[Update 5:31 p.m.] Solo Vehicle Wrecked Near Myers Flat

car wreck

A car smashed into the bank after striking a rock today near Myers Flat. [Photo by Sarah Daniels]

A Toyota Camry struck a rock on Hwy 101 north south of Myers Flat just before 4 p.m.

The vehicle struck the embankment and ended up in the ditch with three blown out tires.

UPDATE 5:31 p.m.: According to a witness, the driver didn’t appear to hit a rock. The car went into the opposite lane–into northbound traffic. It spun and hit a tree on the front driver’s side and then slid back into the ditch.

Unfortunately, a puppy was thrown from the vehicle and was killed.

The driver was taken by ambulance to a hospital.

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  • Well glad she didn’t hit my son in the other lane. He seen it happen

  • I hope they test the driver’s alcohol blood level at the hospital.

  • I see so many drivers with dogs on their laps while driving. It’s all cute… until the driver is unable to react quickly in an emergency situation.

  • Well thank goodness she’s OK you judge mental freaks

  • Gotta feel sorry for the puppy. Really wide road and easy to drive, but didn’t have a choice being in a car with someone who doesn’t know how to drive on wet roads.

  • Phineas Homestone

    @Capitalist pig

    You sir, have been a troll on this blog for some time. Your pathetic life snaps into focus with posts like this. Go find a sub-reddit to continue your weak little life.

  • Yes. Yes. But did he/she HIT ‘send’ before he/she HIT the tree???

  • Some uplifting words of compassion, empathy, & understanding might be appropriate here. Ya’ll don’t know exactly what happened, yet you jump to the conclusion that the driver was holding a puppy in her lap, texting & drunk. Sad for the driver who has lost her puppy & her car as well. Accidents can happen when one is doing the right thing, too. That’s why they’re called “accidents”. Have a little heart, jeez.

  • I am with you martinman. These heartless people must not know what it is like to wait and hear if a loved one is okay after an accident. Or how about the fact that this person’s comapion passed away in an accident. The devastation this person and their family is going through. Why must people speak before they know everything. Social media is a joke for these people to sit behind their screens and say something they would never say to someone in person. Fuck all the hatred pouring out of the sad souls who have nothing better to do than judge and act like they don’t have accidents in their lives.

  • Thank u! Those comments made me sick. Loose ur car and your puppy. Super sad day. Glad the driver was ok.

  • plz reduce mph on that endless bend in the eel

    101 thru Myers flat is haunted or mathmatically skewed. Slow down thru there. Waaaaaay too many wrecks in that (break your) neck of the woods. :0

  • Don’t do whip it’s while driving and your chance of crashing drops

    • Seriously… she had no compassion for her dog, herself or anybody else on the road when she decided to have some whip-its while driving on the the 101… this accident happened right in front of us… I called 911, my husband was first to her car to check on her, & he’s the one that found the pup… also seeing shit in her car that should not have been there while she was driving… I’m glad she’s alive & so are we & the car going the opposite way… this was an accident that should have never happened, had she just put down the whip-its….

      • Sarah: From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and your husband for stopping and helping my daughter. I cannot imagine how horrible and scary it was for everyone involved. I am feeling blessed to have good and caring people surrounding her in her time of need. I am also blessed I got to see her in the hospital and not the morgue. Love, Mom

  • Troll for the moment

    I wonder how long she heard the ‘echo…echo…echo….’, before she realized she’d wrecked…..?

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