Somebody’s Son Is Missing; Can you help?

Austin Cade Brown

Photo from two years ago.

A homeless man last called his mother the day after he got out of the Humboldt County Jail on December 13. She hasn’t heard from him since even though she has posted on social media and put up flyers.

Austin Cade Brown, age 42, is 5’8″ and 145 pounds. When last seen he had long hair and a panther tattoo on his abdomen.

According to his mom, when he called in December he told her that “a nice lady on the bus let him use her phone to call me. He was on his way to McKinleyville and would call in a couple of days.”

Brown had hung around the McKinleyville area for the last several years. So family and friends have put up posters in the area looking for him with no response. A Facebook page has been started with no positive results either.

Austin Cade Brown“Even though homeless he called me at least every 10 days or so,” his mom Vicki Anderson reports. “He has never failed to keep in touch as he knows I worry. No word over the holidays or his birthday.”

Anderson explained, “I am aware of the danger out there and wonder if he is hurt so that his mind is affected in some way. He tends toward depression and does drink, mostly why he ends up in jail.”

Anderson is desperate to find her son. If you can help, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.



  • I hpoe for a positive out come for thim mom and son prayers for the familie

  • It bothers me immensley that the jail has the revolving door for drunk in public violations. 6-8 hours to sober up and off you go to the liquor store across the street.
    Treatment is cheaper in the long run & less destructive for society & the individual.
    Does anyone care to add up the man hours for the police & jail staff to book & release the same people, day after day after day

    • The courthouse/jail has an expansion planned and it will include a rehab.

    • Quite a few names every day! Occasionally, two times in one day! The drinking is just as rampant as any other substance…if not more. Much more need for treatments for any/all.

      • We need competence from the agencies that we pay to help us.” If you’ll recall the incident that ended with a new year’s day murder of our priest, you learned, or should have learned, that the jail does not adequately assess whether behavior problems are the result of current intoxication, vs mental illness, vs pathology from recent drug use. Therefore, after the requisite number of hours, the detainee is released and wanders around until s/he is involved in more law enforcement contacts. In that particular case, Gary is not the only person who should have gone to trial. HCDHHS should also be on the stand and the HCSO would be their abettors.

        • Really? Even Bullock pulled the plug on his own defense. Is it because others shared his guilt, or did the last shred of his humanity left after years of dereliction and drug abuse rise for an instant?

    • I agree with you VF, but reality is that you can not force sobriety onto anyone that does not want it. Too many use our treatment programs as a revolving door tying up those resources for those that want it. They use it to get out of or reduce jail sentences, with no real desire to become sober. Once a person is ready to accept treatment and is willing to make changes, sobriety is do able. You have to be responsible for your own choices and make things happen. Hope he is located safe and ready for sobriety for his mother’s sake.

  • I agree with you veterans friend its exhausting just reading about it day after day but its like the old saying goes. “You can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink.” There’s lots of free treatment out there, like AA and NA. My condolences to the mother hopefully he’s ok and gets in touch with her soon.

  • Oh no,not again. I’m hoping for a good outcome.prayers to his family that he is found safe!!

  • is that a gang sign he’s flashing?

  • I pray she locates her son & he’s healthy & happy.

    • Tamara McCullough

      I am really concerned about this man, and really praying for him to be rescued from his lifestyle and cured of alcoholism miraculously! It does happen, but it is rare –that’s the way I found myself praying for him. I can’t even imagine what his mother is going through. I’ve had loved ones suffer and die this way. I pray she can keep her faith and continue to believe that he is safe and will return.

  • One has their own free will. And yes, there’s help. Betty chin center, etc. Not much in the way of rehab though. I feel very much for his mom. The worry, i can relate to. When kids are little there’s small problems. Adult children can have big problems. But I gotta say, I’m sick of perfectly healthy men, with no pride in work. I work with disabled adults, not one day do they give up, and they were not born perfectly healthy. So yes i feel for this worried sick mom, but her son made his own free will choices. Prayers.💖🙏

  • I hope he calls in soon. Hugs for Mom.

  • I know Austin. I knew him from 10-12 years ago and I saw him in Nov or Dec. December I think, in arcata, and we talked. I hope he’s ok too. I wish I could remember if it was before or after the 13th. He seemed the same that day, had been drinking, and friendly. I really wish I had more info.

  • Really? This mom is sick with worry about her missing son and you guys pick this time to judge him and others you think are user of the system. He has a problem he needs help and so does his mom right now! Not your judging and put down remarks. If you haven’t walked in his or her shoes you have no idea! I certainly hope someone who can help her locate her son reads the post and offers help instead of judgement.

  • Curiouser and curiouser

    Thanks for getting this story out there Kym!

  • P.A. White, I thought everyone was pretty hopeful and nice, wishing him well and prayers.

  • Sounds like a mom is in need of locating her son not all the other stuff you are judging on. I am sure we all are not perfect I know that I am not. One thing I know is that god forbid but if any one of my children I could not locate I would do everything in my power to have a safe return. Even if that’s things I woundnt be proud of. Maybe try to focus on the help this mothers asking for please put your self in her shoes. All she’s trying to do is be a mother and find her son. At least she cares and loves her son. There is countless mothers out there that don’t even know where their kids are and show no worries about them.

  • I am so sorry. I know what it is like to have your adult son missing, and be dismissed by police and other agencies because they are adults. I hope you hear something soon!

  • I believe he is on the purple route right now. Just got on at Target by The Mac. Wearing same clothes almost. But it looks like he is missing his teeth. And a lot more worn.

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