[UPDATE 4:01 p.m.] Law Enforcement Responding to a Report of a Fight With Baseball Bats in Garberville

onlookersSeveral people are involved in a physical fight using baseball bats in front of the Lone Pine Motel in Garberville, according to scanner traffic at approximately 3:22 p.m. Multiple Humboldt County Sheriff deputies were responding.

The dispatcher called for Code 33 which means to clear all radio traffic except for emergencies. As of 3:27 p.m., the Code 33 has been stopped.

UPDATE 3:38 p.m.: Our reporter Bobby Kroeker went to the scene and didn’t locate a baseball bat fight. We have a call into the Humboldt County Sheriff requesting more information.

UPDATE 4:01 p.m.: There was a report of subjects with baseball bats in an altercation at 3:19 p.m., according to Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, Stacy Hanson.

When officers arrived on scene, Hanson said. They learned that two subjects were in a fight over a female. One of the people involved had a baseball bat. The got into a tug-a-war with the bat. One of them jerked the bad hard and it him in the face giving him minor injuries. Neither subject wanted further assistance from officers. No arrests were made.



  • More tweaker issue at the Lone Pine….

  • When are going to shut that place down thay did it in methreka thay can do it hear

    • Ur rite l this crap neads too stop rite now wur 12 generashin an we wrnt braut up this way no sir.

      • Is this English? What language are you speaking?

      • Your ignorance is sad and disgusting.

        • Who’s ignorance? I would say talking down to someone because they May not know how to spell is pretty ignorant and sad… Ignorant to the fact that not everyone knows how to spell at least the guys trying to get involved and he’s not standing up for a bunch of drug use and shit what the hell is your problem? Why don’t you look in the mirror and see if you’re so damn perfect then maybe you can act like your God but if you look in that mirror of yours and you don’t have this glow around you and you’re not Jesus like I suggest you STFU there’s no room for it especially with all the negative bullshit going on in this world right now… Don’t be a jackass.

        • That is sad, these kids come out of school and that’s the only way that they seem to know how to write/spell.. I know when I was a teachers aide 19 years ago, our little 1st graders spelled like that at first. But by the end of the year they could write/spell correctly!! Really sad…

          • Tara,
            I am disgusted that you were a teachers aide. Putting someone down because they can’t spell very well makes you seem pathetic. I feel sorry for you. Anything you may have ever done good in your life, you just took away with your one paragraph. You compared Daryl to a first grader. That’s bullying. You also assumed he is a kid. He may be a seventy year old man, whom had to work to help support his family. You don’t know so don’t show your ignorance by judging or assuming! We all know that assumptions just make YOU an ass!

            I agree with you 100%. My siblings and I were raised better too! We treated others as we wanted to be treated, and we respected our elders. So much has changed. It’s sad.
            Also Tara the teachers aide might be able to spell better then you, but no one taught her manners.
            I would rather surround myself with bad spellers, then rude ass holes!
            Thanks Daryl for your post.

    • Yoo R sew rite. I sed thay shud doo dat tha otha dey.

    • Ahem… *eutweaka* lol. Sorry, not funny but we straight people call it eutweaka down in these parts Down south you call it methrica guess… LOL just playing have a beautiful day!

  • Modern day cavemen using Louisville Sluggers…heartzies! 😉

  • Tweakers in a dispute over a Tweakette??

  • How come noone said anything about the chainsaw? I heard it was bat vs stihl haha

    • Yes I saw it…one of the guys did pull out a chainsaw from his truck to threaten the guy with the bat. Only in Garberville lol

  • Wer y’all trien tah spiel erethin rong er is ya that unejakated

  • The story I heard goes like this…One guy gets out of his car with a baseball bat, walks up to another car and hits the back window with the bat, breaking the window, so dude jumps out of the car that just got busted and grabs a chainsaw from the backseat and proceeds to chase baseball bat guy with it…At some point a struggle ensued, but the chainsaw was never started…Only in Humboldt, smh

    • Wow…The Sheriff’s Office’s version was not near as interesting!

    • Oh i think theres a few places in idaho these things happen 🙂

    • Rock, paper, scissors…

      Baseball bat, chainsaw and…?

      • And…. Gasoline.
        The saw can cut the bat. The saw can’t work without gas. The bat can work without the gas. ….Something like that.

      • “They learned that two subjects were in a fight over a female.”

        Same deal, Virginia, 2011. Batter battered chainsawer.

        “Police say the whole argument appears to be over a woman.”

        “Sheriff Maj. David Decatur says Douglas Edward Turner went banging on the “victim’s” door just before midnight demanding that he come outside. When the man opened his door, Turner came at him with a chainsaw. Turner cut up a handrail but did not injure the victim, who ran back inside and locked the door.

        Police say Turner gained access to the house, chainsaw still spinning, prompting the other man to call police.

        While waiting , authorities said the victim grabbed a baseball bat and whacked Turner over the head, and then in the stomach. Turner then got into his truck and fled the scene, just before police arrived.”


  • Got to luv so-hum….. tweakers much!!!
    Probably really fighting over a bag!
    Glad I’m in mendo…

  • Maybe their were hidden camera’s!!lol🎥🎬📷

  • ahh, the smell of testosterone on valentine’s day.

    the guy who jumped outta the truck was cupid. he grabbed his bat instead of his bow and quiver, and decided to just hit this client instead of shooting him in the heart.

    aside: i know YOU know what the heart being pierced by an arrow represents…
    let me see a show of hands.

  • Real Lumberjacks use guns.
    They should ban baseball bats.

  • Ok.
    Joe. (Not my brother.) Sent a text to the other guy telling him to get Jennifer’s stuff and dog or they would be in the dumpster.
    Guy went back and fight started.
    Joe’s window was broken on his car.
    He grabbed his bat. The other guy grabbed his chainsaw.
    I ran over and yelled if they had all gone crazy?
    The bus was coming!
    The guy with the chainsaw put it back and took off.
    Police were called and came promptly.

  • Yeah them tweakers better rrememer That garberville is staffed now and you will go to jail faster than you can pull your pants up!
    The shell station changed their policy on bathroom use towards non paying customers due to these patrons constantly defacing , damaging and braking fossets sinks paper dispensers and toilets. All businesses should follow suit. Its time not to cater to these low lifes anymore. Its disgusting having to open a bathroom door to some vagrant cleaning his rear end that is uncapable to use a button loor lock leading innocent folks to believe the bathrooms are un occupied.
    Lets clean this town up and get these meth mules moving on to other pastures before the place gets covered with needles and broken meth pipes for little kids to encounter.
    Its a shame what looking away and the liberal attitudes of the bernie voters lead to. Theres no peace and love under the bridge or on hippie hill late at night. Dont be mislead we do need law and order otherwise small communities will turn into a meth heaven like eureka.

  • I remember the time one of the locals took a chainsaw to the bar in the Ebony Club in Eureka. Back in the late 60’s or early 70’s. I won’t mention any names.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Batshit crazy.

  • Somebody should have thrown them a baseball and some baseball mits/gloves and yelled “play ball!”

  • THat ain’t nuthin’ unless you wrap the baseball bat in chain. Saw it on tv so it must work just like anything you find on the internet. Whadaya mean “nope”?

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