The Humboldt Connection: Feds Investigate Two Louisiana Residents’ Ties to Local Marijuana, Murder and Money

A Louisiana man nicknamed “Hitler” and his wife have been indicted by a federal grand jury in a case involving possibly hundreds of pounds of marijuana from Humboldt County and murders in two states. Marcus Etienne and his wife Elizabeth Gobert are being held on charges of redistributing hydroponic marijuana from here through the Bay Area to Louisiana.

Attorneys for the prosecution are arguing,

This is no ordinary marijuana conspiracy case. As the Complaint describes, it is a multi-district marijuana conspiracy that resulted in the murders of two of the defendant’s co-conspirators. The evidence—some of which was shared with the Court during the defendant’s detention hearing—implicates the defendant in these homicides. …This man is being investigated for two homicides. The government does not believe that he is finished.

A phone associated with Etienne reportedly contains conversations with a person using a 707 area code regarding marijuana transactions. (For example: “Yo I found some in blue lake…will that work for you.”) The couple allegedly made repeated trips to Humboldt County carrying large amounts of cash.

The shooting death of a Louisiana man, Trince Thibodeaux, in Oakland was allegedly connected to an order from Etienne by a third man, Rodney Savoy. Savoy was later shot to death in Louisiana. Authorities are investigating what they believe is a connection between Etienne and these two homicides.

According to an article in the East Bay Times, the couple faces up to 40 years in prison.



  • Yeah, the marijuana trade is so nice & mellow. Lets get more of it up here so we can make money.

  • And how is the now legalization of it going to stop these murders? I suspect that Humboldt will see an influx of people just like this moving into their communities to start growing.

    • Haha there already here! Look around

    • Its difficult, no matter what.

      It is going to stop the murders the same way that ending prohibition did back in the day: by making sure these folks go to jail. With man power shifted from busting college kids for having a sack of weed, and where it might lead, to different departments of the police force. Particularly the Murder division. Working with law abiding folks in the now legal trade to get the bad guys, or at least applying the kind of heat to chase them off.

      • Educate Yourself, just say no to parrot food!

        It’s difficult no matter what…….you say prohibition ended the murders? Ever read up on how The Mafia became rich & powerful?

    • I suspect legalization will result in an exodus of growers. What made Humboldt attractive to growers is now working against it. No good reason to come here to grow anymore when there is an abundance of flat, fertile well watered land to be had elsewhere.

    • Sigh. Where have you been? Please read the post below by ‘Its difficult, no matter what.’
      Do you really think after 70 years its going to change overnight? Do you think keeping it illegal is somehow better?
      These s–balls will become fewer, as the -legal- industry grows.

      • There will always be a-holes attracted to fast money, legal or not. Just because it may be grown legally doesn’t mean it won’t be sold on the street. If I grown a bush that sprouts $200 bills and it reeks like a skunk , I can expect to have a problem with crime.

    • They were killed for money not weed. It’s the same way most stores, banks and gas stations aren’t robbed for groceries, deposit slips, and gas. People often get killed in those crimes too. It’s about money.

  • The downside of prohibition is that the government turns the prohibited business over to criminal enterprises. Happened with alcohol, happened with opiates and it happened with weed. It’s an old story that the moralizing prohibitionists keep repeating and then try to cover up their failures and deflect blame.

  • I’m thinking all the prospective ‘green dots’ better start considering twenty four hour armed security. It’ll be easy pickings for the unsavory types.

    • Cant the “green dots” call the cops now.

    • When a friend, who is applying for a Humboldt Co cannabis permit, went to the mandatory meeting with the Planning Dept (about aspects of the permit), his attorney (who joined him) was mainly concerned that the addresses/locales of permit holder (along with other ‘farm’ details) is freely accessible to the public. The attorney spoke to Michael (Richards?), Head of the ……?…….. Dept., about HIS CONCERN (about the type of scenario you suggest). Apparently Michael agreed to look into making a permit holder’s location (more) private.

  • Scumbag should get more than just 40 years, imo. But my heart is happy over his capture & sentencing. Hopefully the families of his victims have found the closure they need.

    • The guy the cops shot at over 40 times is the only wanna be killer facing forty years. Lazinsky not sure about spelling. Probly epd just wanting to hide their embarrassing police work. But u kill most civilians it gets knocked down to involuntary man slaughter 10 yrs or less. D. A. Has a lot on her plate. No time to bring killers to justice.

  • Hi my names hitler do you have any pot for sale? Lol Pinky swear I won’t kill you

  • Jeff Joseph was also from Louisiana, driving a car with Louisiana plates

  • I heard it has something to do with Eden Farms.

  • Who in there right mind would use Hitler for his name especially that said person is a man of color .apparently his name will be shitler.when the feds get done with him .hi sassy

  • MOGTX,I have a friend who lives in Madison. She worked with me at 5th St shell. It’s bad everywhere. They say it could be up to 10%hotter this summer. Yikes.Have a goodnite

  • Gma my sister lives in Wisconsin I go back there once or twice a year. I was there in Dec,and snow and ten degrees now it’s raining and during the day in the 5s just like here there something seriously wrong with mother nature global warming.

    • Guess we’re all going to burn in hell or freeze to death in heaven. Not really I wouldn’t want to live anywhere but here

    • And they say Florida is sinking,the ice glaciers are melting way to fast and the ocean is rising from the melting. We all need to pay attention. My girl lives in Madison and feels the same. Your lucky to travel their I haven’t been their yet. Someday✌

  • Here’s another good name for Mr Hitler it’s oh shit my ass hurts Hitler lol

  • Sheesh! When will it end. And i thought growing weed was an honest trade. Kinda an oxymoron putting those two words together.Anyways, hope it doesn’t get worse up here in good ol’ dumboldt county….U.S.A

  • has nothing to do with marijuana.

    has everything to do with money.

  • I really don’t believe hilter killed anybody … I believe that hilter would try help any body he can. That bullshit if any more think he did that. I honest think the feds got the wrong person

  • Did they say how they were transporting it to NOLA?

  • Finally now my love can Rest R.I.P Jr. 😘😘😘

  • I have no problem with anything to do with weed, the murder in two states part is what caught my attention and that guy looks really supper mean. If they did commit murder I hope they get proper justice served to them expediently.

  • Gavin Newsome will expand his cannabis business from Santa Cruz with his brother to pass laws so he can only profit

  • Rip Rodney Savoy

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