Humboldt Is Becoming Quite the Place to Film

Road closed.

Cones and a sign keep cars from traveling through the area where crews are filming. [Photo by Betsy Totten]

Just call Humboldt the Hollywood of the north. It seems that movie stars and film sets are almost ho hum nowadays. Today, as of 8:30 a.m., through traffic on Wabash Avenue in Eureka is blocked a couple blocks east of Union. Film crews are scurrying about.

Reportedly, yesterday the crew was in Arcata at Stars and in Eureka at the Cherry Blossom Bakery.

We’re pretty sure it’s the film crew for An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn. The Lost Coast Outpost reported on it here.

UPDATE 9:40 a.m.: Michael Karo sent us this photo of the crew filming in Henderson Center yesterday.

Film crew at night

Film crew in Henderson Center. [Photo by Michael Karo]



  • I was supposed to be an extra at the Eureka Inn. The casting amateur forgot to email me. Then she wondered why I wasn’t there. I didn’t here back from her so I made other plans that day. I missed out on the money and being in a movie because the local movie mavens haven’t a clue how to be professional.

  • Or the 8th season of walking dead. No need for extras. Just start rolling!

  • Who cares? Not me.

  • Whats the name of the movie ?

  • It’s awsome. Although they have made movies and commercials here for decades!!GO HUMBOLDT WE ROCK💜

  • Crime documentary? Drug and sex trafficking documentary? I get the oceans and forest are great places to film but the middle of shitty ole’ crime and drug filled eureka isn’t. Like the comment above, great place for a walking dead scene.

    • Part of it is that so many areas are homogenized, same mini malls that are the same color with the same stores. Having storefronts and buildings that still have character&uniquenesd will help us get more and more movies filmed here. Not every hollywood movie is about pretty happy new looking things based in todays world.
      Have you been to the eureka inn? Far from dirty and scuzzy.
      But hey if you wanna lump all the beautiful places and people in eureka into one zombie crime ridden idea, go for it, there are lots of us who know better. I ♡ eureka.

      Many thanks to our amazing film commissioner Cassandra, shes a hard working lady helping infuse our area with film money. Im sure more would film here if there were actually direct flights between arcata and LA.

  • Our house was scouted for this movie. Not chosen in the end, but it was fun, anyway!

  • shawn the fisherman

    I love movies. You guys are buzz kills!

  • Hollywood of the north? Let’s see, panhandling, homeless and tweakers on the streets, zombies come out at night. You might have something there.

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