Sheriff Downey to Retire in May

Sheriff Mike Downey Press release photoPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff Michael Downey would like to take the opportunity to inform the citizens of Humboldt County of his intent to retire as Sheriff of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, effective Saturday, May 6, 2017.

Sheriff Downey stated this decision has been the most difficult he has had to make in his 31 plus years as a member and Sheriff of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Downey is humbled and honored to have served as the Sheriff of Humboldt County for the last 6 years.



  • Uh Oh!

  • Thanks for cleaning up all the drug houses. NOT.

  • So he stumped for the capture of the coroners office by the sheriff’s dept as a cost saving measure and then gave himself a raise equivalent to any potential cost saving and is now about to take a heavily padded retirement.

    What a guy.

    Trump will probably make him official Humboldt Night Rider

  • He is the lamest sheriff we ever had good riddance to bad rubbish maybe the next sheriff will be a real cowboy ,and does some serious ass kicking to the Mexican drug cartels .

    • Not to mention our own hillbilly, inbred, derelict, local drug manufactures and dealers!
      There are plenty of homegrown drug idiots in Humboldt, and I’m not talking weed!

  • Maybe we can hire a hotel tycoon to not do his/her job.

  • Good riddance!

  • I’m wondering what all the medals are for? We know it wasn’t for military service.

  • Best wishes for you in your retirement Sheriff. You had a tough job of trying to balance your Constitutional duty with corrupt politicians. I hope your replacement is strong in the Constitution, which is why we even have a sheriff in the first place.
    Bittersweet? I want to thank you for your awesome side & scold you from my complainie side. You did better than I ever could. Now go rest, recuperate, then come help petition for improvements.
    Mushy, not mushy.
    Thank you for your service.

  • Mike was good for his word. It took a while, but he got us a full staff of deputies in Garberville.
    Mike has done a good job in very difficult times.

    I wish him well, and good times in the future. I always think of him as a friend. He was one of the best deputies we ever had in SoHum.

  • Thanks Ernie. Being a Sheriff is an extremely political and thankless job.

    • Especially when you are just keeping the doors open! I would not take this position, and the SoHum deputies are incredible brave. Good luck going forward Sherrif!

  • Best wishes for you in your retirement, Sheriff Downey. Thanks for all your years of service.

  • Seems odd that he would retire before the end of his term. How will he be replaced? Is maybe his health an issue? That is the most common reason (after scandal) for an elected official to retire mid-term……

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