[UPDATE 7:40 p.m.] Semi Overturned Near Peg House

A big rig rolled onto it’s side near the Peg House on Hwy 101 north of Leggett about 6:23 p.m. According to a report from the scene the driver is not injured but it isn’t clear whether Hwy 101 is still open.

UPDATE 6:51 p.m.: The California Highway Patrol Incident page reports that this incident is not a traffic hazard.

UPDATE 7:02 p.m.: According to the CHP Incident page, the 48′ trailer is on it’s side 20 feet off the roadway but the tractor is upright. Unfortunately, 5 gallons of engine oil are going into the storm drain. Caltrans and fire are trying to create a dam to stop the oil.

UPDATE 7:40 p.m.: 

overturned semi in the dark

Onlookers and emergency personnel line the road near the overturned semi [Photo by Timothy Skaggs]



  • Drag all those pipeline protesters out there to build the dams!

    • Your point make zeros sense and is contradicting. This is exactly what the pipeline protesters are protesting about. Them not letting crude oil in the rivers they’re ancestors have called home for thousands of years is a hard thing for you to understand? Oh but you voted for trump, if you couldn’t see past his bs then this is way too much for you to wrap your head around. Also if you called them they prolly would help. Ya dipwad!

  • Everyone was scavenging that food today like a drunken redneck on payday! Sad really just a bunch of looters!

  • This was a Win Co truck. I am terribly disappointed the local food bank was not made aware of this. The Conservation Corp was there to clean it up and salvage what they could.

  • Was there anything even left after the scavenging picked picked picked!

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