Single Vehicle With Two Allegedly Intoxicated Occupants in Accident on Hwy 36

Traffic Collision Car AccidentA black Mercedes SUV was in an accident near mile marker 25 on Hwy 36 about 10:30 p.m.

According to a first responder both appear to be intoxicated. The vehicle is over the side of the road.



  • Was it a guy named Aliar ? Hope so cause he is a liar and a thief. Hopefully carma caught up with him. POS

  • Drunks try to drive this road but sadly seldom succesfully, especially in the wind & rain!!! That curve is notortious for being dangerous anyway!!! It’s known rightfully so, locally as The Devil’s Elbow,!!!

  • Dan Fuller, I didnt know it had a name, very fitting. I dont drink alcohol, nor do drugs of any kind, and I have lots of respect for HWY 36. We drive this road alot, and have been lucky not to be involved in a accident from the other idiot drivers

    • Actually it was the second wreck of the night that was at Devil’s Elbow just before you get to Grizzly Creek State Park!!! I was unaware at that time that there was a second wreck!!! Thus my confustication!!!

  • There are so many drunks in huge trucks speeding on that road that we avoid it now. Not always easy. And sad, its a beautiful trip, yet so many yahoos don’t care. They just mash the pedal on the Ram down, and ride your ass. Sick of ’em.

    • I’ve lived on 36 for over 30 years and learned how to drive that road safely. I also have a “huge truck” (as you call it) Dodge Ram. Can’t tell you how many times I have been going the speed limit and some small Subaru, Nissan or Toyota has been on my a_ _ and passed me at a dangerous place. When I ride someone close, it’s usually because they are going 35-40 in a 55 and won’t pull over. Most people don’t know how to drive curves, but won’t move to allow others to pass. Most accidents out here are cars driving way too fast, and end up into a tree.

      • I too have lived on this road for 30+ years!!! I also drive the way you do riding someone’s A$$ if they won’t get over, also I have been passed like I was standing still while driving the speed limit & on dangerous blind corners as well!!! Too many people who don’t know the road & or don’t know how to drive properly period this road or any other!!!

  • How could 1 car have 2 dui occupants. So stupid. Remember, if you work the pedals and he works the wheel, you can legally drink twice as much.

  • I’m pretty sure this is a ways past Devil’s Elbow. Little Golden Gate Subdivision is around 22 and it was beyond that.

  • shawn the fisherman

    When in doubt “Throttle out”!

  • Hoping it’s not Jose and Tanya

  • Someone could be dead because because of these people. I hate drunk drivers!

  • I agree Mustang Sally!

  • Driving drunk is bad enough,but on one of the most dangerous roads in HUMBOLDT!! Not to mention he could have killed someone.oh ya with bad weather to boot!!! Hopefully his insurance will tell him to F.O!!! Sad for the Benz

  • Sadly, folks who drive stoned or drunk do not care how their actions harm others.

    Most likely the DUI driver does not have insurance.

    Pretty scary reading how many folks drive drunk not only in the wee of the mornings but during the day as well.

    And if you read the Lost Coast Outpost bookings pages you will see repeat offenders.

    Offensive driving is essential. Especially on the mountain roads and byways.

    You not only deal with elk, deer, bears, and rock slides, but ass hats driving thirty in a fifty-five zone, folks who speed up when you can pass to keep you from passing them, and the weaving and bobbing pedestrian at o’dark thirty in black clothes walking the center line.

    Stay alert out their folks.

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