Slide at French Creek on Hwy 299 Opens for More Hours

Heavy equipment on a slide

Heavy equipment working on the Big French Creek slide earlier this month. [Photo from Caltrans District 3]

Today Caltrans announced they are opening Hwy 299 at Big French Creek for additional times to local residents. According to the tweet posted about 4: 30 p.m., “Road is open 3 more times per day.”

Another tweet points out that this is all dependent on the weather but, as of today, the roadway through the slide will be open:

Morning: 5:30 am to 7:30 am
Single Opening: 10:00 am
Single Opening: 12:00 noon
Single Opening: 02:00 pm
Afternoon: 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Overnight: 6:30 pm to 5:30 am with 1-hour delays.

“Local residents now have more opportunities for daily tasks such as going to the postal office/medical appointments,” Caltrans tweets.



  • That one awesome photo!
    I hope when the ‘job’ is close to completion Caltrans (or the contractor) will share some of the story about how they assessed the situation and came up with the plans. I wonder how many tons/truckloads of hillside they’ve already moved and how much they’ll ultimately take away from the site.
    The size of the equipment really gives a good perspective on scale of the work. Looks like more terraces to be cut, if that’s what the lines of poles represents.

    • The plan is to have the highway open by the end of June. Then they will begin the real job of a permanent fix…. likely a bridge or two.

  • The contractor is a close family member of mine who’s name is Steven Manning, of Steven Manning Construction based out of Redding. Any job that they take on is no bullshit and they don’t mess around milking our government for years on end. Hard working and precision is his name of the game. If Caltrans needs it done asap they call on manning construction.

    • My compliments to Steven Manning….I watched the work that was done back in the early 80s on a road-closing slide on 299 west of Hawkins Bar. Watching the work being done while waiting to be let through…fascination at the scope of the work, respect for what was being done, and prayers that everyone is safe. This slide is so much bigger…either that or in the years that have passed the engineers and construction people have learned more about taming the big slides.

  • What is considered “local traffic”?

    • No one is stopping and asking for credentials.

    • I drove through today, en route from Eureka to Weaverville.Kym is right, there’s no “local” check. There was also no snow on the mountain pass just before Weaverville.

      I arrived at the relatively short line waiting to go eastward through the slide about 4, and wandered around taking pictures of things for about 20 minutes. West bound traffic started coming through so I lept back into the car, and soon was driving across the slide debris on a rough dirt road. By 4:30 (the official opening time) I was past the slide, and so was everyone behind me. There were two vehicles waiting at the east end – a county bus and a car.Not much traffic,but then you can’t be sure that the slide won’t act up and close the road again. CalTrans had one guy standing at the middle of the slide area looking up at the as yet unslid slide intently, just in case.

  • I couldn’t imagine operating equipment with balls that big…

  • My friends own a home in trinity,and they don’t ask you nothing. They just don’t want steady traffic. Drive safe!!☆

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