[UPDATE 1:16 p.m. ] Burglary Suspected in Garberville Business This Morning

scannerAccording to reports on the scanner at approximately 11:30 a.m.,  Brown’s Sporting Goods on Redwood Drive in Garberville may have been struck by a burglar.

According to Lt. Ken Swithenbank, the owner saw on his security system camera there was intruder in his business. Scanner traffic indicated that was an Indian male over six foot tall wearing a camouflage jacket and black pants.

As of last scanner update, the owner was on scene with deputies. We don’t know what has been learned.

UPDATE 1:16 p.m.: The suspect is still outstanding. Law enforcement is on alert.

Brown's Sporting Goods

Brown’s Sporting Goods’ sign [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Officers discuss the situation.

Officers discuss the situation. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]



  • Man I hope Darren has good cameras lets catch this prick fast before he sells the guns or hurts someone.

    • As far as I was able to discern, nothing has been reported stolen yet. I will try to get updates when possible (weekends are hard.)

      • How are weekends hard kym?
        I just googled browns got the number and called.
        Pretty simple.
        You should call first before posting disinformation.
        No locks broken no windows broken.
        Not a burglary .
        It was theft as usual.
        Please dont add to disinformation kym.
        Thank you

        • Back off Kym! You continue to criticize Kym’s work. She is amazing & is also human who is juggling multiple stories at once. Sure you have all the time in the world to make calls but you have no idea what she does or doesn’t have time to do.

          I don’t see you doing the work she does. Next time, think before you harm with your words. If you have such a problem with Kym’s work, why do you continue to read & comment on her site???!

        • [edit] Kim gets the info quicker , more efficient and with better reporting. Her stories are also more compelling. This story is from a scanner[edit]

        • You must have been luckier than I. When I called, no answer. My understanding of burglary is “entry into a building illegally with intent to commit a crime.” If the owner called the report in, it seems safe to say he didn’t want the suspect there. Thus, by my admittedly limited understanding, the suspect was a burglar.

        • Please look up the definition of “disinformation”. Please look up the definition of “burglary”. Please look up the definition of “theft”. Kym’s report used the word “may”.

        • Get over yourself… Kim does a great job of reporting. If you think you can do any better DO IT smarty pants. Just saying

        • Fiction before fact is the fuel that keeps the dishonest media’s black heart pumping.

        • Such a delicate snowflake!

        • This ain’t Chump trump country. Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan got his ass kicked here.

      • Thanks Kim I was definitely speculating, I figure guns would be the first thing taken if anything was taken, keep up the good work and stay safe out there, don’t sweat the bs

    • How did you know anything was missing? You mentioned guns? No one else has mentioned them…. Hmmmmm..

    • If this is the guy they were looking for at the shell station yesterday then he stole a new hiking back pack, the sherrif was talking to the guy that works there asking if he seen a guy come in.

  • Another broad daylight break in! 2 days ago, a friend in town was home mid-day taking a nap (night-early morning job) and someone cut out a screen and opened their door to enter. The invader fled when they realized someone was home!!! It was a white male with a black raincoat. They must be really desperate to be risking daylight home invasion and burglaries!

  • Good job Darren!
    Please catch and do not release.

  • Im bummed browns isnt open on weekends. But i know i cant expect Darren to be there 24/7. Everyone needs a day off .
    The cameras at browns capture a lot of angles with good quality imaging.
    Beware tweekers dont steal there, dont even come in just keep walking.
    The tweekers dont need much sleep it seems, Always up and always thiefing.
    Keep one chambered you never know when a methed out psycho is coming in your house with bad intentions .
    It takes the law way too long to respond so be prepared.

  • I bought my first 22 rifle there I think I 12 yrs old .catch the bastid

    • I hope we get to see an image of the suspect soon. Everyone has seen most if the shady caracters and meth mules in this little town.
      Lets get this scumbag!

      • Since you are so good at Googling for your information you should try checking out a few English language sites. They will help you on your spelling and punctuation, but probably not your attitude.

        Maybe you should take a little nap today so you won’t have to feel like pointing your crooked little finger at people that are trying to help you!

        If you just wanted a little negative attention, then here you go!

        • Same old same old

          Same Troll that trolls LOCO. This Troll takes pride in pissing people off and insulting them. Has no respect for anyone or anything. Get used to it, he never lets up, it’s what he lives for.

  • It is awesome that Kym left the nasty comment up for all to see. Whoever that person is looks really mean & stupid.
    You do a tough job Kym. And you do it well. Thanks.

  • It really irritates the crap out of me when I see people’s negative comments on kyms Post’s. Seriously… If you have such an issue with the way she reports, why the hell do you keep reading her stories??? Kym is my aunt. She is one amazing woman. A super mom. I seriously don’t know any other person who could do even half the things she does!!! I’m so sick of all the negativity everywhere!!! Think before you speak!!! I love you Kym! You do such an amazing job!

  • I think you are wonderful too Kym. Thank you for all that you do for our community.

  • The pipeline is going through illegals are being deported a wall is being built . Viva d trump

  • Good luck discovering anything missing. That shop looks like it’s been ransacked on a tidy day!

  • Kim’s number one in my book

  • Raven Mendocino Reynolds

    Thanks Kym for keeping us informed despite some people’s disrespect for others! Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks Kim for all your work, don’t know how you do it.

    And Mr. Trumpite, if you are so worried about fake news look no further than your pal Trump spewing falsehoods left & right. One of his most recent saying there was a recent terrorist attack in Sweden.

  • I was listening to the scanner and Kym reported just like it sounded on the scanner. We are extremely lucky to have her to keep us informed and updated.

  • [edit].. Great job KYM..

  • It is so nice to see our community rally around a women doing a great job. Keep up the support! Small town charm. That’s why we love to call garberville home. Thank KYM

  • Kym, I love what you report, and could not live without it. One small favor, though. When you are referring to a suspect, Why use the word “Indian”? Why use any ethnic word at all? If you must use a narrative, please refer to the subject as “Native American”, rather than “Indian”. Or maybe don’t refer to their race at all?

    • I know what you mean although I disagree that ethnicity shouldn’t be mentioned. I think that at any time I would use “white” to describe a suspect–such as white male adult—then it is appropriate to use another ethnic term to describe a suspect of another ethnicity–black female juvenile (BFJ) for example. Police use the term Indian when they are describing Native Americans. Here’s the terms they use:
      Asian Male Adult AMA
      Asian Female Adult AFA
      Black Male Adult BMA
      Black Female Adult BFA
      Hispanic Male Adult HMA
      Hispanic Female Adult HFA
      Indian Male Adult IMA
      Indian Female Adult IFA
      White Male Adult WMA
      White Female Adult WFA
      (For juveniles, it is the same. Substitute
      “J” for “A” in the abbreviation such as
      I believe the term used on the scanner was “Indian Male Adult” (IMA) though I’m not sure. I try to remember to translate the term to Native American but this time I forgot.

      • I freely admit that I am sometimes less than PC. I have many Indian friends and relatives, and I would never purposely refer to them in a hateful manner. Most people can tell the difference between hate talk and a casual reference. I one time asked one of my friends what was correct. This friend, by the way, particularly didn’t like being called a “Native American”. He told me that the only correct and acceptable term was “Indigenous Person”.
        Just treat people with respect and you should be okay.

        • I heard a African American guy refer to his other African American friend as the “N” word the other day.
          I was very confused due to the fact that my teacher said that word was created by the white man to suppress and impoverish the black race and using it is to the likes of Hitler. We have a swear jar in class and whenever you say bad words like black or mexican or assume someone’s gender without asking, you have to put a dollar in it. At the end of the year we use the money to help sponsor a undocumented immigrant go to college. Our teacher says it cant fix the past actions of out relatives but it will teach us that we’re not better than anyone else just because we were born with white skin. When I asked my teacher why they used the N word she said that they can use any word they want but I can’t because I’ll never understand because I’m too privileged. It made me feel guilty. Being in the sixth grade in this crappy country sucks. My teacher always talks about how good Europe and Canada are, it makes me hate it here! I can’t wait to grow up so I can teach kids the truth like my teachers teaching me.

    • Nope an oranges isn’t orange, the sky isn’t blue and water is not wet. And if you’re a tomato that identifies as a banana while dressed like a kiwi then I guess you got a fruit salad huh.

    • What I wondered when I read “Indian” was whether it meant Native American, or someone of the country actually called India. I guess this ethnic term isn’t very useful in identifying suspects.

      I still have the hunting knife I bought in Brown’s Sporting Goods back in the 1980’s. 🙂

  • Use your names people. Why don’t you? Peggy, Ernie, Kirby and I do, why the hell don’t you? I dare you to. What are you afraid of? Really, tell me. I would love a blog where we all were who we are. I wonder how things would change.

  • Kym – Would you please list my name as onrust rather than full name? [Edit from Kym: Next time fill out the name field with your choice. You don’t need to put your true name.]

    Kym – Thanks for everything that you do. You and your site give me the best information about the goings on in Southern Humboldt. If people have news to contribute to Kym’s stories, why not send her what you have instead of complaining because you think she missed something.

    I grew up in Southern Humboldt in the Dark Ages, er, the 50’s. We lived out by a sawmill in the Salmon Creek area. We were pretty isolated and if we were lucky we could get country music at night on the old GE table radio. No local news on our radio and my folks weren’t great readers so there was no current news. The only newspapers we saw were usually months old and those were just for starting fires.

    I have a fair number of guns and I frequent Brown’s periodically, mostly because they have a good selection of ammunition and their prices are fair.

    Also, I worked on a newspaper, not a whole lot different from what Kym does, and we had a staff of about 100 people working 24/7/365 to do what she does and of course, we got complaints too. Some were almost as ridiculous as I read here sometimes.

    Oh, and I have been mistaken for a white guy most of my life when my true ethnic identity is Indian. It’s hard to tell just by looking. My grandparents did not want to share their ethnicity because of the racism of the white people.

    So, Kym, thanks again for what you do. Oh, and one thing that I learned from reading the comments section is that some Trump supporters can actually read and write, not well mind you, but enough to give the tiniest bit of hope for them.

  • Were all just PEOPLE!!! And when your giving a detailed account of what happen your not going to say “a guy you’ll say he’s black,white or whatever how else do you get the facts straight. It’s not a racist thing. If the theif was white you’d say white.Geeze!! I wish people would stop that shit WERE ALL PEOPLE.God blesses all of us!!

  • Kym, it may be be that the bugler was Mexican, rather than Native American. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate based on camera footage.

  • that guy is camping on the sprawl offramp in the woods saw him go there with two others looks just like the picture I saw

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