Man Dies After Officer Involved Shooting in Trinity County

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Stock photo by Oliver Cory

A deputy with the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department fired his weapon at a man believed to have been retrieving a firearm yesterday around 4 p.m. at the Indian Creek Trailer Park in Douglas City. The man died at the scene, according to Stephan Sleeper who is running the park.

“He just wouldn’t listen to what the officers were telling him to do,” Sleeper explained. “They shot him…The kid should have just backed away. He’d still be alive today.”

According to Sleeper who told us he watched the shooting last night, the young man had been in a dispute with a former girlfriend.

Sheriff Bruce Haney told the Trinity Journal that the young man was trying to force the woman into a car at gunpoint. Deputies responded and told the man to put his hands up.

Sleeper said the young man reached into the car to get something.

According to the Trinity Journal, that something was a firearm.

Sleeper explained that the officer then shot the suspect.

Afterwards, Sleeper said, there must have been 40 or 50 officers up here investigating after the shooting. “[The department of the shooting officer] can’t do their own investigation,” he explained, so the California Highway Patrol was called. However, because of the investigation into the serious accident involving a CHP officer that closed Hwy 101 yesterday, there was a shortage of those officers, Sleeper said, so then a Department of Justice team was brought in to conduct the investigation.

Neither the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office nor the California Highway Patrol responded to questions about the incident.



  • Very sad. Condolences to his sorry the officer had to kill him. Bless you all. Glad the woman was unhurt

  • I heard this call yesterday. And I have seen a post to this guys facebook page. Sounds like he was suicidal. It is very sad, and a lot of people are suffering because of what he did.

  • Love makes you do the stupidest shit in the world. Sorry to hear that girl had to go through that and that a young man’s mental health issues led to the end of his life. RIP

  • Aw man, prayers and condolences to all involved.

  • Chicks ain’t worth suicide

  • Fucking piece of shot cop,I mean come on now really,the guy never fired a shot,get a grip probably shot him with his back have to live with this now,you no that it was not nesasary to take his life.just caused you got that fucking badge you think you can just shoot and kill people,[edit] I pray that this haunts you for the rest of your fucking life.[edit]fucking the law cuz y’all are crooked!!!!!!!!…[edit]

    • Outlaw4life? Tells me all I need to know about you and your attitude towards law enforcement. You sound just like the kind of person they protect us from.

    • I think you have some unresolved issues with cops. You don’t even know the whole story and you are posting law enforcement hate. It is a very sad situation for the young man and the officer. Pause with your jumping to conclusions please. If you were friends or family of the young man, I am very sorry for your loss and pain

      • Not related nor do I no the family,and you could be right,I just hope it is justifiable is all.Ya guess I did go a little overboard,my apologies if I offended anyone as I am bad at that.

        • Thanks for stepping up and righting your wrong.

        • Accepted. I can do the same thing sometimes. In the heat of the moment.

        • That one shot That wasn’t fired could have been that girlfriend; who could have been a mother, is a daughter. That one shot that wasn’t fired could have been the officer; mother/father, wife/husband. Or that one shot could have been your child, In the wrong place, at the wrong time. As a fellow first responder, I thank them for their courage to save a life. And yes, they will carry the baggage the rest of there life. That’s the price we pay, so another person can continue the fight, even for one more day.

        • Your upset about the loss of a life, very justifiable. I also hope the cop used non lethal methods before going for a gun. There are a lot of good cops in the world, but we have all seen first hand how the bad seeds give cops a bad name. Just like unethical growers give good ones a bad name.

    • Oh please. You sound like the kind of Trinity County low life that gives the rest of is a bad name. Yeah- this guy could be nice. However he had a history a violence, theft, and drug charges. He held that girl at gun point. That’s not the kind of person that deserves another chance in this kind of situation.
      0 contribution to society other than a welfare dependent baby mama= the rest of us owing him nothing.
      Ever since high school we ALL knew this was how it would end up for him one way or another because he was a TROUBLE MAKER.

      • First of all I am his “baby mama” and I am not welfare Dependant. I work my ass off to be able to give my daughter everything. Second Yes he made the wrong decisions but did he deserve to die? Absolutely not. Yes he was troubled but he needed someone to help him. There is two sides to every story and obviously you only got one side. No i was not on good terms with my daughters father but Your comment is absolutely unnecessary. And inconsiderate to the people who loved him.

        • Just want to say I am so sorry for your loss,I pray that justice is served if necessary,AND I AM ON YOUR SIDE ALL THE WAY.prayers going out to the whole family.good luck,don’t do anything stupid,karma will do it for you.

      • Talking about no good name for trinity county people. You’re part of the trash that gives human kind a bad name. How dare you say that about someone? Maybe you should take a look at yourself before you talk down about someone else. How pathetic.

      • I watched that kid grow up and he was like a son to me and maybe a trouble maker, but he had a good heart and I will forever regret not being there for him during his hard times that no one so young should have to go through. [edit] So many people are in great pain over the loss of him and don’t deserve to read such hatred from you!

    • Outlaw4life. Your occupation suggests your life expectancy isn’t that high either.

    • Take my advice. Don’t give up on finishing your GED.

    • To. Outlaw4life
      If that was your mother,sister or maybe daughter would you have them shoot like they are trained or shoot to scare? Cops are trained to hopefully go home at the end of there shift if that means kill to protect the life of there self or others then they have every right to do so,as do we as ccw condolences to the family and friends of the boy who lost his life.

      • by having a ccw you are held to a higher standard than the average person, you only have permission to carry a concealed weapon, in this state if you can flee you have too even if it puts others at risk and usually even in your home (I know stupid law), only as a very last resort will you possibly not be charged, please look into it as much as you can so you don’t make the worst mistake of your life. (Look into uscca they have videos training and even insurance) anyway glad you have your ccw, stay educated as you can and be safe out there, condolences to all involved

    • The line forms on the left…Get in it!

    • Curiouser and curiouser

      So your sayin’ the officer should have waited for the guy to pick up the gun … so it was an even fight ? SMH the people who protect and serve in our area get treated like crap but still ..they show up and save lives! God bless our first responders!

    • Seriously???? Wow. I think you might just be a little confused [edit] I think anyone with even the slightest degree of gray matter and can see the sadness of ALL involved. The young woman that was clearly in a very troubled relationship, a clearly troubled young man that lost his life, and the brave officer/officers that put their lives on the line every single day they put their uniforms on, and the families of this tragedy. NO officer goes to work and hoping to shoot another human being.

    • You must be some fake ass outlaw. What, did you just realize how it is? The man grabbed a gun after ignoring all commands by the officers. It doesn’t sound like they came in guns blazing. He had his chance. Like cops or not, the punk was in the wrong.

  • Condolences to the family

  • That was my nephew and I would appreciate that those who bad mouth him . Just keep it to your selfs. For respect for the family

  • That was my nephew and I would appreciate that those who bad mouth him . Just keep it to your selfs. For respect for the family . My prays to my brother and his family . If one can not say anything nice dont say anything at all.

    • Black Rifles Matter

      It’s a public blog. Freedom of speech. This isn’t Berkeley. Kudos to the deputy.

      • Praying for you, only the sickest individual would write something like that to an innocent stranger who lost a family member. Hope you find happiness and empathy.

        • Black Rifles Matter

          Prayers not needed. I have happiness in my life as you say I need.. The deputy saved the young woman… and probably others from a hostage situation. If I am a sick individual for supporting the sheriffs dept, then so be it. I sleep well at night knowing it. Ps he’s not a stranger to me, he lives in my direct community and I in fact know them. Michael just doesn’t want people talking about the victims troubled life. Which it was. Troubled.

    • Condolences on your loss. I hope time lessons the pain.

  • Why are we paying for non-lethal weaponry if they never use it???? Eve

  • That is the big question

  • Rest in peace! Condolences to those who knew him and loved him. When one watches a happy child grow into a man, ones hopes that he will live a happy life-filled with possibilities. Unfortunately, choices are made and a path is chosen. This ending is heart breaking for all those involved.

  • COPS 10 dangerous Job PGE lineman 6th most dangerous job

    Family member is a federal marshal out side of Manhattan .He says they apprehend the worst of the worst and they always take them alive .He said cops are pussy’s and afraid .He said once in a while you have to get Physical and kick some ass to apprehend them.He also said any one can easily shoot someone

    • There is always a rivalry of sorts between local law enforcement and Feds, marshalls, etc. I expect bravado comments from the marshalls and Feds. Doesn’t make it true. Cops are pussies and afraid? Hmmmm. Your family member sounds like he is ego driven. Should be supporting other law enforcement. How much backup do marshalls have in Manhattan? Probably more than Trinity County.

  • Constant Vigilance

    Thank God and the good sheriff for saving the young woman’s life. Men are supposed to protect their significant others. They are not supposed to be the ones they need protection from. This man caused his own death by escalating to the use of a firearm. Because he picked up a deadly weapon, that makes the use of a deadly weapon against him OK. Don’t allow your children to witness domestic violence or this cycle never ends. Don’t blame the woman and don’t look for excuses for the man. Don’t minimize. Don’t deny.

    • Black Rifles Matter

      100 percent agree with you. Trinity sheriffs dept is great. Good men and women who care about and love their communities.

      • No ego no problems

        The real problem is police today, are scared weak people who surround themselves with like minded people, train themselves to shoot and kill like a feeding frenzy, and so pumped up to do so. The kid just needed help,not to be shot.everyone knows This didn’t need to happen. I hope the cop is accountable for his actions, good or bad, The kid got shot in the neck then in the chest three times. Crazy to except justifiable when he had no gun in his hand at that time.

        • Black Rifles Matter

          Wow. Ok… the kid HAD problems. I am from trinity and know exactly who the victim is and what he was into. The cop got to go home to his family, the girlfriend was safe. They did their job. I am not happy about the situation, but blaming the cop for the kids young mans actions that lead up to this event happening is just baloney.

  • Mental illness, (depression, addiction) is the real killer here… judging and assuming has absolutely no purpose but to boast the writer’s own ego and prejudices.

    No one knew what he was thinking, what his reality entailed, or the haunting demons in his head, no one has that knowledge about anyone . So at the end of the day, the week, month and years for those of us that knew him, we’ll forever be different, and at times wonder if there was anything we could have done to have saved him from himself.

    Eventually we will all be meeting the same fate but when it’s at such a young age it is always tragedy regardless of the method. We are supposed to go before our kids not the other way around.

    Our sweet “Jay” finally at peace, and on your way to the light to become our and your baby girl’s guardian angel.

    If I Die Young
    See You Again
    In the arms of an angel

    I pray his family find the strength to cope with this tragedy.

  • As usual there’s alot more to this not being spoke of that lead up to this saddened incident, the young man who died and the ex had recently split up due to trauma from the loss of a baby and it went bad, no one has spoken about him looking for her the day before and going to someone’s home and arguing with them, he was asked to leave, he did and immediately went back inside and pulled a gun and held 5 people hostage for an hour, (one of them was my granddaughter, so i know all of these kids involved) the ex convinced him to leave, the sheriff’s dept was notified, he was then on the run, seriously i don’t think he cared about the out come, those who were held hostage are all devastated and saddened by the loss of a friend and all very traumatized due to all incidents leading up to this, so sad and so young, my prayers are with all involved…

  • I agree love hurts, but doesn’t hurt others. Sounds more like jealousy, not love.

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