Local Woman Named as Investigator of the Year by CSAIA

District Attorney DA HumboldtPress release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

District Attorney Maggie Fleming is pleased to announce that the California Sexual Assault Investigators Association (CSAIA) has chosen District Attorney Investigator Kyla Baxley to receive its “Investigator of the Year” Award.

In making the award, the CSAIA noted Investigator Baxley’s position as a, “go-to person in the field of sexual and physical assault investigations.” The Association also recognized, “her ability to step outside the box and investigate and prosecute human trafficking with success” and to, “successfully investigate and prosecute the most violent and dangerous serial sexual offenders”. Investigator Baxley was also credited for her ability to, “work professionally and with unmet determination in a very important role in law enforcement.”

Investigator Baxley has worked as a Humboldt County District Attorney Investigator since 2013; she currently works on the Child Abuse Services Team. She was previously employed by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department. Investigator Baxley has been the lead investigator on several high profile cases, including the prosecutions of David Anderson, Kailan Meserve, and Thomas Lusk Jr. Fleming noted that, “In each of these cases, Investigator Baxley’s investigative skills and the trusting relationships she built with the survivors were instrumental in securing guilty verdicts. We all benefit from Kyla’s skill and dedication. She is an excellent representative of many people in Humboldt County who do great work every day to improve public safety.”



  • Top Obama scientist working at NOAA blows the whistle on scientist cooking books ahead of 2015 climate deal The data for man-made warming just is not their folks check the science look it up

    • Not true. Debunked denier b.s. Here’re the facts regarding that false claim.


      ” Climate change doubters have seized upon a new accusation suggesting that scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration manipulated temperature data in a 2015 study on climate change to reach a desired conclusion. The accusations, scientists said, are off-base.

      And they reiterate that global warming is happening and humans are primarily to blame.

      Bates (supposed “whistleblower”) and some media outlets have it wrong, scientists said: “What he fails to mention is that the new NOAA results have been validated by independent data from satellites, buoys and Argo floats, and that many other independent groups, including Berkeley Earth and the U.K.’s Met Office Hadley Centre, get effectively the same results,” wrote Zeke Hausfather, a climate scientist at Berkeley Earth, an independent temperature nonprofit in California, in a blog post regarding the Daily Mail article.”

  • http://mediamatters.org/research/2017/02/07/bogus-daily-mail-story-spearheads-latest-right-wing-assault-climate-change-science/215257

    ‘Bogus Daily Mail Story Spearheads Latest Right-Wing Assault On Climate Change Science’

    “A story by David Rose of the British tabloid Daily Mail falsely alleged that researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) “manipulated global warming data” in order to “dupe” world leaders into agreeing to provisions of the 2015 Paris climate agreement. In reality, the NOAA report’s finding that there was no slowdown in the rate of global warming has since been independently verified by other experts, and it’s the Daily Mail story — and the GOP politicians and right-wing media outlets like Breitbart News championing it — that are distorting climate science to score political points.”

  • http://blog.ucsusa.org/peter-frumhoff/david-rose-attack-climate-scientists

    ‘Standing Up to Pernicious New Attacks on Federal Climate Scientists’
    Union of Concerned Scientists 2.07.2017

    “Repeated and amplified through the climate denial echo-chamber, Rose’s allegations of misconduct have now been taken up by Rep Lamar Smith (R-TX), Chairman of the House Science Space and Technology Committee. Smith, who has long used his perch to harass NOAA scientists, issued a press release reiterating these unsubstantiated claims and accusing Karl and colleagues of manipulating data for political purposes.

    Along with other recent high profile attacks on prominent climate scientists and science agencies, this may well be part of larger political strategy to intimidate federal scientists, justify cuts in agency budgets, staffing and missions, weaken support for US and international climate policies and, most fundamentally, erode public trust in science and evidence so central to a functioning democracy.

    At its core, it is a very old strategy.

    As the Irish essayist Jonathan Swift wrote in 1710, “Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it; so that when Men come to be undeceiv’d, it is too late; the Jest is over, and the Tale has had its Effect…”

    But today, scientists are fighting back.

    Rose’s claims have been quickly and forcefully rebutted…”

  • It’s not about “right” or “wrong”, “left” or “right”, “conservative” or “liberal”.

    It’s about the health and true well-being of all life on this planet. Simple. No sides.
    One truth. Very scientific; very factual. Very easy to “look up”.

    Very, very simple to understand, unless one has a vested interest in the lies and denial.

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