‘Alarming Increase’ in Garberville Home Burglaries This Last Week, Says Sheriff’s Office

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeAll residents in Southern Humboldt but particularly Garberville are being advised to lock their homes–both their doors and windows. Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department warned, “The Sheriff’s Office has seen an alarming increase in residential burglaries over the last week.”

Taylor said that deputies have responded to “at least 5 burglaries” in homes around the Garberville area. “I have also heard via rumor that additional burglaries have occurred, but for whatever reason, the residents have not made a report.”

Taylor is urging locals to lock their homes even when they are present. The burglar or burglars operate at night, he explained.  “I am guessing between midnight and 5 a.m.  What is really scary is almost all of the burglaries occur when the homeowner is present.”

The burglar slips into the homes through unlocked doors or windows. S/he takes “wallets, purses, clothing, musical instruments, lap top computers, and even a shotgun,” Taylor said. ” Some of the victims have reported their property being taken from the same room they are sleeping in.”

Today, two more incidents occurred–these at an apartment complex on Melville Road near the south end of Garberville. “Two apartments were entered by either someone picking the front doors, or the suspect has obtained keys by unknown means,” Taylor explained.

Please lock your doors and your windows, he said. And, if you see suspicious activity, call dispatch at 445-7251 or 911 if it is an emergency.



  • Great and now they have a shotgun too, we need to appeal prop 47 badly, when they catch this jerkoff they will be back on the street before you can replace your shotgun. Now that I think about it if that was your only weapon you would have to wait 10 days before you were even able to buy another one to protect yourself, how ridiculous is that

  • Time to start packin heat if you dont already!

  • Big problem with this in Shelter Cove, broad daylight! Tweekers need to go!!

  • Get a dog.

    • 1 shotgun.
      2 dogs.
      3 motion senors from harbor freight.
      1 cctv camera too for follow up with the runners.
      20 second warning could save your life, and the next persons.

    • What place in Garberville, NO Humboldt allows dogs. These places are brand new. They don’t allow dogs!! Or I would have one!! I live there and I think this is unacceptable!!
      These were my friends who were taken advantage of while they slept in their own homes!!! This is NOT OK GARBERVILLE!!
      Plus for the amount of rent we pay!!
      Totally unacceptable.
      I’m glad no one was hurt!!
      I’m a single mom with 2 kids!! This makes me not want to bring my kids home!!!
      I’m so angry!

  • Thank you Deputy B. Head for solving my case! Burglar entered my apartment while I was in deep sleep.

  • It’s not just Garberville. Fields Landing has been hit at least 5 times in the last couple weeks, both residential and commercial. My home was burglarized Wednesday and they took a hand gun and a ton of other stuff. Beware folks times are a changing and the thieves don’t give two shits about who they hurt or that it is not their stuff.

  • That sucks…sorry to hear. You had a handgun just sitting where someone could just grab it though?

  • Thafuckdoesitmatter

    Those apartments don’t allow dogs.

  • For the price of a gun buy security camera and get em on video. Good court evidence and say got ya

  • Buy cheap, portable alarms that attach to either windows or doors and emit a very loud siren if someone breaks the seal. It will give you time to “lock and load”! Keep a weapon or three handy, but not in plain sight. Train yourself to use the weapon of choice so if necessary, you are ready. Good luck.

  • I think there is more to the prop 47 and 57 blame than meets the eye. I have read those props and seems to me this is more of a police/DA issue. Additionally, there was supposed to be an increase in parole/probationary resources as well as drug treatment. Someone has dropped the ball.

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