‘Spooky’, One Half of Duo That Allegedly Fired a Pellet Gun at Children Yesterday, Out on Bail

Left to Right: Reuben Manuel Perez and Timothy Scott Ramirez

Left to Right: Reuben Manuel Perez aka Spooky and Timothy Scott Ramirez aka Tim.

Yesterday afternoon, five children playing in the woods near Bowie Road not far from the Bear River Casino claim that they were shot at by two men. (See links to the story and photos of the chase and capture of the suspects below.) One of those two men is out on bail already.

According to Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, the weapon likely used in the alleged shooting was a pellet gun.

Swithenbank said that the children, the oldest of whom was about 10 years old, “were hanging out in the woods behind their homes” when they believed they were fired upon. “Three shots were fired,” he explained. “They said they could hear the pellets hitting the brush around them.”

Reuben Perez

Reuben Perez

Sgt. Jesse Taylor who interviewed the children was able to ascertain, according to Swithenbank, that there was “no actual firearm other than a pellet gun used.”

The pellet gun was not located.

One of the suspects, Timothy Ramirez is being held without bail. The other, Reuben Manuel Perez, aka Spooky, made bail and left the jail before 2 p.m. today.

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  • Look at our upstanding citizens. Kinda make you proud to like in Etweekersville…

  • Pellet gun is a gun. They can kill you. And taking shots at kids yesterday,out today isn’t life fuckin great😣

    • Shooting at kids either bullets or pellets to me are the same and they have no reason shooting at children

    • Years ago(40 +) in the mattole valley a little girl was accidentally shot and killed by her brother with a pellet gun. The pellet passed between her ribs and pierced her heart ( a tragedy for everyone ) Yes Pellet guns can kill people.

    • Even if you put it right up to your eye, there is almost no chance that a pellet gun could kill you. I use a high powered pellet gun to hunt upland game.

      • hmm Prove it. [edit]

      • HMMMM .. You hunt game with it.. But put it up to your eye and there is almost no chance a pellet could kill you !! I AGREE with Bill Nye.. Are you really that ignorant ?
        The pellet gun my best friend owns shoots at 1200 ft per second.. Faster than the 900 ft./sec of his .22 pistol..[edit]

  • can’t we send all these repeat offenders to southern California, it’s there votes that passed prop 47…better yet Jerry Brown’s neighborhood..it’s just a revolving door, can’t it be repealed. so sick of this system that just slaps their hands, but if we defend ourselves or family we can be prosecuted, it’s ridiculous. California needs some serious reform

  • I bet his citizen ship was not even checked .what did the other guy do to get no bail Warrent. They both committed the crime they should be equally charged the same .,so the other guy ramirez really must have done some really bad crime .It’s guys like that make one want to pack at all times these days.

  • I could just hear this brain trust working through this plan. “Let’s see we both are repeat offenders wanted on warrants what is the stupidest thing we can do? Uhhh, I dunno, shoot at some minors with a pellet gun?”

  • Double tap for both! I’ll buy…

  • How did the girls know their names? If they knew spooky by that name it must of been more then a random encounter.

  • A very good friend of mines kid was shot with a pellet gun at Eureka High a few years back. He lives with the scar and his surgery every day. A pellet gun is just as deadly as any other weapon

  • What can we do as citizens to change the prop 47 &57?
    This is out of control and I for one am f’ing fed up!!!!

    • Forget prop 47 & 57. Get our DA and judges to start prosecuting people for the crimes they commit. Humboldt has been a “poor me” county for too long. For years, our ‘mommy’ liberals have been excusing people for being criminals saying they are victims of child upbringing; in reality, they are criminals that need to be incarcerated. Humboldt courts are proving they don’t care about the good people of Humboldt, and Arcata wants to become a sanctuary city??? ! This county will soon see good people moving away to get away from the lack of justice.

      • Generalize much? Sigh. Blind leading the blind again. When the Dems say ‘Fine- lets raise taxes so we can build even MORE prisons’, how does the GOP vote? NO! NEVER! So easy to say “Throw ’em in prison!”. But you wont pay for it! If you think some prop is the cause of all your problems, call your reps. Have you?

        • A fat lot of good prisons have done so far!!! It matters not how long they stay behind bars, when they come out they go right back to whatthey know how to do best!!! Breaking laws is a lot easier than finding a job after being convicted of a Felony!!!

  • Wow! It sure feels like only In HUMBOLDT can you get away with this shit. Let’s hope with all the folks going legit it runs all the others outta here!!!

  • Which judges give bail like this? Name please?

  • Chris from mckinleyville

    If it was just a pellet gun…then that’s just what it was a PELLET gun…..I don’t remember missing too much with mine when I was a kid…maybe they were just trying to scare the kids…didn’t they shoot multiple times??not condoning the behavior by any means but this seems to be a common sense,intelligence issue mixed with drugs (meth)…probably had a long night at the casino..😈😈

  • What the f@ck???? We need a tent city. Cheap to build, just use military surplus. A nice jail is not needed. This is not draconian, its smart and efficient. Judges need to stop placing low bail amounts. Make them work. Are there laws against work crews? What is the hold up with implementing a plan like this?

    What a POS! Shooting kids with a pellet gun. “spookie” better hope these kids don’t have a parent that wants to teach him a lesson. F@cking junkies and tweekers suck! I could care less if you do drugs. I could care less how wasted you get or even if you fall over dead. Just keep your shitty life to yourself. Stay in your own lane. Leave people out of your madness. [edit]

  • It seems to me that Bear River is getting more ,and more crime going on up there.

  • I have to think that there has been a misunderstanding. I really don’t believe these guys intentionally shot a pellet gun towards kids. I wonder if there was even a pellet gun at all. From the description it sounds like the kids said they HEARD pellets. It’s entirely possible they exaggerated the story. I can relate to that remembering when I was 10. I know these aren’t really great guys, but they may very well be accused of something that didn’t happen.

  • Tim is my friend n he has changed if he let this go down I’m so disappointed n the other one has always been a lame n know that he pulls guns on women so this action don’t surprise me they need more then jail or prison for this

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