[Audio] Police chief boycotts business for hosting band with disputed name; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week: A band played a sold out show at the Siren’s Song Tavern in Eureka and because of their disputed name Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills called for a boycott of the venue.

In 1982 the punk band was mostly known as Millions of Dead Cops. They came up with the moniker in opposition to police brutality and their album from that year would go on to be noted by Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain as one of his favorites ever. However the next year in 1983 they said the name was misunderstood and decided to change it with every tour keeping the acronym MDC. For their current tour they’re calling themselves Millions of Deceived Citizens.

In response, MDC told the Times Standard Chief Mills overreacted by calling for a boycott of venue, their old name is not a call for cop killing, and all they do is use words to express political ideas

Mills addressed those asking if the call for a boycott was an overreaction. “They have the right to say whatever they want,” he wrote. “I’ll fight for that right. There are consequences for their speech. I won’t patronize anyone who speaks like that. That too is my right. It’s why I love this country.”

“If you were just some angry citizen, I would hold nothing against you for your statements,” wrote a self-described hate-crime victim in an anonymous open letter to Mills released by the group Humboldt Grassroots. “But since you are the police chief, your word is law as far as many people are concerned. Should local business owners be worried you’ll call for a boycott against them for exercising their First Amendment rights as well?”

Local news blogger John Chiv has been very publicly in favor of Mills calling for a boycott of the local venue. “Siren’s Song showed disrespect for (the Eureka Police Department) and the public as well as insensitivity to the fact that recently we read daily headlines about some cop being killed in the line of duty,” he said. “(The venue), in my opinion, by action said ‘fuck you’ to cops. (They) chose to make money off a sensational name and band without considering who it may impact. It is my right as well as anyone else’s to boycott them.”

Local citizen Cody Dillon was also very vocal in direct response to Mill’s post. “While meth and heroin dealers, car thieves, rapists and murderers run rampant, our police are launching a boycott of a small business that is merely providing a venue space for performance art,” we wrote. “Free speech is more protected than the opinions of a cop, there is no crime here other than infringing on a person’s right to have business. Shame on you Andy, why don’t you investigate corruption, racial violence in your own department…”

So far the Siren’s Song Tavern says the call for a boycott has not had an impact on business, but people that support them have been even more supportive lately.

What do you think? Do you agree with the Eureka Police Chief’s decision to call for a boycott of the ‘Tavern? Weigh in by voting below.

The story begins at 7:31.

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After the Siren’s Song Tavern allowed the booking of a show featuring a band called Millions of Dead Cops, do you agree with the Eureka Police Chief’s decision to call for a boycott of the venue?




  • The show must go on, until the EPD stands up and cleans up that shithole everybody should show the same respect as the law holders, if they continue to pick and choose who they take down it’s only fair to “play that funky music whiteboy”

    • Black Rifles Matter

      So it’s up to epd to clean up this so called sh** hole??? I believe us as citizens have just as much responsibility in helping. Quit you bit*hin and ask what you can do to help. If This liberal ran community actually wanted to help they would get more officers hired , and I’m sure epd wants that, but cannot afford to. They already are barely scraping by.
      Whine whine and whine some more…. it is your right… but god, you sound ridiculous.

      • More police is not the answer. Right now, they arrest the same homeless drunks, meth users, etc several times a week; and many times twice a day. Their time, arrest, paper work, etc. is being wasted by these repeat public nuisances. Real criminals are getting away. Last year, one guy was arrested 23 times in 32 days. Our courts continue to release people day after day, and there are no consequences.

        • I have pointed this out. The wasted man hours on the “drunk in public” arrests makes a compelling arguement for treatment v arresting Alan Cook et al.

      • I’m not whining, I don’t live in that shithole either, and by the looks of it you citizens aren’t doing a very good job either, so take your own advice and get to cleaning up the place…
        Maybe if it weren’t so run down you wouldn’t attract that type of crowd, or maybe you prefure the attention?

        • When a guy with two felony warrants gets arrested for fleeing, resisting and shooting a firearm at kids gets a $15,000 bail and out the next day; our DA and judges aren’t doing their job. The people want this to stop and have voiced their disapproval. Too many around here blame everything in society for the criminal choices people make. We have to start making people accountable or nothing will change. “If nothing changes, nothing will change”!!

  • You wanna be cool and edgey by booking a band called “Millions of Dead Cops”? Well, there are consequences. The Chief is boycotting them, not refusing to answer their 911 call.

    • Just for the record, if you read the article, it says that they have changed their name multiple times since. They are currently called Millions of Deceived Citizens, according to the article.
      Mills can kick dirt on this one.

    • Changed ther name 20 years ago. The band that played this venue has nothing to do with the old name. Why hold them ransom for this? The only people that get hurt here are the kids trying to hear punk and metal Music as another venue says no to those bands.. These kids that want to see these bands could be out committing crimes instead of inside watching bands..,

  • Chief Mills call for a boycott aka free publicity for the band and the club. BTW Chief Mills, Tipper Gore and the christians already attempted to regulate the music world back in the 80’s…….It didn’t work!

    • Drug-addled rock bands in poor taste are a staple of postmodern “culture” I am afraid. That tavern plays host to lingerie shows with teenagers (one told me all about it), so it shouldn’t be surprising the manager/owners should display such a lack of taste, tact and community involvement. God Bless America. The tone deaf anarchist types can all relocate to Sweden.

    • If it were just words. Then why did Nocturnum have to cancel Buju Blanton?

      Police are a minority. Discrimination is not OK.

      Had any establishment held a band called hundreds of dead queers, or hundreds of bead blacks, that establishment would have been severely slandered.

      So why not equality for all minorities?

      And thank everyone at the Eureka Police Department for choosing a job that puts the community over yourself.

      And thank you Officer Omey, you showed up when my dad died, and stayed with me untill he was picked up. As hard as that was for me, I was blown away at the campassion from the Fire, and the Police. Now that time has passed, and I reflect upon that day. I remember community members showing a devastated stranger support. I have no family left, the kindness I was shown during my most vulnerable time, will always be remembered.

      • Black Rifles Matter

        Good post. i actually enjoyed reading it. If people actually supported our local Leo’s it would clean up. Funny how everyone places the blame on the cops when they are the same people don’t do a damn thing to support them or lend a helping hand. Look at all the liberal cities and strongholds across the nation…. they are crap holes with much higher crime rates.

      • The Ostrich Hunter

        Cops are not a minority, they are a well-funded gang.

  • If you are paid by taxes, you do not have the right to call a boycott. Chive can say what he wants, nobody cares. A little over reaction. People can have opinions that differ from others. Where do we draw the line as to what is acceptable and what is not? If you don’t like it don’t go. It really is that simple.

  • This is what he does with his time?

    When he’s not having coffee with the community, this is what Mills does? What a waste of space. Just waiting for retirement.

  • Sizzla played at ROTR while an entire community protested his use of violent lyrics against gay people, he was told to tone it down. MDC toned it down by changing their name, but it still doesn’t change the message they promoted. Violence against cops, gays, whoever should never be acceptable. This is the world we are raising our children in and it’s scary as hell

  • As far as I am concerned, they have forever ruined this type of band. They call themselves musicians!! For me, they are a bunch of A**H**** [edit] This type of names has NO PLACE in the field of REAL MUSIC. I’m ALL FOR BOYCOTTING THE EVENT. GO CHIEF MILLS. I’VE GOT YOUR BACK.

    • Snowflakes everywhere

      He’s calling for a boycott of the venue, not the band. So he is using his job position to slander local businesses he doesn’t like. Must have taken a cue from our snowflake president.

    • Black Rifles Matter

      Me as well. The band is really bad too. I had to sample a bit of it online just to see…. wow. Really suck!

    • They had that name 20 years ago, the current band is only one of those guys with a new band name. The venue has nothing to do with any of this. Why punish the venue??

  • I thought punk rock went out of style in the 80s

  • Sh it: been boycotting pig cops for more than 40 years!

  • Chiv is such a nasty little man, to whom no one listens anyway. Chief Mills is only displaying his ignorance & will be ignored by all thinking people. Tempest in a teabag😎

  • John Chiv is a parasite, and boycotting a venue for something the band did back in the 80’s is stupid. Seriously, with all the crime in Eureka, this is what Mills is wasting his time on?

  • Black Rifles Matter

    Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. It’s funny when someone in office uses it and all you liberals get upset. Get over it, cops are passionate and have beliefs just like all y’all. I personally could care less about the bands prior name, but geez give the chief a little slack. All you do is whine about how chief mills needs to clean up this town….what have you done to help clean it up, except whine and protest??
    Blue Lives Matter. You have my support!!!

  • Next time I see Mills I’ll sit by him and listen to MDC loudly on my headphones, with one turned around so he can hear it. Maybe some NWA too. Just to troll a little. Then support legal small businesses he doesn’t like, and study things he doesn’t want me to learn about. Stuff the army of the rich don’t want sheeple to know about, because they got to keep them in line with the government, especially the one we have now, and be subservient to corporations and the upper class. I may even get a grande frappachino at the time, just to confuse things.

  • MDC has influenced many people to never eat at the ‘golden arches’ or any other corporate fast food with one song alone. Boycott Ronald-Boycott the ‘Corporate Death Burger’

  • Just more negative propaganda. It’s disgusting how the Liberals will stop at nothing to desecrate the foundations of decency and honor. Pathetic. And incomprehensible. Anarchists who stand up for hate and lawlessness all the while hiding under a vale of so called tolerance. I too would boycott anything that tears down our community. And shit like this is exactly what the leftist mentality is all about. Disgusting. Chief mills has my support in stopping this kind of hate from reaching our children and communities.

    • Well said!
      Their music sucks, Mills needn’t worry too much.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        He Prolly said , ‘ nice hair ‘ thirty years ago and learned something…

        That’s what I figure…

        Bet they wouldn’t go within six miles of a Cro Mags show…

        Calpers equals a fat gut and high BMI

    • Again, you do realize they changed that name over 20 years ago when different people were in the band. Why boycott a local venue for something they had nothing to do wiith?

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Only hate is against property owners extorted by union slime with weapons.

      All the hate in the world comes from government….

      Anyone collecting pay from government is a hateful thug that worships Lucifer.

      People with souls don’t work in government.

      God will be sending all the government workers to hell-

      We laugh last and watch God burn you all for eternity!

  • I heard that the lead singer bites the head off of a cop at every show. Then after the show they summon Satan to come up from the depths of hell so they can offer their master his sacrifice. Seriously! And if you listen to their record backwards you too will go out and bite off a cops head! No really, it happened to a buddy of mine.

  • The “poll” at the end of the article is totally biased…calling the band “millions of dead cops” even though the band itself clearly stated that is NOT the band name.

    • Remaining objective here. The history of the name change was included in both the article and the podcast. “Millions of Dead Cops” is listed on the band’s website and on the Facebook invite for the Eureka show. Just because bands in the past have toured as NIN, the ‘Stones, CCR, and NWA for example… does not mean they are not still “called” their other names. So the question remains: Is hosting a band that is still referenced in this way grounds for a boycott? I stand behind the wording in the poll.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    I saw MDC before their first record.

    They rock!

    When Dead Cops, the song came out- it changed the punk scene and instead of getting beaten we kicked in cop roofs and them as well.

    These snowflakes need to learn how to riot, hold, and take ground.

    One of the best punk shows I ever saw was a riot squad beat down and a couple cars set fire with not a single arrest.

    MDC lyrics,

    ‘ big, bad, and blue- they’re masonic filth, too.’

    It also stands for Multi Death Corporation.

    Their song Corporate Deathburger is good, too.

    Fat boy got trolled…

    Should read the Constitution and not bring his masonic filth to his job.

    Go worship Lucifer in Butte and raise cows…


  • Dayglow Abortions “Feed Us A Fetus” is, in my opinion, the best punk rock record in existence.

  • After reading John Chiv’s blog that is linked above, I agree with him. It seems their name is still Million Dead Cops.

  • The Ostrich Hunter

    Andy Mills should tweet less.

  • Sold out show? Great work Police…I am sure MDC appreciates the support.

    • They only sold 110 tickets to not overcrowd the place, they were sold out before this whole boycott thing came up. So, if the next show there is a Police fundraiser, or for Homeless orphans, we are supposed to boycott it, right?

  • I think this band and the song fit eureka nicely, enjoy!

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