great again.

  • Wow, a 12″ MacBook! Bet the owner is happy to have his laptop back safe and sound.

  • Not to park correctly must be included in cop training courses.

    • They only do that sort of thing when they’re in a hurry… or so it says in fine print at the bottom of the page where you can’t read it!!!

  • Fry these bums!

  • Lone pine and Johnson s ,are the biggest shit holes in town like Peggy Sarver said it best mow the down and burn the filth ridding garbage ,but a least the cops got one scum nag off the streets .hi my peg.

  • Sparklemahn! The insensitivity and vile rudeness of your post is offensive to libertarian ears. I salute you…..

  • Thanks once again to the brave Southern Humboldt Deputies for trying to jail the tweakers! Hopefully at least one of them will spend a night or two off the streets…

  • Wow…they are living in true misery. I hope they can get themselves out of it one day soon.

  • The present police/court/prison system isn`t working at all. I suspect that people like these really don`t consider prison to be any big deal. After all, they get fed regular meals; they have a warm place to sleep and in general conditions are better than their regular lifestyle. Drugs are available in prison of course and always will be.

    Putting these people to work at something useful would at least get some productivity out of them. Prisons should be much more factories or farms where these people would really have to labor — at the end of the day they`d be so tired they wouldn`t have the energy to think up mischief or bugger each other. If they were in a factory, they could each be fitted with an electric dog collar thing that would be tied to the production counter on their punch press, boring mill or whatever. If production slacked off, they would get a graded series of shocks beginning with a gentle reminder to painful motivation.

    A strong, progressive eugenics program would be a good first step toward the removal of these defectives. Anyone convicted of a serious violent crime would be sterilized. Anyone who applies for public assistance and who has more than one child would have to be sterilized before they could get any monies from the public till.

    • This is fantastic, a like minded person. I’ve been saying this for years. While the rest of us are at work(exempt growers of course) these turds sit in jail and do nothkng. If they had to work 40 hours a week while in jail we would see a huge decrease in crime. Love the shock collar idea btw.

    • That sounds way to reasonable to ever happen but a good idea nonetheless

  • I agree with you John Brown. I wish YOU were in a Top Office of our government. Although I wouldn’t wish the head aches that go along with it, On anyone.

  • John brown for president

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence, guys! President won`t do it, though. Elect me dictator and I will fix all this. Give me 4 years and things will be turned around and cleaned up — big time.

  • Hey Kim can you change the captions please. It shows the thiefs name under the guy that a not a Thiefs picture.

  • Kym, who owns the Lone Pine Motel? It has proven to be a haven for criminals over a long period of time. Can’t the owners be legally compelled to clean the place up?

  • Dogs are not a “deterrent” When everyone has one and nobody trains them, nor takes responsibility for them…..Like a bunch of children running with loaded handguns that they take no responsibility for…

    It is correct that people get “arrested” then pay bail (or payoff money) then they are released, usually in less time than it takes to drive them down to Ukiah and book them… Wow.

  • Some of you guys are just plain well ignorant, stupid, I could go on these guys aren’t the problem there the lowest on the pole you want to make a difference do something about vote local people that will make a difference your so blind you need to look at the source of this problem instead of the petty symptoms cause your in a world of hurt when you finally catch on

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