Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Most Wanted: Trinity River Division

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:Humboldt County most wanted



  • Thank you for the photos.

    It can get really sketchy when getting gas at the station in Hoopa.

    The staff there are great at diverting pan handlers and zoned out folks who harass the customers.

    Sad to not see a grocery in Hoopa but the mini mart is trying to fill in the food gap here in town.

    Thank you for covering our little part of this marvelous world.

    Kudos to all the folks who are getting sober and living a healthier life.

    For all the doom and gloom of our region it is so very good to see community members wanting to make our valley a better place to live.

    Shout out to the kind soul Debra Carpenter walking the 96 in the valley picking up garbage!

    Thank you dear lady.

    I read the her to the editor in the February 7th edition of the Two Rivers Tribune. Maybe you can interview her for your site here?

    • Nice to hear positive stuff for a change. Thank you. I am hopeful that the generations to come in the Valley can get themselves out of the abuse cycle and become strong again. So many wasted and sad lives because of drugs and alcohol.

  • I lived out that way for a while. Being white made it a slight challenge, but I met the nicest people. I sold strawberries at a little local farmers market and sometimes traded for salmon jerky. I got invited to dances and would go by myself. I felt out of place, but most people were accepting. They fed me well because I was so skinny. I witnessed timeless magic with their singing and dancing. Lifetime experience for me. It could have gone sideways many times, but never did. It wasn’t hard to see what lies beneath the surface. Lots of downward spiraling energy. Lots of things happen out here that don’t make the news.

  • Dont go out at night

  • I think HCSO is a little confused. Jonah has been in jail since February 8th.

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