Mandatory Evacuations for Lakeport

Lakeport Police officer uses a canoe to get to residents in his flooded town.

Lakeport Police officer uses a canoe to get to residents in his flooded town. [Photo from the City of Lakeport’s Twitter account]

Rising water in Lakeport has forced evacuations. Below is a press release from the City of Lakeport:

Mandatory evacuations are immediately in effect in the following areas:

Lucky Four Resort mobile home park 1060 N. Main St.
Aqua Village Mobile Home Park 1350 S.Main St.
Willow Point Resort #1 First St.
Esplanade St. from Main St. to K St.

Residents in the listed areas are advised to collect important documents and medications and evacuate the area. Lakeport police and public works will be in the evacuation areas for anyone needing assistance.

Red Cross has opened a temporary shelter for evacuees at the Seventh Day Adventist Church located at 1111 Park Way in Lakeport (707) 263-6002).  Pets will be allowed at the shelter.

Lake County Animal Care and Control will have staff available at their facility from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm tonight only for those persons who have pets and need assistance.  They have dedicated the following number for assistance and information (707) 245-5276.

The City of Lakeport has designated the following phone number for questions  and information (707) 263-5614.

The City will continue to provide updates on the flood conditions through City of Lakeport and Lakeport Police Department Facebook, Twitter and Nixle.


Call 707-263-5614 for information.



  • Save us Scott Pruitt from the wackos at the EPA and Mary Nichols at carb if you do not think the EPA is out of control take a look at this video google carb destroys college equipment .and then watch the video

  • Don’t feed the trolls

  • Wow, Red Cross is allowing pets. Way cool!
    It behooves you to have your vet/shots information if you do take your pet there.
    It has been raining alligators and elephants up the 96 clear to Happy Camps.
    Stay safe folks.
    We have been hearing a lot of trees toppling over near our little home in the woods.

    • Last night I heard the sound of big wind and cracking timbers. It was a tanoak 20 yards from the house, it took out the fence!

  • Wow it really will be a lake port!

  • Kym did you know it’s raining in wiscosin ,and that is just crazy it’s been in the 50s that is the effects of global warming .there are going to be record temperatures this summer just FYI a sign of things yet to come .my friends back there have never scene this ever .it’s like spring there .

    • HaHaaa funny! Drought-global warming. Rain-global warming. Too hot-global warming. Too cold-global warming. I’m tired, must be global warming.

      • Hey man….global warming aka rising average temperatures catalyzed by higher concentrations of atmospheric CO2…..feeds CLIMATE CHANGE AND DESTABILIZATION. That doesn’t equal warmer everywhere. What it does equal is the disruption of earth currently once stable climate into a series of highly unpredictable feedback loops. And it’s very real. Sorry for the bad news

      • There is a great cartoon of the Titanic sinking with one end of the boat high in the air before it goes down with the caption saying–see we’re rising not sinking. That about sums up the climate change denier point of view.

      • Perhaps you should learn the scientific truth before evaluating the weather. Weather patterns are as predicted for climate change. Weather is destabilized, oscillating between extremes.

      • Too funny, global warming ha ha ha!

  • Better hope lakeport cops do a better job then the Orville cops did… ppls houses being robbed n stuff… some ppl….

    • Oroville Police kinda had their hands full during that time. I think they’ve done a fabulous job, considering how many safely were evacuated in such a short time.

  • God Hates Trailer parks.

  • I hope and pray for all the folks.please be safe,don’t take any chances.

  • Kym, the outpost sucks! I tried to look at times substandard posts, now you have tp pay. Why post that rag’s shit if you have to pay! You’re much more dependable for flood news! Lost coast also hasn’t posted shit today either! They suck.

  • My point is why catfish a reader with an article, that one has to pay for! That’s bait and switch…catfishing readers…

    • I believe most newspapers will let you read free five articles a month. Two ways around this. One is open another browser the other is to ‘copy/paste’ before they close the window. Paste it to your word program.

      When I was a kid the newspapers cost a nickel, then it went to seven cents, then a dime. Now it is a buck or two to buy the daily newspapers. The small fee internet papers charge seems like a real bargain.

  • Prayers to my friend in lakeport.

  • Gee, 1st the devastating fires in Lake County last year interrupted so many lives & now the threat of flooding. Hopefully, y’all will keep calm & safe with no loss of life. Hwy 20 travels over the years has awed me with its beauty numerous times. My heart goes out to the animals, too.

  • I’m wondering what’s happening on Cache Creek which drains Clearlake..? I have a friend at Guinda with a walnut orchard on the creek.. I hear Hiwy. 16 is pretty bad in places.. It’s the alternative to 20 at Williams..

  • we r headed that way to get to home. shall we go another way

  • Aqua Village, huh huh, huh uh huh!

  • Little Borax Lake, also full and running over the golf course…

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