Southern Humboldt’s Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do Rakes in Trophies

Sawyer silverman – Zack Rivera – Kelsey McMahan

Press release from Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do:

Members of Southern Humboldt Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do studio attended the wine country tournament this weekend. Six youth dragons competed.

Master Rupp and John Rivera stand to either side of Adrian Rivera in the back. Left to right in the front: Sawyer Silverman- Kelsey McMahon- Zack Rivera – Isabella Rivera- Kimberly Rivera

It was special to see all the kids having such a good time! They were strong and fierce little competitors. These amazing dragons all took home trophies.

It was a great weekend for the members of Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do!

A special thanks to Master Becky Rupp for involving the youth of our community in such a great sport!

Bob Gross

Morgan Bryant – John Rivera – Adrian Rivera

Kimberly Rivera – Isabella Rivera



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