Skateboarder Struck by Vehicle That Fled the Scene

Generic Stock File Photo Emergency Lights Fire Police Ambulance Bokeh by Oliver Cory

Stock photo by Oliver Cory

A 20-year-old female skateboarder was the victim of a hit and run incident at the intersection of 4th and J Street in Eureka about 5:10 p.m. Reportedly the woman received a head injury.



  • Just need to say F××K Marci Kitchen and all who dare leave their incredibly-criminal actions behind them without accountability.

    I hope this girl pulls through ok, and can keep having fun on her skateboard in the future.

    • Hopefully riding without some distracted or drunk or drugged, your choice, A$$hole playing ‘Bumper Tag” with her!!!

    • Could be anything

      Enough of Marci Kitchen on every single post. You saved yourself by stating you hope this girl will be ok. But friggen enough already. I too hope this young woman will be ok.

  • When marci kitchen faces justice instead of living her life freely and without punishment for her haenous crime,then I think you’ll see a drop in the amount of posts about her. And I too hope this girl is ok. And the criminal brought to justice.

    • I agree, jail that b….. for life, if that was my daughter she ran over, there would be no stopping me from running her down………

    • Amen,
      Never forget .. Who cares if they keep posting about Marci.. maybe the fxxken court system would show some balls and get some justice done. she needs to be held accountable who cares what thread.. skateboarders. seems along the same line to me.
      people who run over anything without stopping need to be held for what they did.

  • Yesterday as I enterd Eureka from the North, a group of homless people were split on either side of 4th. On one side was a homeless man with an unleashed dog. His dog crossed the street in heavy traffic to join the group on the other side. A teenage homeless kid, walked out into 4th, and stopped all traffic so that his wheelchair bound friend could cross 101, at 5 pm! The intersection and crosswalk where 30 feet away!

  • So many folks getting ran over I’m such a short period of time. What the f**k is going on!?

  • For one thing the way the eureka city traffic control grid is set up its confusing and frustrating for motorists to navigate then Couple that with the amount of people in congested areas not using crosswalks and darting across the street is formula for disaster. But to hit and run is something completely different and intolerable. Prayers to this young lady for a full recovery and justice be done to those who ran.

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