Bill Introduced to Assembly Seeks to Protect Legal Cannabis Businesses From Feds

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Cannabis farm collage. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Concern that the new Trump administration could possibly crack down on California’s lucrative cannabis businesses, prompted the introduction of a new bill to the California’s State Assembly.

Our sister site, the Mendocino Voice, reports,

A bill co-authored by the North Coast’s Assemblyman Jim Wood was introduced Friday that would prohibit state and local agencies from co-operating with or assisting federal authorities seeking “to investigate, detain, detect, report, or arrest a person” engaging in state-sanctioned medical or recreational cannabis businesses without a court order. If passed AB 1578 would protect those operating legal California cannabis businesses from being handed over to federal enforcement authorities unless a judicial exception is made.

Although a majority of states now have laws legalizing some kind of cannabis use, it remains unclear how enforcement of federal cannabis laws — under which marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug — will take place under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. This bill would prevent California’s agencies from cooperating with federal authorities seeking to investigate or prosecute individuals under federal law who are engaging in cannabis activities considered legal in California.

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  • Since California voted to legalize grow sites, make them get permits and collect taxes; it wouldn’t seem quite fair or right for states to turn around and help the feds bust them. Feds need to stay out of each state’s business in situations like this. Right now, they have more pressing issues to deal with.

  • Good luck with that California. Until you stop being the number one state for recieving federal funds , keep your dreaming up.

    • We give way more than we get. Look it up. In 2013 we were ranked #42 in amount given, thats far from first. Every news story will tell you, the states given the most money are considered republican. So sorry if facts disrupt your fantasy world.

    • Well, it also gives money too. I don’t know that it’s a donor state exactly but saying it is the number one state for receiving federal funds, while strictly true, doesn’t take into account the money that California sends in the way of taxes.

      • Yes, but we also have the biggest population by over 10 million people. Only make sense that we pay the most in taxes. We also have the highest state tax rates too for income tax, at just over 3% higher than the runner-up. We also ranked number seven in the USA for states with the worst infrastructure problems, and they’re talking about increasing the gas tax and taxing us by the mile to raise more funds to fix our roads, something just doesn’t add up.

    • I think that you confused your statement. California is the largest contributor of any state to the Federal Budget by giving the federal government more than 350 Billion dollars in taxes each year. Of course the hundreds of millions of dollars profited on the lucrative pot industry have never paid their share of taxes like the rest of us working people. I say tax the hell out of it 35%.

      • No Mo Aloha money

        M….must be for Mistaken….about pot growers paying taxes. Don’t assume we do not want to contribute. I’ve lived here since 1984. I’ve been paying taxes for half that time because I felt I should. There are plenty more like me. I’m a little tired of defending us local farmers …I mean really what would our towns have done without our resources in the past and for that matter what will the towns do without our resources now. I’m putting this one back on you critical folks……and return to my tray of stuffed mushrooms, my sugar cookies, and my Netflix. It is winter and we like our lifestyle of working the land in spring, summer, and fall while honestly producing crops that have supported our families for generations. I hope this isn’t an issue of envy. Most of us do not make boo coup. We work very hard physically and it is vacation time now…don’t h8 buddy. There are bad apples in every barrel. I am not one and neither are any of my neighbors. Don’t be a bad apple in your barrel.

    • Just Sayin, your hilarious. Where did you hear that,
      Ca is the 5th largest economy in the world, duh!

  • No one is safe if you are growing with Jeff sessions in the booth

    He is probably going to save the ass of this herb industry.

    Being that the last president destroyed it.

    • I honestly hope he does this place has turned into a shit show, but I’m very doubtful.

    • Sessions job is to carry out the laws that YOUR congressman (unconstitutionally) made, but the people are too convinced by their reps who blame the President’s admin. Your job, as a citizen, is to remind all officials of what their duties are, nullify unconstitutional laws in your state or local, and educate.

  • If we succeed and stop paying the fed we can fund our own military and fightem’ with whips and chains, shades-of-grey style. We have a whole army of crew cut fighters that love the pain from S.F. (sodom) to Arcata (gomorrah).

  • Little redneck sheriff will gladly give the list to whom ever he wants just like with the zip tie program in Mendo Good luck with that stupid law

  • It’s no secret that most of California’s weed is sent to states that do not have legalization. Most of the marijuana produced here is grown openly and then, in full defiance of interstate transport law is distributed in places where it is still illegal. Say what you want but nearly everybody involved could be prosecuted under federal racketeering and conspiracy laws. Especially our county supervisors who pretend all the permitted grows are staying within the state although they privately admit otherwise. It’s a monumental scam and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for your constant bending over backwards in your cockamamie justifications. Just like your lies and scamminess we all had to put up with over the “medical” claim (yeah- it was all “medical” my ass) now you are insisting that county permits are morally and legally valid because it will all be kept within our state?! You are all liars and I don’t believe you can feel very good about yourselves because you know you are liars. And Woods- he’s another liar working for millionaire scammers. He’s probably doing this for his buddy Ted Simpkins, who he pushed that crappy “legalization” of “medical” bill for… I hope Sessions comes in and cleans house because by this point you all disgust me. The herb I still love. But you liars and scammers I do not. We are far from “Same Team” you sell-out corporate ass-kissers.

    • I have to agree with you im ashamed of what has become of our beloved county

    • Check yourself before you whreck yourself!

      Say all you want about legal weed but Medical marijuana still helps many patients, including cancer patients who have no appetite or children who have 100 seizures a day, reduced to 2 a day, thanks the CBDs. Educate yourself & don’t give into the Big Pharma who would rather sell you a processed bottle of pills, putting you out $1000 a month, when you insurance won’t cover it. Oh and don’t forget those pills can cause numerous side effect and possibly death.

  • Watch out for the people Trump puts into office. I’m not saying Trump is a bad man, He is a business man, First and for most. But his advisers may have their own agendas. Federal Law over rides state Laws. They can make Growing a schedule one drug more complicated. We all will have to fly under the radar. Maybe a good thing. Knock out the large commercial growers and the price goes up. YEA! Just Hoping.

    • I agree. Jeff Sessions- as much as I dislike his social tendencies- may be the best thing happening for us.

      • Check yourself before you whreck yourself!

        And who will benefit the most, those you claim to hate. They are looking forward to Jeff Sessions and the increase in $black market$ they will receive. That’s why pounds used to sell for $4000 a pound but legal herb, brought it down to$1000 a pound. Neighbors dropped out of the game cause it wasn’t worth it anymore. Today, they celebrate Sessions and increase in $black market$ money they will get. So technically your supporting, the black market and those you loathe.

        • No. I do not call it “black market”. That is a stigma term used in the propaganda machine. I prefer “underground” or “green market”. I abhor the new corporate greedheads AND the greedy, selfish mega-grow transplants. I don’t like the local mega-growers but in some cases they are doing economic things for the the community. Not all cases by a long stretch but in a few that I know. I don’t speak from conjecture but from knowledge of scenes that I know personally. I love the small growers we still have who live within fairly small footprints and treat their land and neighborhoods with respect. Unfortunateley these are exactly the people we are throwing under the bus because we never acknowledged or appreciated them and as a result we never bult anything into this new “legalization” that protects them. We should all be disgusted at how this went down! And Sessions will let scenes like…20 100′ long greenhouses flourish while knocking down and prosecuting 50 plants? I don’t see that. I see him putting a freeze on corporate investment because they want safe returns. I see him knocking down federal racketeering conspiracies like Emerald Family Farms, which would do us all a favor and provide some laughs too.

    • Federal law does not over ride State sovereignty. Only Constitutional Law over rides the states.
      The people are duty bound to know that.
      Congress is only supposed to pass Constitutional Laws. All other laws are repugnant to the Constitution and are to be considered null & void.
      Government’s powers are extremely limited and defined to the roles & duties defined by the Constitution. If it’s not in the Constitution, they have no authority.
      The States reserve all powers not delegated to the Federal Government.
      The People reserve all the Rights plus they vote on the power issues presented on ballot.
      Neither Feds, States, County or city have “Rights”. Only the people have Rights.
      The people’s Rights are never to be tread upon. Governments are forbidden from establishing, granting or denying Rights. They have no power over Rights.
      The Declaration of Independence, George Washington’s Farewell Address, Federalist Papers, and all those old boring documents discuss everything the People need to know, in order to maintain true Liberty.

  • This guy seems to forget that he promoted giving power to the non elected agencies to make up or to change any rules they desire & without notice.
    Legal for a moment twice a day, like a clock?
    The language of this bill is questionable.
    A better bill would consist of just nullifying the Federal Governments stolen authority over the pot in the state.

  • It would be nice if they included not cooperating with the evil Federal Housing rules that mean that Eureka public housing boots elderly people who use marijuana whether for medical or not.

    My 88 year old neighbor was booted from her three year waiting list public housing for a roach in a clip the yearly inspector found in an ashtray.

    This was not trafficking, this was not abusive of anybody, it hurt NO one.

    That is heinous to disrupt elderly people like that with this no tolerance practice, and shame on the people that carried that out, shame on them!

  • There is a huge tangle of money being sent by the Feds to California through grants, subsidies, salaries, etc. It is funneled to the State, the State funnels it to local sources. The State then agrees to use a certain percentage of its own funds to support many programs in concert to the funds supplied by the Feds.

    Medical, school lunch programs, police service, fire suppression, parks and reservations, internet access, agriculture subsidies, Coast Guard and other military, port facilities, air ports, highway and road maintenance, etc etc etc all get Federal money. I suspect that Humboldt County in specific gets way more from the Feds than it ever contributes or could contribute. It’s population of welfare recipients such as those on SSI, WIC, SNAP, etc is much larger than the rest of the country, not to mention the jobs of those who serve such. Just this one winter’s devastation in ability roads would be beyond the county’s ability to repair.

    Good luck with even figuring out where the money originates much less what the county contributes. Such legislation as is mentioned in this article is the usual petty Sacramento spitting into the wind kind, where, if it is effective, it is self damaging so in the end it is only noise to be ignored while it wastes money. Politicians act like its their money they are doling out but it’s not.

  • Of course they will turn over the records to the Feds.

    Like my lawyer said, one letter from Jeff sessions crushes the plans of legalization.

    Honestly, herb needs sessions. Lol

    But true. It’s been diluted and much of the money is put into corporate hands.
    Price is still 60 an eighth for the good stuff. Same as 25 years ago.

    That last president was either an idiot or planned it to be this way.
    He systematically confused the state on what laws would be enforced and as a result we had a club explosion.

    And ten thousand dickheads came to this county since hope and change happened.

  • Lol yeah I’m sure the feds won’t bust someone because of some stupid state law. ….it’s r3ally stopped em before. What a joke

    • Black Rifles Matter

      The White House just came out today and said they are gonna crack down on recreational. Sean spicer touched on it at today’s White House briefing. I bet All those people on that permit list that is public record sure are happy. #MAGA
      Entereth Jeff Sessions. Bye Bye legal weed. That cole memo got ripped up the day he got sworn into justice dept.

  • Thank God for Jeff sessions!


    Trump might be coming for your weed

    Rick Newman
    Yahoo FinanceFebruary 23, 2017

  • Gavin Newsome is protecting his vast Marijuana empire including his brothers dispensary in Santa Cruz. The California politicians are wtting their beaks. They dont care about anything except themselves and their bank accounts

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