‘Keep the green…green, Know what I mean?’ Says Letter to the Editor (Videos)

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This letter (poem) to the editor contained videos of two different empty marijuana gardens on the same piece of property. The person who sent this in isn’t against growing marijuana but is against trash and against soil scraped of all vegetation running off into waterways.

You’re filling out permits

And paying lots of green,

You’re filing for exemptions 

And keeping your dot green,

You’re working really hard

And growing lots of green,

And you’re making so much green

That I find it obscene

You don’t take the time to finish

Cleaning up your scene!

Keep the green…green,

Know what I mean?



  • Green growers, I think not.
    We need to be stewards of our lands.

  • These people are the problem! No respect for the land, no common decency to clean up after them selves. I could submit several of these videos myself by walking around a few of my neighbors places. Ive seen scenes like this right up against a creek w trash spilled ng into creek. This is what’s ruining it for everyone else. What do we do? Turn in our neighbors? That’s hard to stomach. But it’s also hard to stomach the trashing of our environment, our watersheds and our way of life as growers. They are ruining it for the people who are doing things right. I’m sick of it.

    • “What do we do? Turn in our neighbors?” Yes.

      • roads paved with fools gold

        To be honest they aren’t your neighbors. They’re so deep into their grows they’re probably not even aware you exist. You simply occupy some space in the vicinity. You have no connections to them, and they have none with you either. They make money hand over foot and you’d think think they could hire some lackey with a flatbed once a week to make a couple dump runs. A guy could make a fortune on the side doing such.

      • Black Rifles Matter

        Turn them in to the water board or EPA. That hurts way more than a visit from the local sheriff.

    • There are plenty of non-growers who have junk yard properties too. Rusting cars, exposed used oil, batteries discarded everywhere, heaps of rubbish and much much more.

      • Black Rifles Matter

        Ya, but they don’t make hundreds and thousands of dollars a season of a crop. I don’t disagree with messy properties in town needing cleaned up but comparing large scale commercial grows to poor people in town generally on welfare is just dumb. Cmon really??

        • No it isn’t. Your suggesting then that ones financial level be used as a scale for enforcing the law. So because a person has less income than another the person with less income should be exempt or excused from obeying the law? That my friend makes little to no sense. Cmon really??

          • The poor folks with the trashy yard is likely due to years of living there with out the means to fix a car or haul something to the scrap yard. I agree with having a clean spot. But these grows either haul or pay to have hauled all this stuff into the property in one year. Don’t you think with that type of resources they could focus on hauling stuff out after they made their money.

  • Chris from mckinleyville

    It looked cluttery…..but it wasn’t like terrible..tarps and dep tarps just left on the ground…they could’ve folded those up and saved them…guys if you think thats bad you haven’t seen sh**…I’ve seen a lot worse..I agree run a tight scene,but it didn’t look like too big a scene either..no structures or places to put stuff…probably a rough job…workers are ready to get out of there…on another note you seem to be trespassing on their land..I’m sure the video alone will scare the slobs into cleaning up!!you could have warned them,that might have got it cleaned up (before you went to the law)..I give it a 5 on a 10 scale..grows are messy just nobody sees them..just like peoples houses…few dump runs their back in it..love thy neighbor..talk to them about it man to man..

    • Soil flows don’t bother you? Battery sitting out in the rain?

      • Not arguing about the mess but it looks like high winds and rain played a good part The battery would be the same sitting in your truck or shed as long as it’s upright

        • Considering how vicious the wind and rain have been this winter I was thinking the same thing.

          • Black Rifles Matter

            You are going to blame the mess on the wind???? Face palm. Wow. How about clean it up before the wind and critters make it worse. Blaming a mess on the weather is just mind boggling to me.

            • Take a breath and read again, played a part. Yes I Agee it’s a disgusting mess I would be pissed if they were my neighbors, obviously if it was cleaned up properly to begin with it wouldn’t be on here. Black rifles do matter!

            • Not “blaming” the mess on the wind, but instead I watched the video and made an obvious observation that a big part of the mess shown is wind-blown plastic sheeting.
              I also observed that you contradict yourself by disagreeing that some of the mess was caused by wind ( so much that you give a “face slap” and are Wowed in disbelief) , then you say “How about clean it up before the WIND…….makes it worse.”

    • It’s representative of greedy, sloppy practices. All this plastic gets destroyed if it’s left out all winter. You can’t pay someone to tidy up and put things away? Throw it all away and buy more plastic crap next year? That is the problem. Most people don’t even bother taking it to the dump, they just throw it over the side and then buy more.
      It shows the difference between people who care about the land and people who are in it for a greasy buck. It’s shameful, the disrespect for the land.

  • Wonder if someone could take the artisan/craft/Humboldt-magic angle to an admirable high by growing and marketing a plastic-free product. The old-school, earth-friendly, labor-of-love intensive kind. “This herb was produced using all natural materials and soils… water hauled in metal or wood buckets, or piped via the same elemental materials; fertilized with kitchen compost and resident chicken manure; planted directly in the ground, after early stages in pots of terra cotta (or local blue-clay pots, fired in the wood stove). All mulch made of vegetative matter, or seashells. Any materials not produced on-site delivered by horse, goat, pit-bull cart, or bicycle. Product delivered to consumer by solar-generated electric drone…” Oh wait, there’s gotta be plastic in the drone, so… carried by locally-trained and -housed falcons.
    Marketing labels, etc., of local plant dyes on hemp paper–beautifully illustrated and lovingly described. Something to ponder and vibrate in sync with, while enjoying the heightened sensitivities of being under the influence of this eco-holy herb.
    Cost: Astronomical. Nice return on a lyrical, plastic-free, small-scale summer adventure.
    Or maybe that’s just a Portlandia episode.

    It’s the plastic that depresses me the most about the scenes such as portrayed in these videos. Heck, until just recently, growers wouldn’t take this kind of crap to the dump/recycling even if they had the conscience to… someone might suspect they were growers! Lol, the paranoia would be hilarious if it weren’t so destructive.

    • Pit bull carts 😂Yes the plastic is terrible and not really necessary. In my opinion, we need to specialize in full sun seed grown outdoor, which doesn’t require any lighting, and very little plastic. Maybe a greenhouse for starts and some plastic pots for starts, and trellising plastic. Peat moss (potting soil) is something we could really do without.
      If people stopped depping there would be way less blighting greenhouses and plastic tarps, less generators humming in the hills, less idiots pulling tarps driving around filling up gas cans all the time.

    • I’ve been here for a lot of years, and am having a hard time with the new Humboldt.The loss of fishing alone should clue people in to the total destruction of complete watersheds, that used to hold steelhead,king,and silver salmon and also trout. All people involved should be rounded up and made to answer,also the county,and state leaders that allowed it.

  • Easy money, easy people. Go do some more drugs and buy a big ass pickup. Jesus.
    This is why we need corporate cannabis farms outside Yuba City and in Knight’s Landing… Ones that don’t require 50 million lbs of Potting soil stashed in Willits…

    • Too bad Humboldt County has so many folks who love money and hate the planet they live on…

      • Black Rifles Matter

        I agree with everything you said, except the big ass pickup comment. Lots of people I know locally and elsewhere in the western us. have very large lifted trucks and are definitely not growers and not involved in the trade. Us Rednecks like our trucks big and lifted as well for different reasons and are still good stewards of land. I’m really not trying to stir the pot, and I totally I understand your comment because the grow dozer stereotype is definitely real. Anywhere else they are just called redneck trucks. Anywho, I do agree with your point of view I just don’t like stereotyping someone just by the vehicle they drive. God bless have a wonderful day.

  • Same old same old

    My next door neighbors place looks like this only add a washer and dryer, some trailers, piles of garbage bags, pots strewn about, looks like a cyclone went through the place. They don’t live there, it’s just a grow , but I get to look at it every day. Fuck these kinds of growers, a plague on the county.

  • You’ll find that majority of these people marketing “craft” “sustainable” “farms” all live like white trash pigs and could be defined as clinically delusional. Humboldt has NO chance in a legal market. Shitty image, shity product and a shitty history. Not to mention Humboldt might as well be on the moon when it comes to doing legitimate business. Listen, half these fuckers are too lazy to even go to the dump let alone figure out how to run a business in a extremely competitive market. White Trash Inbreds is what made Humboldt interesting, not “sustainability”. I’ll keep charging them $200 a hour for my opinion though, lol!

  • Looks like the protest site at standing rock thousands of tons of garbage left behind by the suppose people trying to protect our environment Ha ha ha stupid liberals

  • What about those Greenhouses in the EEL river in philipsville ? Where The Hell Is Fish And Game ?

    • Fish & game only goes after the places that will pay, $ $ $ fish & game is just the police arm of the EPA. They love to fine people and collect the funds from the people that have the money. and they are more greedy than the lazy growers. but they do it for the Government and appear whitewash but are dead inside.

  • They did this on my land last year. I was out of state caring for my ill mother until she passed in the fall. Have a clean wilderness-style scene w/ 40 or so holes. Very nice hippy-style woman referred by a friend was leaving an abusive marriage with her child and said she was experienced, needed something safe, houseless and etc so I fell for it. Offered her my spot and trailer and very generous terms. Classic predator set-up! She was fronting for a psychopathic dude fresh to the area who blew up the scene, blew up my generator and pump, abused the neighbors and left behind piles of trash I’m still cleaning up. I blew it but… Who are these people?! They are still arriving on the green rush of selfish greed that has been advertised across the country. They come here because we make it easy on them and we even protect them! Screw this! Turn them in. Make them leave. Keep them out. They are not our neighbors or our friends. They suck.

  • All growers are capitalist pigs

  • Looks like every grow in Trinity Pines.

  • Compliance does also mean keeping it clean just fyi. No green dots for environmental disasters guy.
    Unlike the guy above the redway landslide who should have cleaned up that ugly mess, cover beds and pots and make things look clean, organized, neat and unquestionably respectable over all, especially in such an easily accessible spot.

    • This is a question I have for you newbies… why all the grow bags and potting soil? Our native soil is usually totally workable, with some exceptions (too much rock, blue clay, etc) Even red clay mountain soils are excellent with some organic matter added. I see these grow sites in riverbed loam with grow bags and potting soil in them. How stupid is that?! If you do need dirt, don’t use potting soil, get real dirt from Wes green or where ever, it’s way better long term and is local. Do you know that peat moss is trucked in from Canada, where it’s mined unsustainably? That’s a big carbon footprint! Learn how to be farmers, and work the soil, or go be indoor growers somewhere else.

      • Soil fertility is dependent on microbial community,destroyed by over exploitation (grazing) and application of ammonia based fertilizer.even ocean being killed.you can’t see what you can’t see,or don’t want to see.

  • I’ve seen so much worse than these videos, from public roads not private property, the soil dump isn’t great but this is a lot cleaner than it could be

  • You can generally tell the quality of a person’s work by how neat they keep their work place. If they’re cutting corners like this, what else are they doing? I sure don’t want to smoke it.

  • A legitimate and permitted growing operation would never look like this. These guerrilla growers are disgusting and greedy slobs with zero dignity or respect for the earth or any life. Environmental crimes committed both at the individual level and the corporate level warrant harsh punishment – socially and legally. They are nothing but sewer scum.

    • That’s a little harsh. Sewer scum? If you aren’t permitted? How about this.. we police ourselves by turning in shitty neighbors and keep the fish and game and other fed and state agencies out of our woods? Maybe too late, but that’s the direction I’d like to see. These permits go against what humboldt has always been about. Be good people and good neighbors and good land stewards. Don’t let the pencil pushers on your land.

      • Emily, who you gonna turn them in to? The gubment? For what? To put them in jail? The reason why gubment needs to get involved via a permitting process is because the peeps do not know how to effectively po-lice themselves and many are simply flat-out ignorant or simply don’t give a shit about their impact on the environment. Besides…I would say punishment by a self-policing posse would be far more harsh than gubment punishing sewer scum. The tax revenues also contribute – hopefully not toward more cops (who you seem to prefer – “just turn them in”), but instead, a better economy and maybe resulting in compensation toward those who are affected by the negative impacts of the sewer scum.

        • I can tell you don’t know much about how this economy works. Paying for permits is going to help us have a better economy? Think it through a little more.
          Very few growers I know are sewer scum, mostly just dumb kids(the new ones) and some are really cool people.
          I don’t like the idea of turning people in, I’m just wrestling w what to do about the problem. Self policing, sounds good but I’m not going to be a vigilante. Trying to keep it 1st world as possible. Did you say gubmint? Where have I heard that before 🤔

          • Emily, what economy are you talking about? The underground economy or the legitimate economy? You speak for yourself…but you may be the exception. Perhaps the assholes ruin it for people like you – but tough luck – this is why there must be government regulation. You obviously don’t like “gubment” but talk about turning peeps in. Such a dichotomy in your head – WTF? Self pol-licing would most definitely turn vigilante or result in excesses that negatively impact people in general – because there is zero accountability. The cop shootings and beatings are bad enough, but I would bet that the general public lynch mob would be far worse. Just the same, don’t you think accountability applies to those private businesses in cannabis making a profit? Ever hear of spill-over effects? What do you think a super-fund site is? (google it). Or do you think medical/recreational cannabis is an exception to the rule? From what I understand, labor is highly exploited in this industry. So there you have it: exploited labor and exploited environment (which is what the poem is about). It’s capitalism run amok. This is why “gubment” needs to be involved, because people in general do not have the organizing or staying power of “self policing”. Get real Emily, it ain’t gonna happen, too many people don’t think like you in your perfect idea of what you want to see. I’m very well versed in the Keynesian School of Economics. I believe that the gubment (Note: your spelling is different from mine – and I’m spelling and talking about gubment with “tongue in cheek”) in this part of California is very well equipped to legitimize the entire industry. Furthermore, legitimization will benefit everyone – not just the growers. Seeing how medical/recreational MJ is now largely legalized, and the feds give the rights to the states for self government (google the word “federalism”), I would say that the local government who hires an array of professionals schooled in many aspects of environmental planning are well equipped and competent to help growers come into being “green”, and the local economic development board will help you brand your own claims to green. The whole “grassroots” green thing is a thing of the past. And your “consultants” don’t give a shit about you – they are like you and only want to make a profit. No more “mom and pops” just looking to make an annual living at a modest wage. The marijuana robber barons have ruined if for those good people. Hopefully HumCo can keep the industry more boutique in this area – but I’m telling you that Corps are creeping in and you mom-and-pops biz’s better start getting creative and specializing your yumminess – adapt or die. Welcome to the competition of America! Back to government oversight and environmental protection – the green-rush is like the gold-rush, and if you have read your history books, you will see how the gold-rush has negative effects on the environment to this day with mercury and other chemicals used to extract the best of the best. The only way to address is it not by one little Emily squeaking on some obscure blog about how “so-and-so is not green”, but to actually get a bunch of paid environmental professional wonks together, who have no interest in making $ in the MMJ/RecMJ industry, and who are held accountable to keep their low-pay but highly interesting jobs. They are interested in preserving the environment by helping growers come into environmental compliance and stay in compliance. They are not interested in busting growers – but to those growers who fuck with the natural environment, I hope they have a damn good lawyer who can justify their actions. Soon – environmental crimes will result in super inconvenient prison sentences (oh darn…there goes the private prison industry on another bent). In any casey, YUM! I can taste/smell that gubment legitimized clean green now. PHHHHHT! PUFFF! EXHALE! ahhhhhh….

    • Cristal gives energy,pot makes lethargic.

  • Now people have to hire security guards to keep snoops off their property while they haul a load to the dump, run errands, pick up their hired workers for the week, recoup from surgery, tend to their ailing family member, help their neighbor clean up after a severe wind storm, or any scenario that is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS?
    Wow. Just wow.
    In the old days, neighbors helped neighbors during times of need. Storm season is usually a clue of a need.
    Socialist country, forcing others to do the things YOU refuse to do. Forcing others to pay for YOUR lazy ass hateful spiteul no good for nothing disrespectful planet hating people hating scumbags.

  • It’s not that hard to pick up after yourself. It’s being fuckin lazy,stoned and not giving a shit!! We did it for years. You could drive in to our place and see a house with a clean yard,garden etc:. It’s all about how much you care and respect your LAND!PLEASE BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER

  • meh. this is clearly a lease. im sure the owner made enough to pay someone for a few dump runs.

    the soil over the hillside is unfortunate.

  • Soil overexploited,microbial community destroyed by ammonia based fertilizers.land owned by rich.dead zones created in oceans.no love of sterile land.restore soil and fish . phytoplankton as fertilizer siezes co2 from air and puts carbon in soil.free massive inlandsea deposit at 23°17’42″N102°20’24″W.

  • Way to go California for legalization, stupid people shouldn’t vote.

  • DumpTrumptheChump

    This is a disgusting way to treat the environment!

  • You people are increadible. You jump on any opportunity you can find to criticize and critique this developing industry, as if you are all environmental scientists and expert large scale ag consultants. Every single person that lives in the Emerald Triangle bennifits either directly or indirectly from the cannabis industry. Most of you “environmentalists” had your day in the sun in the 80’s and 90’s and left a permanent footprint for future generations to clean up and out of the woods around these parts. What I see more anything on this thread, and others like it, is a bunch of people with nothing better to do than talk about other people’s business. Industry is ugly. Every industry has an ugly side. Your jealousy and fear mongering will always have a home on threads like this, but in the real world, this community is economically dependent on cannabis farmers. The environmental speculation that has become the norm for prospective cannabis farmers in northern CA is unprecedented for any agraculture industry anywhere. My advice, fight your own personal battle and do your part to save the planet by conscientiously changing you own personal methods of consumption, waste reduction and environmental impact, and stay the f*uck off of your neighbors property. You will find trouble everywhere you look, if that’s what you’re looking for. From the car you drive, the food you eat, to the shoes on your feet, we are all part of the problem. Shaming people for tarps and poly waterline on the ground is absolutely ludicrous.

    • Not really bc we will have to live with the trash for years while people like you come and go. We value our woods and wildlife. I’m not against industry but there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. If people would do things right we wouldn’t have all the attention we have now. You are ruining it for us. Get it now?

    • you must be joking

      people person. never mind these jerks. just a bunch of old hippies that time forgot. didnt have a clue then and dont have one now. no one cares what they think or say so thery come these blogs and yak about stuff they know nothing about.

  • I’m going to go out on a limb here with a sexist remark… which is that these look like “dude” grow scenes to me. What the heck is wrong with these slobs? No sense whatsoever of cleaning up after themselves, putting trash in the right place, giving the scene a good vibe. Seriously, these operations need the woman’s touch. Just one more thing wrong with a male-dominated industry… the fact that the guys are so willing to work in and leave behind a big pile of crap.

  • My husband and I run a bedding plant nursery. When a storm is coming we run around securing all pots, flats, trash cans, etc..and after the storm we clean up. The weather has been intense this year, we lost the plastic on a couple of greenhouses, but we cleaned them up as well as possible as it was happening, then we’ve been anxiously waiting for a break in the weather to fix them (finally!). All this while running a business, managing employees, cranking out millions of plant starts a year, fixing work trucks, and all on a budget from that big broccoli and lobelia money. This industry uses plastic and hoses and all the stuff you see on the ground here, but it’s not that hard to clean as you go or when you’re shutting down for the season, just prepare wisely and check for damages after storms. Easy!

  • They might be Mexican nationals or people not from the United States running the grow.
    They don’t care about the environment, draining water sheds, and using poisonous chemical fertilizers that run off in the creeks. This looks like one of those grows.
    The problems caused by Mexican cartels here have been ongoing for years. California residents will vote to legalize recreational use of the drug in our state, known as Proposition 64, in November. Former Facebook president and billionaire Sean Parker has given $2.5 million towards the effort for legalizing pot.
    If we can get pro legalized by the federal government, the large corporate growers will take over and will have to abide by the EPA, and other agencies.

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