Don’t Burn Abandoned Cars, Says Letter to the Editor

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Vehicle burning, car fire

Vehicle burning on China Creek February 9. [Photo by Jim Fulton]

Dear Editor,

My name is Nadia Minikel, I attend Casterlin Elementary School. I am very concerned about the burned and abandoned cars on Alderpoint road. I have many reasons why they should be cleaned up.

My top reason why they should clean up the burnt and abandoned cars is that when they burn the cars it pollutes the air. It is not healthy to breath in all of the gasoline and other things. Also the fire fighters that go to the fire have the possibility to get cancer later in life. It isn’t good for the animals either. The animals might try to eat some of things in the burnt car and get sick.

When you drive on the road and see the burnt and abandoned cars they don’t look good. It covers up all of the beautiful scenery. Nadia MinikelI think everyone else agrees that we would rather see the trees, mountains, and fields than a burned abandoned car on the side of the road. In our pictures there might be half a burned car.

It is also waste of time and money. You could get the car fixed and drive it again or you could sell it. If you can’t afford to get it fixed take to a junkyard nearby don’t burn it. Burning cars is not a smart, good, or safe thing to do.

Nadia Minikel [6th grade]



  • Nice work, Nadia. Very well said and written.
    I don’t like burnt or abandoned cars either.
    Nature is peaceful and beautiful, but these cars are scary and ugly.

    Let’s look after our community, neighbors, and environment with respect. And unlike those burnt and abandoned cars left on the side of the road, your kind and caring words here are smart, good, and safe.

    I really appreciate you doing this. Thank you for getting involved and writing this letter, Nadia!

  • Yes, thank you Nadia for writing a smart letter! This is your future world and it is great that you care! I hope you are proud of yourself for writing your thoughts and sharing them ! I look forward to seeing more kids follow in your footsteps! Keep doing what are doing! This is just the start for you!

  • You sound like such a mature young lady. I hope everyone reads your letter,and find it as encouraging as I do!! God bless you and your heart and for caring so much about our beautiful home. Let’s hope they listen🙆

  • Thanks Kym, Great Blog!

    How about putting some game cams up to figure out who the car burners are? The cameras are pretty cheap, they take video and still shots and would capture the whole scene. Probably the same guy driving from Alderpoint out to the coast and back who happenes to have some quad or generator gas in the back of their rig and happen to think burning cars is fun.

    • Great idea. Put up surveillance to watch abandoned cars. How bout one annual medical mateel reggae event to pay browns to tow the cars to a scrapper (noted: scrap metal has almost zero value). Or….. How many 3/4 – 1 ton trucks drive by “The Abandoned”? Or….. Get the CHP trainees to tow, run the vin, then charge the owner. Duuuuuuuuh.

    • they should start by putting a camera at the road by the dump, were poeple keep leaving trashed rvs….

  • Police lead war on old cars and poor ,landless,people.

    • sorry zoltan,
      you couldnt be more wrong… its addicts, tweekers, and thieves who steal cars and drop them off out there in the twilight hours after stripping them on someones private property who has been letting them behave this way for years. its probably a very small group of folks repeating this terrible behavior over and over again. honestly you can see the tweeker junkyards from space now days…
      “google earth”…im surprised this behavior is still allowed to go on.
      tweekers suck!

  • Beautifully said Nadia! Concern, awareness, and helpful solution all wrapped up in one short fact filled letter. Super!

  • We would love to see more letters like this from our young community. Gives me hope that our up and coming generation will have better respect for the place we call home. Love your life ! Thanks for writing.

    • Yes; good letter to the editor, Nadia. Well said. Great smile, too. Thank you.

      It would be good for adult posters to remember, this blog is obviously read by some younger folks. Please tone down the abusive language and definitely tone down the vulgarity. Most of us would not speak that way in front of children; some of us wouldn’t speak that way in front of nor to each other. When writing that way in comments, you are shoving that language and ugly dialogue at children, too.

  • Nothing but respect for this young lady! Good job! #kidsareourfuture

  • Good letter, Nadia. Hope to hear from you again.

  • Kudos to you Nadia! For caring about your community & the land.

  • Great that she wrote this!
    It’s a conversation that many of us have and would love to help solve.
    Wish there was a more streamlined way to get rid of old cars.

  • The Society for Civil Discourse

    Thanks to Visitor for your reminder to keep it clean–both in our roadsides (Thanks Nadia!) and in our public speech on this blog!

  • I whole hearted agree with Nadia! Also the above commenter who suggested throwing benefits to fund auto abatement, we also need to address the lack of auto abatement staff shortage for Humboldt county, I hear there is only one person who can sign permission, and he is drowning in paperwork so it takes 6 months to a year to get abandoned cars towed even in town in 2 hour parking zones. There is certainly more that can be done, I’m sure of it!

  • Well said young lady.

  • No one sets these cars on fire. By some mysterious process they burst into flames all by themselves. It happens more often late at night for some reason just as mysterious.

  • I have come to the realization that our younger generation, may just be more intelligent then us adults. Aside from the juvenile delinquents, whom probably didn’t have proper guidance, had absent mother/fathers, or sometimes are just bad seeds. I like to believe that children whom have a healthy and loving home life, grow up to be productive citizens.

    Nadia, your family must be so proud of you. Continue on the path your on, try to be a positive role model to other kids, and we might just have hope for our future generations.

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