Stabbing Victim Walked Into Eureka Hospital Tonight

EPD Eureka PoliceA man with approximately four stab wounds walked into to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka a little after 9 p.m. Eureka Police are responding to the hospital.

At this point we don’t have any details.



  • LOL A man walked into a bar with approximately four ducks. Punch line at ten….

    (I know, that’s all they gave you.)

    Hope the guy is OK. The ducks, too.

  • Where’s the update

  • OK It’s Tuesday, STILL no update??? Just curious!!! ;-]

    • I talked to Brittany Powell of the EPD. She promised to reach out to the officer involved but at this point all she knew is that “The victim refused to provide information to the reporting party and would not specify where or when the incident occurred.”

      • That’s because it’s noones business

        • Pretty sure it’s the whole community’s business, Brianna. Either he got stabbed because he was trying to hurt someone, or HE got attacked by someone. Either way, the community deserves to know if he is a piece of shit walking around the community, or if the person that stabbed him is a piece of shit.

          • Brianna reynolds

            The whole community doesn’t need to know my brother’s business it doesn’t need to be plasterd all over the internet. What happened shouldn’t have happened my brother is a good man and the other person or people involved are pieces of shit. Still it’s noones business but his own. If he doesn’t want his business out on blast then everyone needs to respect his right to have his story remain private. If everyone is so concerned about who did what then maybe they should try and get these tweakers off the street

            • Brianna reynolds

              Besides even if the community knew what happened it’s not like anything positive is gunna come out of it…it’s nothing but nosey ass people trying to get up in everyone’s business when they have no right to do so. It’s nothing but lameass excuses and bullshit reasons people are making up to make it seem like they give a fuck about someone just so they can be nosey.

            • That is hard when we don’t know their names.

              • Brianna reynolds

                Exactly so stop digging for information when it’s not your business…no-one knows the names because it’s not anyone’s place to be asking questions or trying to get in everyone’s business

                • Are you really that stupid, Brianna? Of course it’s the community’s business. What would come of it? Well I can tell you I now recognize people out in public that are repeat offenders thanks to the news. So I can keep my distance or call the cops (like the Desmon guy I had removed from in front of my house by the cops because I caught him casing). The only people who don’t want anyone to know anything, are people who have stuff to hide themselves. You’re “logic” or lack thereof, is completely flawed. If there is a random person going around stabbing random people, the people have a right to know. Funny too, because you say no one needs to know his business, yet here you are using “my brother” and trying to use statements to convince people he’s a good person……

  • It literally took me five seconds to look up your name on facebook and figure out who your brother is. All because you were stupid enough to use your own name and say that it was your brother. Funny how you think it’s everyone’s business to spread info about child molesters, but not people who are going around stabbing other people? You are a hypocrite. You’re putting your brother’s info out there, not anyone else. Thumbs up though! Now the reporters really could put the name of your “works at hustlin'” good boy brother, out there.

    • But we don’t name victims of crimes.

      • I know, Kym. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy on top of her outing her brother in a way. You’re a wonderful reporter!

        • I appreciated that you didn’t name him and was warning others not to. Thank you.

        • Brianna reynolds

          What’s funny is that you assume I’m speaking on my blood brother. I have family that’s not blood. I call people that i hold close to my heart brother and sister. And I put my actual name because I’m not a punk hiding behind the internet to voice what I have to say. I don’t need a fake name. I think it’s adorable how you voice your opinion through social media with a fake name.

  • No, I use a fake name because of how easy it is to obtain info on people…which is one of my points. The rest seemed to fly over your head. Doesn’t matter if he’s your blood brother, you’re tagging him and posting pictures on your very open Facebook. If it’s no one’s business, why are you making it everyone’s business? Call me a punk all you want- that terminology is highly regarded among cop hating ACTUAL punks. Your brother was obviously involved in some bs if he didn’t want the person caught. Or is he such a ‘hustlin’ wannabe gang banger that he’s gonna ‘handle it’ himself? You’re a hypocrite. Now that it’s very apparent what kind of person you are, I’m going to bow out. Especially because the company you keep is a great reflection on yourself. Ciao!

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