Trump Administration Declares Major Disaster Exists for Hoopa Tribe

Press release from the White House:

hoopa valley tribe sealThe President today declared a major disaster exists for the Hoopa Valley Tribe and ordered Federal aid to supplement the Tribe’s recovery efforts in the areas affected by a severe winter storm from January 3 to January 5, 2017.

Federal funding is available to the Hoopa Valley Tribe and certain private nonprofit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for emergency work and the repair or replacement of facilities damaged by the severe winter storm on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation.

Federal funding is also available to the Tribe on a cost-sharing basis for hazard mitigation measures.

Robert J. Fenton, Acting Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security, named Timothy J. Scranton as the Federal Coordinating Officer for Federal recovery operations in the affected areas.

Additional designations may be made at a later date if requested by the Hoopa Valley Tribe and warranted by the results of further damage assessments.



  • I wonder what it is like for a “small government” tea bagger to sign a decree that actually helps folks by spending some cash?

    • For every bundle of tax money that is sent away, over 40% is used for red tape bureaucrats. The middle man gets most of the money that would otherwise stay in the community in the first place. Pay the State bureaucrats to send it to the DC bureaucrats then pay the DC bureaucrats to send it to the State bureaucrats, then pay the community bureaucracy to disperse it approvingly. Give the beureaucrats a raise.
      The Framer’s of the Constitution limited taxing, forbid direct taxing of the people. The politicians later made unconstitutional amendments to collect taxing. The people are always in need now, while the bureaucracy expands in unbelievable size & strength. Funny how that works.
      I don’t have to wonder how the progressives feel about stealing all that money, then having to return a small porion of it under pretense of compassion and helping. They are always begging for more taxing, more equality. They won’t stop until even the crumbed crumbs are non existant.

      • Can anybody remember Boss Hogg?

      • Shak
        ” over 40% is used for red tape bureaucrats.”

        At least the money stays in this country. The thing that hurts us the most is the money that is sent to other countries and doesn’t come back. Then we print more money and go further in debt. (Currently around 19.5 TRILLion) If that 19.5 trillion had stayed in the U.S. we could still be whining about other Americans getting paid too much and we would be debt, and interest, FREE.

        It’s funny how things work in the real world.

        By the way, I’m happy for Hoopa. Now it’s up to them to piss it away, or use it effectively, which I think they will.

        Obama gave South Africa 5 Billion dollars for infrastructure. I’m sure they need it, however, it would have only cost a few million to repair the crumbling Oroville Dam. Now it will cost 200 million to half a billion to repair it.

        • We the people give billions to other nations around the world for munitions. THAT should make each of us weep.

          • On top of that, Veteran’s Friend, the government has stockpiled every unconstitutional agency branch, & many of the constitutional branches, with assault weapons, ammo, riot gear, grenades, and everything needed to take down America. Which brings me to a scary conclusion. While our military is scattered over seas in strange out of the way areas, the Pentagons military megacities training video is exposed, the unconstitutional bombings of other countries creating refugees and backlash, the Clinton PDD 25 act that utilizes foreign military in America when our military is busy elsewhere, all senate hearings concentrating on the UN 2030 goals, the UN mastering war mongering since ww2, the UN goal to disarm American citizens & cops, the chemtrails ruining our water and gardening soil, the campaigns to blame citizens for everything for tax raising purposes, and wow, talk about boiling frogs.
            ∆ Trust me, I’m from the government and I’m here to help. ∆

        • Well said, & I mostly agree Ernie, especially about the billions sent to foreign nations to support their perpetual wars.
          But ” staying” in the county it originated from doesn’t resonate for me, when we don’t have emergencies every year. We do have a lot of bureaucracy created crisis’s, such as badly managed forests that burn until we thank the emergency fund relief and vow to vote to raise taxes.
          The old fashioned way pulled people together for emergency causes. Now the causes are created in order to pull the people together for higher tax voting.
          We’re both correct, which magnifies the corruption.

    • dumdumdumdumdumdumdum

      the Dem’s would still be in power if they did what a small government tea bagger did and sign a decree that actually helps folks by spending some cash.”

    • Not sure if you missed it, but Trump ran AGAINST the tea party… that was Ted Cruz.

    • Go trump I think he’s a stoner good work

  • What exactly are the storm damaged facilities they speak of?

  • It’s interesting how this news is made public, but there has been little to nothing about the pipeline and trumps total hatred of the people of Standing Rock, their culture, and their land. Fuck trump!

  • That’s funny. The people who stole the land in the first place 150 years ago are the ones responsible. They did far worse to the natives then the Donald ever did. I think your still butt hurt over the election results. So have a coke and a smile [edit]!

  • A Norcal feminist reporting positive news about the Trump administration (and actually using the T-word), gives some hope of making America unified again. Well done Kym. Super duper props!

  • For a very minimal financial effort the new administration has added to their existing great environmental record

  • I thought they had casino’s to help with that stuff? im confused on how they are “not held by the white mans laws” yet when they need help it’s all fine and dandy? wtf?

  • Hadn’t heard about unusual damage on the rez. What’s up?

  • I thought Obama started this process. How did Trump get the kudo’s?

  • The Hoopa Valley Tribe’s OES, Roads Dpartment, volunteer Fire Department, Wildlsnd Fire Department all collectively mobilized during the storms, removing downed trees and powerlines, brought food and wood to the elderly and handicapped, repaired several road slides, and effectively protected all residents of the valley. Afterwords the Tribe had to submit an application to FEMA under the same process of the State. Rest assured that direct funding will not line the pockets of bureaucrats in Hoopa. The Tribe should be applauded for their efforts as Humboldt County does little at Hoopa during emergency situations. Orange Walking Eagle (Trump) did nothing but initiate programs that were already in place.

  • Robert I was at first impressed with your reply.

    Then not so much.

    Here in the valley we faced huge weather related woes.

    Thank you federal government and Trump for the funds. May the council have great wisdom as they use the funds.

    Thank you so all those in the valley who helped their neighbors who were snow bound or down tree bound in their homes.

    School was cancelled for five days due to the weather related power and water outages and unsafe roads.

    Thank you to all those who came out and repaired power lines, water lines, and roads as a well as providing food and fire wood. They are true heroes.

    Being so far from heavy traffic the casino does not provide as much financial benefit to the local tribe, as say, Bear River, Cheri Heights or the Blue Lake Rancheria Casinos.

    Locally I heard one pastor say, “Ah, do you see the word “sin” in casino? It is the red way of getting money from addicted non Indians. Sadly in our little valley far too many folks go for the hopeful big win and then run out of money for the needs of their family.

    There are plenty of reasons for pause and concern for natives and non natives a like over the Great Red Headed President regarding Indian policies.

    What he does to the native community can very well be done to non natives regarding imminent domain, allocation of resources, education and health and safety.

    It bodes well for all of us to let our voice be heard and our rights affirmed.

    If you look at past Presidents polices regarding native issues, then you will realize both sides of the aisle have dirty linen in their closet. And both the left and right have reneged on treaties over the last two hundred years.

  • What’s the name of the casino in hoopa? It’s been awhile since I’ve been their I didn’t know they had one. When did they build it?Did they rebuild the one in Klamath? I haven’t been out in

    • Lucky Bear Casino. Not sure when it was built. It’s part of the same building that used to be Ray’s Food Place. There’s also a small museum in the same building. The casino in Klamath is Yurok.

  • brainwashed heart bleeding libetards were telling everyone how bad Trump is and that hes racist.
    Well again it looks like Trump is the best thing that ever happened to America.
    Pull up your pants and figure out what bathroom to use already.
    Be glad we have someone in office that brough a broom to sweep up obamas shit storm

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