Klamath River Flooded onto Hwy 96

Hwy 96 just opened about 5 p.m. after being flooded by the Klamath River about three miles east of Seiad in Siskiyou County since about 7 a.m. Above is a video taken by Mario Gomez about 9:30 this morning.

The water has since receded and traffic is able to flow through the area.





  • This looks so scary and it’s sad. Hope the rain stops soon. To think I was in the flood there on the Klamath as a baby in Dec. of 1955. Makes me nervous for the people up there. Where I am, we are watching the Eel River go up and down. STAY SAFE AND DRY HUMBOLDT.

    • We’re all different, i dont find it so much sad or scary, but a humbling that can only come from nature and is necessary for humans to remember. We need to be reminded that theres only so much we can control and to just flow with it as best we can. Nature bats last.
      To each their own tho 🙂

  • Easily could drive one way through it.

  • It'll be bigger with no dams....... but...

    Just the reason why I hope they keep some kind of flood control in place when they take those dams out. Maybe just take out the middle of the dam, the width of the normal flow, leaving the already embedded sides as choke points, that fill up part of the current lakes when it gets big like this. I know many want them GONE! But let us think of times like this.

  • Nice pun in your report.

  • Indivisible Siskiyou

    Absolutely beautiful! Such a deceptively powerful river. I live about 40 mile east of Seiad up Humbug Creek and have been seeing white water (mixed with silt and mud ) since Monday morning, when my hydro-generator got washed out. I’ve suffered a great deal of damage this winter but I have to say that nature in all of her manifestations is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the great video.

    • Thank you for the glimpse of your beautiful area.

      • Indivisible Siskiyou

        Thank YOU for your everything you work so hard to provide to the Triangle community! I daily wish there were such an invaluable resource for my neck of the woods. I’ve been reading your posts since they were posted on another site, long before I moved to Siskiyou County. I can not express my appreciation sufficiently.

  • Mother nature showing her POWER!!! We got water now

  • I watched a garage flow down the klamath in happy camp some time between 72 and 74. I’m sure things will be worse when the dams in Oregon and No Cal are removed.

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