Twice in a Month, Man Arrested for Possession of Stolen Vehicle

David Allen RohrbachOnce just isn’t enough? Twice this month, David Allen Rohrbach, age 31, was arrested in possession of a stolen vehicle, according to Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

“Yesterday at about 4:45 p.m., Garberville deputies observed a stolen vehicle in the Redway area,” explained Taylor. “The vehicle proceeded onto Hwy. 101 from the Dean Creek on ramp.”

The deputy pulled over the vehicle which had been taken from the McKinleyville area at the Hooker Creek offramp and arrested Rohrback.

Taylor alleges that the man “was also found to be in possession of a small amount of suspected methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.”



  • They will never stop unless penalty is much stiffer.or something. Taking someone else’s property today doesn’t mean shit to them,it’s like a game. I’m just sick of it,sorry for my out burst.P.M.A. PARDON MY ATTITUDE

    • They will never stop no matter what the punishment. Drug addiction is a mental illness and needs to be treated as such. Jailing only prolongs the cycle. That’s why I always say “Kill them or treat them, there is no inbetween.”

      • Lock him up and let him bounce of the walls until he is clean and sober and wants to change his ways. If he gets in trouble again, lock him up for six years. If he dies of old age in jail, so what, at least our cars are safe, and he will be a lot healthier in the long run. Tough Love, or just plain tough. People are just about through caring about the loser’s problems.

        • I’m guessing there’s easier access to drugs in the pen then on the street. My guess is not all drugs get confiscated. Jailers look the other way to keep the peace. Locking these fools up does nothing to rehabilitate them. Unfortunately. We’re just going to have grin and bear it, until maybe one day the laws change and these assholes start losing limbs. Horse thieving sumbitches! Lol.

          • sharpen your pencil

            You guess wrong. If you are ignorant enough to believe what you stated you may need a mental health check. While yes there are drugs in prison, not nearly the amount that there is on the streets. Unfortunately I know many people that only stay clean as long as they are locked up, and only get back hooked when they get out….

            • He or she never stated there was more drugs in prison. just that its easier to access. prison life is about connections and survival. and guessing wrong is just your ignorant opinion, in my opinion. sure small town jails are easy to control. but the bigger prisons controlled by prison gangs not so much. in there they are the judge,jury and executioner. unfortunately. and unless you know the many people you commented about intimately. how do you really know? ive seen con vans that had drugs and needles stuffed in places only a complete tear down of the upholstery could you find them. literally put me in shock. but if theres a will theres a way. and they find a way.

          • The largest portion of drugs in prison are brought in by corrections officers. Padding their already high (starting pay around $70k) salaries.

        • I’m with you, Ernie. In the last 5 months I’ve had two vehicles totaled by hit and run drivers. I paid for the vehicles, I paid for the insurance, and now I’m left with two salvage title vehicles that will never be near as good as they were…and a LOT of hassle. I really do care about people, but I can’t keep taking these hits because they can’t bear to face their messes. I fear I’m getting jaded.

    • Oh god. How droll gramma. Read a study. Do some research. Educate yourself. Michael Moore even made it easy, see a movie. Its called Where do we invade next? If prisons worked, america would fucken be cured by now. We need jobs and schools before we need one more jail cell.

  • Guy can’t just buy a car at 31 years old?

  • Twice in one month should qualify for high bail and no ORO.

  • Lock his ass up and keep him locked up

  • Hope our county supts and judges see this and start doing something around here to protect the good people of Humboldt. This repeat offender crap is getting real old. No bail and locked up for a year.

  • forget the 2 stolen cars cars they need to arrest him for sporting that hair cut!!! now thats a crime.

  • My truck got stolen from mckinleyville and I recognize this guy from my neighborhood. Coincidence?

  • HEY! It’s nothing about 7 or 8 years in the big house wouldn’t fix. Either fix it, or while in check writing school he begins to think he now holds the edge, and picks up another GTA charge. THAT would more ‘n likely get him about 15 more years! Just what a nice upstanding member of the thug squad might need!

  • Right on the money Ernie. Post ( 2/22 @4:39 )

  • The thieves and criminals aren’t going to stop their ways until we as a society start taking these problems as a very serious issue.

    In Iran they use a machine to remove your fingers if you are proven to be a thief. When are we going to get tired of all these drug monkeys ruining our way of life and dictating how we have to live?

    Time to step up and make a stand. Unfortunately it probably won’t be solved by our local law enforcement alone.

  • Another poster boy for Soylant Green.

  • It’s it just humboldt or California? I know if you steal a car in Houston or New York or most any other state your going to fuckn JAIL!

  • If prop 47 had Not passed, this guy would of had to post bail. but as it is, no one read the damm proposition and all kinds of felonies turned into misdemeanors. stealing a car is not a violent crime, therefore my friends he gets to walk. The law needs to be repealed and Gov Moonbeam needs a shrink.

  • Time to fire up the crematorium

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    It’s time to empty the jails of convicted criminals, use their labor to build the wall, and deport them to Mexico when it’s completed.

    Sending all our criminals to Mexico, just makes sense.

  • Unfortunately locking them up doesn’t cure the addiction. Drug addiction is a disease and without help and the want to change jail will not help.

  • And it’s a short month…

  • Billboards should be rented and post photos of these parasites.

  • Did he steal it from jail? Wasn’t he in JAIL for stealing a car? How did he steal the second car?

  • I was only cought in one stolen car and I didn’t know it was stolen I had a bill of sale all I just bought it so if u will please stop dragging my name through dirt I would really appreciate it I am a working man who doesn’t need to steel anything thank you

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