Aww, Local Celebrity Arranges a Sweet Thank You to His Teacher

Celebrity Chef and local kid made good, Guy Fieri along with the California Lottery is asking folks to thank a teacher this Valentine’s Day. He shared his own gratitude for the assistance of former Ferndale teacher, Fran Fischer, in the video above.

“I’ve been waiting my whole life to say thank you,” said Fieri. “This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to thank the teacher who made me who I am. I’m so happy I was able to partner with California Lottery and thank her in person.”

For Valentine’s Day, he asks his fans to follow his lead and thank a teacher who made an impact on their lives.



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  • Neat idea. I doubt if I have a teacher still alive. Several years ago I made contact with a daughter of one, her mom was in a care home. I think I will thank one of my kid’s teacher.

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