[UPDATE 2:16 p.m.: ] Traffic Impacted Between Leggett and Richardson Grove With Two Different Semi Accidents

overturned semi icon featureTwo different big rig accidents are impacting Hwy 101 this morning. In both cases, one way traffic control has been set up. Expect some delays.

The first occurred about 3:45 this morning one mile south of Confusion Hill when a semi struck rocks in the road, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Incident Page. The big rig is leaking oil and radiator fluid onto the shoulder. Some of the oil spill has been contained. Hazmat and the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife have been requested to respond. (Check here for more information.)

The second occurred about 6:20 a.m. A tractor trailer combo overturned just south of Big Foot Burl. At 9:05 a.m., the road closed for a tow truck to recover the big rig.(Check here for more information.)

UPDATE 1:04 p.m.: The accident by Big Foot Burl has cleared.

UPDATE 2:16 p.m.: Talia Rose, who runs the County Line Wild Facebook page, sent us this photo.

Smashed cars in semi wreck

The semi that crashed near Bigfoot Burl was carrying a trailer full of wrecked vehicles.[Photo by Talia Rose of County Line Wild]



  • Second link points to the first accident.

    • I was right behind the guy who dumped his trailer in Richardson Grove. He ran down the hill and through the 45MPH squeeze zone before the bridge at over 65, and then when he came to the curve in front of “Legend of Bigfoot” he never slowed at all. I came around the curve and nearly hit his overturned trailer in the dark.
      Slow the fuck down, everybody!

  • Well I guess this proves that the richardsons grove widening or bypass is needed

    • Sure it doesn’t mean we need a rail connection, so we can stop trucking all this stuff around?

      • Let’s start by not trucking YOUR stuff around! I’d say that we need park rangers at both ends of RG to tell the truckers to slow the fuck down!

    • Neither accident is in the zone of the planned widening.
      The one near Confusion hill is FAR from the planned widening area and in a 2 lane stretch where no widening is even discussed.


    • Read the comment above yours. No amount of road widening is going to stop clowns and bad drivers from exceeding the speed their rigs can deal with. The wrecks will only occur at higher speeds.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      I guess it proves that truckers need some sort of driver’s ed and an easy on-line reference as to the dangers of a particular highway. The road by our house was widened and all that does is encourage maniacal drivers to drive like maniacs until the load is dumped or somebody is killed.

  • No, it just means the trucks need to slow down. The grove is fine the way it is.

  • Clear-cut the grove get it over with

    • Those trees will never get cut down. Especially if you were to crash into one. What we need are the trains back. What? you can’t use your little brain to see that would be better instead of cutting these beautiful trees?

      • Give it up. No one wants your expensive train. There’s no industry to support it and what industry we do have trucking it out is more cost effective. If you want a damn train, the toy store in Henderson Center can set you up.

    • Oooooooo! So provocative, Mr/Ms ‘Capitalist pig’! I am just shaking with angst!!!


  • I hope the drivers are okay.

  • People just need to slow down!! Life is very short,and getting shorter. I hope the drivers are OK. I remember going to a dance at the Heartsook inn with my g-parents and fell in love with Richardson Grove. Didn’t want to leave. The road has changed in spots but so gorgeous thru their always knew I was close to home when we traveled

  • I drove my semi thru there yesterday and handled it just fine. Leave it the way it is!!!

  • Awful lot of big rig accidents lately, bring back the railways and get rid of these idiots!
    Supposedly these truck drivers are some of the most alert due to not being able to test positive for anything, absolutely no excuse but yet many many big rig accidents

    • Are you implying that all truck drivers are addicts?

    • I’m one of those “idiots”. Just so you know it’s those other idiots driving the cars and grow dozers that don’t realize we can’t stop on a dime when we’re cut off by you idiots. Also same with merging when you idiots don’t look till the last minute to get on the freeway, we can’t move a 48,000 lb. plus truck that easy.

  • They say if the trees get cut down we will have cheaper groceries in so hum I highly doubt that will ever happen….

  • Driver pulled up and stopped with a full load of lumber, in the right hand turn lane, in front of a fire hydrant at Big 5 in Eureka. I’m looking at him as he walks by mumbling ” I need a burger ” I call E.P.D. when the officer shows up all he says is” your f-ing kidding me ” walks back to his car and starts writing. Driver came out with his burger, pretty sure it got cold by the time the officer let him go. Another STD Stupid Truck Driver.

  • i am a truck driver i was born and raised in Humboldt county i have been driving truck for 34 years i have seen the results of many truck accidents up and down the 101 yes there are some bad truck drivers there are many more trained professionals that bring you ungrateful bastards everything you need to live your lives up here it disgusts me when you assholes get on here and cut down what we do to make your lives better we bring you everything you consume , yes we even bring your welfare checks and food stamps so you can sit on your deadlocked ass-hairs and bitch and moan about people who work for a living are causing you some inconvenience

    • Ya ya ya please drive carefully, and ask your fellow truckers to slow the fuck down, and then get back to your homes safely without spilling fuel or crashing in Richardson grove.
      Thanks for all the shit we don’t need which you bring, including all that wonderful potting soil for our “gardens”…

    • And I say THANK YOU for all you and drivers like you do! My husband drove truck until he retired… and you’re right on the money! Again… THANK YOU and drive safe!

  • There are good drivers and stupid drivers, but you can’t blame all the drivers. F..k the train. It would take jobs away.

  • I was driving the tractor/trailer this morning and I’m not on drugs, wasnt speeding, and have my 2 bachelors degrees. This was due to a mechanical failure, king pin ripped out! If u have never driven a semi then shut the fuck up!

    • If this is a fact, and you were actually driving the rig which spilled crushed cars all over and blocked the highway while very nearly injuring or killing me (that was me calling the CHP from the silver Acura) then BULLSHIT!! I saw you go speeding into Richardson Grove, rounding the curve at 60+ in a 40 zone! You are a liar! If you have a bachelor’s degree, please find a job you can do without killing anyone! I intend to contact the CHP again and I won’t be happy until you are fired, cited for dangerous driving, fined for the cleanup, and have your stupid truck driver’s license revoked!

      • None of this happened ,, and you Sir are a liar or need to be arrested for leaving the scene of a accident, ,, CHP WAS THE 3RD car on scene where were you ???? We all worked hand in hand with traffic till cleanup was done !!!! ,,,, TRUCKERS are most people’s friends and are only here to help :::)) unless Your FAKE

  • It’s always the nut behind the wheel that causes the accidents. Leave the trees alone.

  • Good and bad drivers everywhere, that being said I have noticed a lot worse drivers lately in regular vehicles and big rigs, usually some jack off looking at there phone, but I followed a big rig the other day from confusion hill to highway 1 and they rode the center line and didn’t slow for any corners, we were blown away that it didn’t tip and that no other cars came the other direction there would have been a head on without a doubt, then again every time I go to town some fxxk stick is always completely on my side on the road on blind corners or straight aways driving everything from a Volvo to delivery trucks

  • There is high demand for Big Rig drivers these days. There is a high percentage of older drivers and less skilled drivers now days.

  • Lumberjackreadytocut

    They are probably hired to crash or turn their rigs over so cal trans can cut finally cut them trees down in the name of safety.
    Pretty simple. And if not the amount of wrecks lately are certainly reason for consideration of removing a fair amount of these giant trees.

  • So…. does that count as a multi-car accident? A major pileup?

    OK, that joke sucks. oh well.

  • Looks like a screen shot out of a movie!!yikes can you image coming around a corner and seeing that,wholly shit. Hoping everyone has a safe sunday

  • I cannot believe it when I read these comments. Everything we use each day has been on a truck at some point. Except for the crap some smoke while writing these comments. The train is no option! I see more accidents now in a week then I ever seen in a year 30 years ago. Driver quality is down as well as many employees you see everywhere. I will not single out any of the “commenters” but I cannot believe some of what I read. Me 43 years with a Class A license and never a wreck but now days people in general are no way courteous on the road anymore. Even in these comments you can see how people react to everyday life. Complain all you want, but look up and remember the roof keeping you dry came on a truck even if you live under a bridge!

  • I’m just curious how having 2 bachelor degrees makes you a good driver? Unfortunately it’s the drivers who go like hell that give the good drivers a bad name. My husband has been driving big rigs since he was 16 years old and he is a good driver. He has lots of friends who are also good drivers and yes, losing a king pin can happen to anyone. However, if you were going 60 plus miles around that corner then shame on you Brandy! I hope you have good insurance and a compliant truck.

  • There was no speed involved ,,, in this xcept for what is around mr. Gray Hondas NOSE ,,,, LEAVE ING the scene of a accident is a FELONY !!! state your name again please ???? CHP, CAL-TRANS and all truckers involved did a OUTSTANDING job keeping EVERYONE safe !!!! Simple mechanical failure can happen at anytime”” SAFE MOTORING

  • Been here 34 years and always an activist for protecting not widening RICHARDSON Grove. Far too many semi-trucks crashing and burning on our highways all the time!
    Poorly trained!

    Trains NOT coming back ever. Humbolt has spent a lot hashing out the train options.
    Not going to happen.

    What about the options for shipping the “stuff”via ocean, up to Humboldt Bay?
    Unload and deliver via smaller safer trucks? How much big semi-trucks traffic coming thru our Humboldt 101 corridor is going on through to OREGON? Can our Hum BAY provide such sea shipping access for deliveries and pick-ups now?

  • Anything that makes sense,they do the opposite. Trucks have been going thru the Grove as long as it’s been their. They seem to do just fine WHEN THEY DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT and pay attention. My dad drove for market wholesale,and my step-dad drove for Engle van lines out of Jersey,to Eureka and never been thru the Grove and had not one thing happen.hummm

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