‘Tim and Spookie’ Arrested; Investigation Continues Into Allegations of Shots Fired Towards Children

Left to Right: Reuben Manuel Perez (Spookie) and Timothy Scott Ramirez (Tim)

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Thursday, February 23, 2017 at about 1448 hours, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to Bowie Road, Loleta for a report of possible shots fired. The female juvenile victim reported two male suspects only known as Tim and Spookie fired shots towards her and 4 of her friends. The victim was able to provide a vehicle description associated with the suspects. Victims and her friends were uninjured.

While enroute to the incident location a vehicle matching the description was observed by deputies traveling near Tompkins Hill. Two occupants were observed in the vehicle. Once deputies caught up to the vehicle at Broadway 76 in Eureka a traffic stop was initiated. Suspect vehicle failed to yield and a vehicle pursuit began. The pursuit traveled South on Highway 101 and ended at EZ Landing RV Park, King Salmon, where the occupants then fled on foot.

California Highway Patrol and Eureka Police Officers arrived at EZ Landing RV Park to assists deputies in locating the two suspects. After searching the area Reuben Manuel Perez, age 32 was taken into custody. The second suspect entered a mobile home in EZ Landing RV Park and a perimeter was set up. With verbal commands deputies were eventually able to convince the suspect to come outside where he was taken into custody without incident. The second suspect was identified as Timothy Scott Ramirez, age 47.

Perez and Ramirez were both arrested and booked at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. Perez was booked on two felony warrants and resisting arrest. Perez bail was set at $15,000. Ramirez was booked on a felony warrant, evading a peace officer, resisting arrest and possession for sale of controlled [substance] Ramirez is being held without bail. This case is still under investigation.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Earlier Chapter: Deputies Responding to Report that Shots Were Fired at a Child; High Speed Pursuit



  • Could be anything

    What is for sale of a controlled sustain? Is it suppose to read substance? Mistakes happen

  • The expression on the guys face to the right looks like he’s going to finish the job when he gets out. Dudes expression on the left looks like “man, I should’ve never gotten into the car with this crazy sob!”
    Why would two men shoot at a 10 year old? I’m curious.

  • Reuben Perez is a piece of shit. Heroin junkie. Send his ass back to prison. Spooky because he is afraid of everything. [edit]

  • I know Tim and he would never do any thang to harm children’ what alot of people dont care to know about is most convicts have rules and protecting kids is up there .. in jail u or prison a adult that hurts kids or even teens in fact will be beating stab or even killed by other inmates

    • I’ve heard this before and I call bullshit. If they cared so fucking much about kids welfare they wouldn’t do things to get put in prison where they cannot do a damn thing to protect kids. They will beat up some child molester after the fact and claim righteousness, pretending they did something just when all they actually did is further purge their own violent tendencies.

      • Angie do u think probation is enough for a child molester? Do I think 5 years in prison is enough? they don’t even get five years. Dope dealers are punished Harder than someone who sexually hurts children. Personally I don’t believe sitting in a cell well being fed n housed for free is enough.[edit] So Angie let us know ur secret to catching the pedophiles before they commit these acts. As for these allegations against spooky and Tim I have my own assumption I’ll comment on down below

    • I call bullshit on the gunfire towards the kids. It makes absolutely no sense.

  • I already said what I thought earlier,and I got deleted

  • Makes me wonder if the kids were just standing on his lawn. The off duty cop in Anaheim did it why can’t everyone right?
    No I’m being factious… BUT I have heard nothing but negative things about both these people over the years. Some things never change.

  • Glad it wasn’t my kids they were shooting at. Their are places where they would cut the hand off,so they could never shoot again. If jail doesn’t scare them maybe that would.Or eye for an eye. I heard that phrase my whole life.crazy times

  • Wonder why there is no charges about the main reason why LE were called out in the first place I mean even if it wasn’t an attempted murder charge for shooting at a group of children, you would think there would atleast be an Unlawful Discharge of aWeapon. Wouldn’t you think? There must be something more to this story some where, and a $15,000 bond! He shouldnt have one at all. For God’s sake, the 911 call was that these men were SHOOTING AT CHILDREN!!! Let the courts figure it out, but I really would not want a MAN suspected of SHOOTING at a child, not a teenager, a young child, back out on the streets… Anyway, just my opinion…

  • These two had felony warrants out on them ,they confronted two young girls with a gun and led police on a high speed pursuit, endangering, who knows how many other adults and children.
    low dawg you stick up for one of them, your’e no better than they are. Stick with the people you know and you’ll end up in prison along side of them..
    And by the way, they both seem spooky.

  • What did they shoot with? Firearm? Airgun? Paintball? Slingshot? Did I miss that or does the story not state it?

  • I don’t care what race, creed, or color they are, an outlaw is an outlaw! With those pointed ears, I think they might be related to the devil. We are seeing more and more lawlessness and violence involving controlled substances. It looks like our #1 problem for years with alcohol addiction and the problems it creates is being challenged by our substance abuse drug problems. Check out “booked”, on Lost Coast Outpost and you will see the trend. These seem to be trying times we are now living in. I hope we can find a way to get a handle on all these major problems we are all facing.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Never even allow your children to know someone named spookie…

    Let them build the wall before being kicked out of the country, regardless of where they are born.


    • 😂😂🖕

    • Even if they aren’t from Mexico?
      Your venom & your ignorance are an embarassment

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump


        All convicted criminals need to be deported to Mexico, it’s been going on with our side…

        Why not empty our jails into mexico after they complete the wall and the minefield is intact?

        Why pay for criminals when they can live on the other side of the wall in Mexico?

        Only makes sense, plus mexico has done that for 50 years… Why not return the favor?

        Deport criminals, use helicopter gunships to arrest growers, and make The Triangle a place to raise children again.

        • Again, you are pushing the boundaries into advocating violence. I will delete you and then ban you if you don’t stop.

          • Honeydew Bridge Chump

            Not advocating violence, Miss Kemp…

            Merely suggested all convicted criminals labor, building a wall along the Mexican border- and when it’s completed they are tossed over the other side of that wall and are on their own.

            Never advocate violence- just seems like a great way to reduce jail population and rebuild communities that are once again places to raise children.

            Deporting convicted criminals isn’t violent, it’s a positive move towards raising children in a safe, healthy environment.

            Monetization of the wall via paid interweb log on control, would be regulated, purchase of an insurance policy, and a credit rating would be mandatory.

            Infiltrators would be criminals and subject to the same standards as a traffic stop.

            You’ve seen the last 30 years go by….

            You imagined today’s issues and are fine with today, compared to a time that was fantastic for raising children?

            It’s long been out of hand with non vested people tearing down a vision.

            This nonsense began with butterfly julia , and what is there to show?

            Track suits, bull dozers, soil in trucks, and children with the short end of the stick?

            I’ve seen too much violence as a young man in 1990 to advocate that, I am supportive of deportations over the wall into Mexico.

            You’re awesome, Kym- but the communal hippie stuff ended when Jerry went, took me awhile to see it, but it’s there.


        • You delusional right wing fool! The wall is a lie. There will never be such a law as Trump proposes.

          • Honeydew Bridge Chump

            Your drum circle is a lie, even a rip off of a culture you exploit- one that blazed trails so you can bulldoze and dry out wild trout.

            That wall will be built by your type, and on completion- keep your type in Mexico if you’re convicted of a crime.


  • Why did a 10 yr old child call 911, where are the childs parents. They should have placed the call, somethings off with this story……..

    • Tired of the crime

      Because they did the right thing. A ten year old is smart enough to do so. I’m sure they called their parents right before/after

    • Yes of course it is I know Tim and he’s a good guy he has kids and grand kids and loves kids ya what kinda him or firearms anyway? And where we’re the parents why did a 10 year old make such a call we’re the mothers?

  • Perez appears to be your typical “Mouth Breather” judging by his gaping jaw in the mug shot!!!

  • Come on folks. Don’t you know that Spooky is Casper’s cousin?

  • There parents probably owe dope money ,and they threatened the kids .to intimadate the parents,and these scum bags will stop to at nothing to collect there dope money this is.just a theory .that’s why no parents they were hiding .just one more thing .how is it that the kids knew there names ?

    • Awesome theory
      I’m thinking these guys were arguing over which kid was whose. So in their junkie father duty, disobeying restraining orders, they had to know.

    • Good theory at least u are thinking outside the box and not accepting a story that makes no sense. But I believe it is the opposite. I believe the accused probably did the parents of these children wrong at some point. Prob robbed them or burnt them. And these ppl (watch how right I end up being) told their children what they needed them to call 911 and say. A lot of ppl ask why the child called? My guess is they didn’t want to be labeled as a “rat” therefore they’re prob in the dope game themselves. So these ppl possibly if thought far enough fire off shots in their backyard or out a bedroom window. The kids call and know exactly what to say. I mean how many 6-10 year olds are vigilant enough to notice a car driving down the street and see and identify both occupants? Usually four children in that age group are so engrossed in what each other are doing whether playing or telling stories etc.. after gunshots no kid would be calm enough to visually I’d the passenger let alone driver as well. I doubt the police believe the bs either and that’s why the charges haven’t been filed. They have enough to keep both men in jail pending outcome of investigation. What the parents of these kids didn’t realize is how close they are to the casino n I’m sure the casino has cameras pointing out that way and will gladly assist law enforcement in looking into an issue involving children’s safety. So what should happen to the parents who told the children to say this provided that it happened as I say? Everyone condemns these men without knowing what happened and nobody will say anything bad about those ppl watch.

      • Yeah I ageee I think you’ve got something there cause you’re right why did the kids call and why did they I’d them unless they knew them by first name basis or what yeah the parents set the whole thing up so clear to see now duh

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