[UPDATE: 9:25 a.m.] Woman Missing From Samoa Bridge; Searchers Scour the Bay

A helicopter searches Humboldt Bay

A helicopter searches Humboldt Bay this morning. [Photo by Jen Savage]

Rescuers from the air and from the land are combing the Humboldt Bay and its shorelines this morning after a woman was reported missing. According to scanner reports the 28-year-old jumped from a moving vehicle in the third span of the Samoa Bridge and may have gone into the water a little before 4 a.m.

She is described being 5′ 6″ with brown hair and wearing a black jacket and blue jeans.

UPDATE: 8:37 a.m.: The woman’s body has been recovered. The Coroner has been requested.

UPDATE 9:25 a.m.: According to Petty Officer Lomania Stewart from the Coast Guard, the 28-year-old woman was located about 7:30 this morning by the Coast Guard. “Around 7:30 a.m., the air station located the missing person and [the Coast Guard’s boat] picked up the person,” she said. “The coroner pronounced the female dead.”

Stewart said that the Coast Guard’s Sector Humboldt Air Station and a small boat from Station Humboldt Baywere involved in the search as well as members of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, the Eureka Police Department and Humboldt Bay Fire.



  • Report illegal aliens

  • Report illegal aliens call one 800 347 2423

    • What number do we call to report domestic idiots?

      • You say “hey kym, do you support the rounding up of people being advocated on your site, or can you get this hateful spew removed?”

        • It’s called freedom of speech.

        • Ernestine, I wouldn’t call ICE nor can I think of a situation in which I would likely approve of it. But I approve of facts and information. People have a right to make their own decisions–that includes the right to post the number to ICE and to use it.

          I don’t see a journalist’s job as telling people what to think. I think it is my job to provide correct information.

          For instance, you might post the number to a group that helps illegal immigrants in the US and Capitalist Pig might hate it and view it as supporting illegal activity, but I would leave it as I think information and facts are my job.

          (All of which means both sides of an issue frequently accuse reporters of being slime. A fun position to be in.)

  • Why did she jump from a moving vehicle?

  • Did she go nuts? Freaked out and then ended up in the bay?

  • I hope that it wasn’t a kidnapping. R.I.P.

  • … RIP, too young.

  • Didn’t a man hang himself from that bridge a couple of weeks ago and end up in the bay? Lots of dead folks showing up lately.

  • Dazed and Confused in Humboldt County

    WTF, sounds very suspious, I bet the real story is much different.

  • …Could have been a kidnapping and/or a domestic violence situation. We’ll probably never know…Unless of course someone comes forward.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Suicide hurts all the ones that love you who are left behind.
    It is a pain they will carry with them for the rest of their life, and live it daily.
    Please reach out for help, don’t harm the very people that love you, forcing pain on them every moment of their lives.
    There is no greater pain someone must endure, than being a suicide survivor.

    Please reach out for help, people WILL listen to you and work this out.

  • Condolences to the family. We are losing to many souls lately. Everyone please take care. I’m praying this was an accident.

  • RIP dear one.

    Thankful some one reported her going off the bridge. And I hope the investigation deals with the odd report of her jumping out of a vehicle at 4 a.m.

    Comfort to her family.

  • How terribly sad

  • Curiouser and curiouser

    Kym Is there any way we can find out the name and if the relatives have been contacted?

    • I’m guessing since this is a three day weekend, the information wouldn’t be available until Tuesday. I don’t usually release the names of suicide victims so if that is what happened, I won’t release it here. Frankly, I’m not sure if that is the right decision but I’ve just started bucking the tradition of not reporting suicides at all so I’m taking this slow and making sure I’m being sensitive to others’ pain.

      • The family has been notified, thank you for your concern. We are all very shaken up about this. It was a truly tragic series of events.

        • I am so sorry. What a terrible loss.

          • I’m confused about something. I don’t want to post anyone’s personal information on here, but something that was basically this exact situation in the same place matches the description of my now lost cousin, however comments below are saying its about someone else. I’m wondering if there’s someone who can privately contact me and let me know if it’s just a really sad coincidence or if there’s misinformation on either my side or theirs? I just can’t imagine the description, situation, time, and place, being so spot on without it being my family member.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Please don’t post names on that, event documentation is one thing, but names will make it harder for others.
        For anyone that has expierenced an event there is no getting back to normal or getting over it.
        It’s just better only if those know can deal with it free from hearing about it from people that aren’t involved, and I’m not just referring to a blog comment section.

      • Thank you for reporting suicides in general as they are a leading cause of death yet generally ignored.

  • Kym you are the most awesomest!!!

  • What I heard on the scanner when this happened was that the driver (boyfriend) and his passenger(girlfriend) were going over Samoa bridge and were having an argument when the girlfriend jumped out of the moving vehicle. The boyfriend stopped and got out looking for her , but could only find one of her shoes.

  • May I ask why people comment stupid comments that have nothing to do with the story.

  • May she rest in peace now.
    And to the the ones that love her
    I am so sorry for your loss.
    My prayers are with you.
    It is so sad to hear about such a young life now lost. How could someone be so sad in life to do such a thing. I can’t help but wonder if the reason she wanted away from her boyfriend was because she loved him to much?

    • Thank you Jodie,
      Her family thanks you as well for your kind words… We don’t know how this could have happened. She is so loved by a huge family. She is my niece. I loved her as my own.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        I went through something similar, you should maybe consider talking with someone about it because there are some very heavy emotions after the initial shock is over.
        Certainly, most people are unable to handle the feelings.
        I’m five years on and it’s on my mind daily with odd things triggering deep sadness or intense anger. All of our sititutions are different, while most of our pain cycles are the same.
        I still spend even a moment each day crying and being extremely angry at the same time.
        It’s a very long road.

        • HBC, You’ve made some great posts. I’ve been down this road too. My best friend for 20+ years ended her life in 1997. For at least six months, I would catch myself getting up to call her with news. I would dial her number to hear her voice on the answering machine until her number was reassigned. I still miss the hell out of her and wish that I could’ve saved her. I agree; people should talk to a professional about this if they can afford it.

      • She’s my cousin on the other side. I’m so sad. And I’m so sad you’re hurting like I am.

  • Suicide is a solution to a perceived problem. Fifteen percent of Vietnam combat veterans have taken their own lives. And even larger percentage of men over 72 years old have taken their lives. A substantial number of addicts have overdosed and lost their lives. Around five percent of incarcerated mostly men have committed suicide after receiving life sentences. The reasons are as varied as the methods they used. Life has lost its value. Why? Overpopulation? hopelessness? Stress? Everyone should feel their value. The only common element is if someone is loved they rarely have reason to end their life. And love is so easily given.

    • Love doesn’t cure suicidal depression. Suggesting as much may add to the suffering of the countless people who loved suicide victims very much, or suggest to people suffering from suicidal depression that if they feel suicidal it must be because no one cares. This is beyond not true! Please get help if you are feeling suicidal. There is help for your pain. Death is no cure, it just passes the pain to others.

    • If love was so easily given and given well we’d be in a lot better shape as a species. Maybe we are learning and will continue to do so as it seems our highest priority, one that all ecosystems, inter-personal, social and physical depend on ultimately for health.

  • This is my dear,sweet,neice. So loved,and the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. I was there when she was born,and she is so very loved. She has at least 14 cousins inn severe grief,and don’t know what to do. Only scaring everyone further. Rest in peace sweet girl,we love you. Auntie.

    • Heartbroken Friend

      My heart breaks for all the family. Please know that those of us who knew her are so very sad to have lost her. She was a beautiful presence to be around. So many unanswered questions. IF this was suicide, I highly recommend Hospice grief counseling. In fact, I recommend it if it wasn’t. I lost a loved one years ago and that’s who my family turned to for help and support. To be amongst people who are suffering a loss such as yours and understand how you’re feeling helps so much with the healing process. Go easy on yourself and be kind to one another. God bless all of you. May she Rest In Peace.

  • I can’t say too much but law enforcement really need to look into this. The boyfriend to the woman..I’ll just say I know him. He approached me and told me his girlfriend jumped out his truck going 60 mph..then went over the bridge. How does a small woman, I knew her very well by the way, open a full size Chevy door going 60mph with the wind factor and actually jump out. No way. There is definnately foul play. Anyways the boyfriend approached me and started telling me this story, I looked at him as he was talking and he had 3 HUGE bite marks on his arms and other defensive wounds and I heard her screaming the night it happened. I have not talked to anyou LEO yet because I figure they saw the defensive wounds too but maybe not. My email is runngun1825@gmail.com if you want to hear more details. This is not right and the dude is my damn neighbor!

  • Jessica Sanchez

    Just a,relative. Curious. Not trying to stir up trouble,just,usually 2 sides to every story. Again,curious,have been from the start.

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