[UPDATE 9:45 p.m.] Power Out to Around 1000 Customers in Miranda Area

PG&E FEATURE CandleResidents are reporting power outages from Upper Thomas Road to the west of Miranda to Upper Cathey Road to the northeast and many points in between.

PG&E reports that there the outage started around 10:10 a.m. They have not yet determined a cause. Approximately 1000 customers are without power.

UPDATE 9:45 p.m.: Some customers are still without power. Check this site for the latest information.



  • No power here as well I think it’s because my solar panels aren’t getting any sun though . Going to go out and check just to be sure

  • Yep suspicion confirmed no sun getting to solar panels and they’re all wet are they supposed to be all wet like that? Thinking about building a rain cover for them anybody have any advice ?

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