[UPDATE 1:15 p.m.] Power Out to Whitethorn area; Tree and Power Lines Blocking Briceland Thorn; Whitethorn School Closed

Power is out to about 250 customers after a tree fell into power lines and blocked both Briceland Thorn Road and Ettersburg Road.

PG&E estimates the power will be restored by 10:51 a.m.

UPDATE 7:59 a.m.: Road open to one way traffic control.

UPDATE 8:14 a.m.: Whitethorn School closed.

UPDATE 9:01 a.m.: Several readers who say they are at the scene tell us the road is closed. A call to the CHP at 9:01  a.m. tells us the road is open to one way traffic control as does the CHP Incident page. (My guess–probably closed but CHP is reporting it open to one way. …A photo from the scene would be good.)

UPDATE 1:15 p.m.: The CHP site indicates the road is completely clear. However, PG&E estimates that power will not be restored until 6 p.m.



  • Is Whitethorn school still open?

  • Pic from my brother on his way to town

  • Thanks for keeping us up to date on this

  • According to people there it is still closed

  • Drivin' by everyday

    Just passed through the EB junction. It is controlled one lane traffic, with a low power line at around 8 feet in the air. Normal cars and trucks can pass, but tall semis and others cannot get through yet

  • This part of the road from Huckleberry Hill up past the junction sure gets a beating in the windy storms. I’ve lost count of the poles snapped and how many times the lines have come down. More than once this year alone.

  • T-Ridge firefighter

    The roads are now open at the Ettersburg Junction.

    I think the confusion was because we were able to open one lane of the Briceland Thorn Road periodically to controlled traffic, but not to semi trucks or taller vehicles, because they were driving under a sagging phone line .
    Meanwhile the Ettersburg road remained closed until the wires were cleared.
    We also had to stop traffic while a patient (stuck on Ettersburg Rd) was loaded
    into the ambulance at the junction.
    A good group effort from Humboldt County Roads crew, PG&E, Frontier Phone,
    CHP & Telegraph Ridge Fire.
    The roads sure have been challenging this winter.
    Try slow.
    Drive safely.

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