SUV Flipped Over on Hwy 299

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA silver SUV flipped over on eastbound Hwy 299 near mile marker 32 at approximately 3:31 p.m. The vehicle is blocking one lane.

The California Highway Patrol are on the scene directing traffic. A tow truck is responding.

The driver is declining medical, according to the California Highway Patrol Incident page.



  • Where is mile marker 32 located at? What is it nearest to actually??

  • Couple miles east of the view point

    • Thank you, but I’m not exactly sure where the View Point is. Can’t believe that I can’t place it. My family and I have been making that drive every summer for 43, almost 44 years now! Old age setting in now I suppose! Lol🐳😉🌊

  • We used to call them paddle markers and paid attention to them ‘just in case’.
    Often they give more specific number, like 21.45, since they can’t always put a mile marker exactly where it’s one mile.

  • Top of berry summit is 28 m.m. so 32 is half way down the back side right before you get to east fork camp ground. They also put them on their roofs at 31 too! I used to work that section of road. Saw lots of accidents!

  • I’ve heard that sometimes the markers give a more specific number, like 68.99 say, because markers with some numbers are prone to getting stolen by the bored yet somehow also easily amused. 🙂

  • They call these miles “the dirty 30’s”. Just west of Willow Creek the hwy can be dangerous.

    • I believe that!! That area through there has some of the most dangerous curves, plus it is so narrow through there. I’ve driven that road for about 26-27 years. Since I got my driver’s license. That wasu first trip I took for the 4th of July. The area with the solid rock wall on the left if your headed west, and the cliff on the right where you can see the river down below that looks like a tiny little stream because it’s SO FAR down there because your up so high on the mountain just scared me SO BAD! Even to this day it scares me driving through that stretch.. I hate passing other cars through that area. For Reason #1, it could be a tourist that’s never been through there and has no idea that they need to slow WAY DOWN and Reason #2, some people think it’s great curves to race around for fun.. Putting their own lives and the lives of others on the road at risk!

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