Window Busting Suspect Likely Only Faced Citation, Says Rio Dell Police Chief

Dave Bourland mugshot

Dave Bourland mugshot from November 2016.

Sometimes a poor decision can twist a small problem into a terrible mess.

On Saturday, a Rio Dell Police Officer was conducting a probation search on the residence of Dave Bourland, a well-known fellow in that town, according to Chief of Police Graham Hill.

The officer detained Bourland in the back of his squad car while searching the residence. The officer discovered only a small amount of drug paraphernalia.

“Likely [Bourland] would have been issued a citation,” Chief Hill explained.

But, Bourland, for whatever reason, while the officer was searching his residence, kicked out the side back window of the squad car and fled….

Now, he’s facing charges of escape and vandalism as well as some other misdemeanors. He’s a wanted man.

Chief Hill doesn’t know what sentence Bourland could face if convicted but he did say, “Hopefully, what happens is he’ll end up with some kind of [drug] treatment program.”

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