Predicted Temperature Drop Opens Extreme Weather Shelter Again Tomorrow

Food being prepared for those staying in the shelter at the Veteran’s Hall before it had to be moved. [Photo provided by Lois Cordova]

Though predicted snow in the mountains means chilly temperatures in town tonight, the drop in Garberville isn’t expected to reach the 32 degrees needed for the Extreme Weather Shelter to open. However, tomorrow evening the expected 31 degrees allows the Shelter to  open at the Presbyterian Church in Garberville.

Those in need will be offered a hot dinner, a warm place to sleep and breakfast the following morning. Anyone wishing to receive help should go to the Community Presbyterian Church on Maple Lane in Garberville between 6 and 9 p.m.




  • GOD BLESS YOU all!😇

  • Clearly more pandering to the low life scum. For any person to gain admission to emergency shelter that person should have to bring in the body of a person who has recently died from hypothermia.

    Trump these bums.

  • Me, as well, Kym.

  • Actually I was satirizing, or at least attempting to, the whole concept that people should not be afforded shelter because the weather has only reached 34 degrees F. Why “providers” should fail/refuse to offer some modicum of warmth until the temperature falls to freezing or below is beyond me. Presumably the rationale is that below freezing people freeze, e.g., die of hypothermia. Perhaps I should muzzle my reaction to the patently ironic.

    Please accept what degree of apology you find appropriate.

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