[UPDATE Sunday] Three-Legged Calico Cat Found in Alderpoint Road Area

Calico cat
This beautiful three-legged calico has gotten lost. She showed up at a residence on Alderpoint Rd. several weeks ago. The finder says she has “tried to find the owners through every possible resource available.”

But no luck.

“She is very active,” the finder said. “I even saw her run up a tree.”

Unfortunately, due to allergies the finder can’t have an indoor cat. “She deserves more than I can give her,” the woman explained.

Hopefully, the owner will see. “Somebody must have cared for her enough to give her the surgery she needed,” the finder said.

But, if not, the calico needs a new home. “If you are interested in this loving and uniquely challenged cat,” the finder said, please email her at aschag@hotmail.com.

UPDATE 4:25 p.m.: Someone in Eureka is willing to take “Trixie.”  The finder is hoping someone will be willing to bring her in a carrier from Garberville to her new owner.

UPDATE Sunday: Trixie is at her new home in Eureka.



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