Needle Rock Road Closed

Slide on a dirt road

[Photo by Carla Thomas]

Hikers and visitors to the Lost Coast please be aware that Needle Rock Road, south of Shelter Cove, is closed by a slide. In the slide which came in last Friday is a large rootball which will impede cleanup. The slide is about 1/3 of the way down the road to Needle Rock. The road could be closed for weeks. Please check before heading out that way by calling (707) 247-3318.



  • KYM is there a host at the visitor center at needle rock, if so are they stuck on the other side.

  • Hi Kim. thanks for this report. Do you know if Carla is stuck down there? And do you know if the slide happened a week ago or today? I am one of the camp hosts at Needle Rock and can help with support for her and Needle rock? I have emailed her as well but cell reception is spotty down there. Thanks for your time and amazing reporting! It is much appreciated.

  • I was the host there for the month of March from ’87 to ’94 and one of those years a slide closed the road for three weeks. It was great. If you gotta be stuck somewhere it’s a great place to be stuck. I had a friend bring supplies to the slide once and that was it. Good to go. No cell phone or email down there at that time. Just sublime peace.

  • Cant wait to get stuck there. What a sweet place.

  • Alls well at Needle Rock. Thanks for all the concerns and well wishes. Hello to hosts. Visitor Center staffed throughout closures. Those who wanted to reach hosts have succeeded. Rangers on hand when needed. Will post when road clears. Thanks Kym

  • Isn’t that Bear Harbor Road?

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