New Places to Get Rid of Medication in Humboldt

Press release from the Department of Health & Human Services:

Six Humboldt County pharmacies are now accepting expired, unused or unwanted medications, including prescription, non-prescription, controlled and non-controlled substances and pet medications.

Humboldt County has a high rate of prescription medication overdose deaths, and the new bins will help reduce the number of dangerous medications circulating through the community. Additionally, if disposed of improperly pharmaceutical waste can damage waterways and wildlife. Disposing of medication in these bins can help protect the environment.

In March 2016, Cloney’s Pharmacy set up medication disposal bins at its McKinleyville location and one of its Eureka locations. Since that time, four more pharmacies have followed suit.

The disposal bins are located at:

  • Cloney’s Pharmacy, 1567 City Center Road, McKinleyville (near Safeway) 707-840-9923
  • Cloney’s Pharmacy, 2515 Harrison Ave., Eureka, 707-443-7086
  • Green’s Pharmacy, 906 Main St., Fortuna, 707-725-4431
  • Palco Pharmacy, 113 Main St., Scotia, 707-764-3591
  • Ring’s Pharmacy, 362 Main St., Ferndale, 707-786-4511
  • Willow Creek Pharmacy, 39050 Highway 299, Willow Creek,
  • 530-629-3144.

Medications should be removed from their containers and placed in a sealed plastic bag before being deposited into a bin. Please do not deposit medication bottles.

Funding and support for the medication disposal bins are provided by a collaboration of Rx Safe Humboldt, St. Joseph Health, Humboldt Waste Management Authority, Humboldt Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention, the Independent Practice Association, the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services and local pharmacies.

For more information about safe medication disposal, visit or

A new medication disposal bin wrapped with a red ribbon.

There are now six medication disposal bins at select pharmacies throughout the county.



  • Great going Robert Johnson owner of Green’s Pharmacy in Fortuna. The public needs to thank you!!

  • Great idea I hope they are inside or monitored or they probably won’t be there long, I picture a tweaker yogi the bear running away with them like picnic baskets

  • WY none in sohum

  • Have Keith’s Pharmacy get with the program or start one at Redwood rural clinic

  • Just for the record: Prohibition causes infinitely more problems than addiction.

    My friend spent 6 hours in the Garb Hosp waiting the other day, while knowing exactly what antibiotic it was she needed. Is anyone aware the pharmaceutical industry is about (primarily, secondarily, etc.) profit?

    Go ahead, dispose of your useful meds because you do not need them anymore. Here’s an idea: A place you can take unused meds that can become available (thru proper diagnosis) for the less fortunate? My current Health Care is on its way OUT. AWESOME>

    I miss Greens. Keith does the best he can with an ever changing staff.

    Maybe I’m out of line.. maybe you trust the FDA/ DEA. That’s so quaint.

  • I would love stats on this. Are the majority of prescription drug overdoses stolen medication? What is being used for overdosing, antidepressants? Please post the list of medications not accepted by these take back programs. That usually surprises people.

  • Kym, You forgot to list Fortuna City Hall. They have a recycle prescription medicine canister inside on the left of the main doors. Thanks.

  • To be fair, pharmacies generally do this even when not announced, like on the regular

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