Major Injury Accident on Hwy 36

chp major injury featureAt approximately 7:14 p.m. a white Kia SUV struck a tree on Hwy 36 near the Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park Entrance. The driver was still unconscious a half hour after the accident.

The California Highway Patrol Incident page is reporting that this is a major injury accident.




  • Positive energy to all involved

  • Slow the f*** down 36 drivers!!!

    • AMEN to that especially in wet/windy weather such as tonight!!! The road is dangerous when it’s warm & dry but even more deadly under stormy conditions!!!

    • YES! I live on 36, 45mph area, NO body goes 45! I respect speed signs in every neighborhood, all you fast drivers are a danger, ESPECIALLY cafe motorcycles and huge grow dozers! Respect people pulling into their driveways, after they’ve had blinker on to warn people of turn. DISRESPECTFUL!!!!! Besides that, you’re endangering others.

  • KYM,
    Have you heard anything else about the Major Injury Accident as of now, 9:34 pm?

    Thank you so much for the hours and hours it must take for you to listen and report in the only the new that’s happening in real time so we don’t wait until 5-6 news or the 11:00.
    So thanks again,

    • No Law north of the KLAMATH

      COME ON TRACY. It’s 2017. We no longer have to use telegrams. But yes. KYM KEMP does an outstanding job.

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