Death of Man Found Near Ryan Slough Bridge Natural, Rules Coroner.

Press release from the Humboldt County Press release:

Humboldt County Sheriff badgeSam Whitney was found deceased February 11th under the Ryan Slough Bridge. Whitney was dressed adequately for the weather. A thick sleeping bag was found nearby.

During the autopsy on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 Whitney’s cause of death was determined to be heart failure. Whitney appeared to have died three to ten days prior to being found. Drowning and trauma were ruled out as causing or contributing to Whitney’s death.

Earlier Chapter:
Homeless Man’s Body Found Just East of Eureka



  • Natural ? Is that a natural way to live much less die? The cops knew he was living under the bridge but the city government & cops didn’t care. Homeless are living in the bushes all over the city and as long as nobody complains the city manager & council let it happen. Our town is a filthy town and deserves its bad rep. The city council is useless and yet it has been a “progressive” city council for five years now.

    How many other bodies are out there rotting just a few yards from our stores and houses?

    • What do you do to help out? Its very easy to sit & type out response criticizing others. Some of the homeless do make the choice to live that way. Obviously he wasn’t bothering anyone other wise there would have been issues.

  • It was his choice to live under the bridge and I am glad he wasn’t harassed because of it. Not everyone is able to live their life as you see fit. He was a kind man….
    Rest in Peace Sam. Will miss seeing you on your travels.

    • Yes unhappy, you are free Togo elsewhere. A word of warning: you won’t be happy there either. Part of that is on you, but also because poverty is everywhere. The cops might push it around more energetically in another town, but its there nonetheless.

    • You are very ignorant. Do you really think this man would not have preferred to be warm, dry and nourished.

      • One would certainly think so, but how much do you know about the power of addiction? We have hundreds of homeless in Santa Cruz who won’t go to a shelter because they aren’t allowed to shoot meth and drink there. Some of them die of exposure.

  • Rest In Peace.

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