Mattole Road to Be Closed For Several Hours Daily Starting Monday

road closedPress release from Humboldt County Department of Public Works:

The Humboldt County Department of Public Works will be repairing the storm damaged roadway on Mattole Road at post mile 11.13.

A complete closure to traffic will occur daily from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. The planned closure will provide passage for the daily school bus at the regular scheduled times.

Construction is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 13, 2017, and will take about one week to complete. Traffic control systems will remain in place until the repairs are complete.

If you have any concerns or questions, please, contact Angi Sorensen, Humboldt County Public Works Construction Engineer, at
(707) 445-7448.

We thank you in advance for your patience and look forward to the completion of the project.



  • AnonymousHumboldtian

    It’s about time. If they would have fixed it a year ago it probably would only have taken a few days. Laying down gravel and putting up a stop sign is like putting a band aid on a broken leg.

    • Short Forest Toad

      Yep. They could have mobilized their legions of workers and paid them with those barrels of cash they have to fix the only hole in a Humboldt County road to save you a few hours of inconvenience.

      • AnonymousHumboldtian

        Only hole? You obviously have never driven the road. Your lucky not to get a flat tire hitting one of those craters. Also, the road through the state park is atrocious and the department of parks and rec should be ashamed. They never touch the road until the marathon or the bike race happens. You fail to realize people live out there. Years of neglect and poor fund management lead to issues like wilder ridge road sliding out. It seems like all the roads in Humboldt county fall into extreme disrepair, but somehow we always find the money to repave south broadway even when it doesn’t need it.

  • I just called the number in the article, spoke to a Michael, not Angi, there, and he said the mile markers begin at the Honeydew Bridge, and this repair spot is NOT the Roscoe Slide, but a spot near Indian Creek (McWhorters’ area) where a culvert is failing–11.13 miles northwest of Honeydew. Up on Shenanigan, i think.

    • AnonymousHumboldtian

      That side of the mountain needs fixing too. The whole road needs to be repaved from 101 all the way to honeydew.

  • Do you have a map showing where the repairs will be done?

  • I drove this road yesterday late afternoon from Ferndale down thru Rockefeller Forest to the 101. It was practically a hurricane, and the HOURS spent dodging potholes, and driving around landslides, added to the parts of the road where the road was improvised. The only vehicles seemed to be the road crew, going home for the night.

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